stairway to canvas

ocean view room wedding at the Point Loma sub base Pixel2Canvas

i love hearing my dogs bark. it means one of three things. one, they’re fending off a ninja attack. two, they’re alerting punk kids to get off my lawn. three, someone is delivering a package to my doorstep. today their bark was for number tres.

as i was editing photos i heard the familiar rumble of the ups truck coming down the street. the engine went silent in front of our house. seconds later, our dogs lost their minds. i sprang to the door and opened it to one of my favorite sights. no, not a man in a brown uniform that doubles as effective birth control. i’m talking about the package that man was holding. he had a large box wherein our latest artistic creation was snuggled in downy soft packing paper. we stripped the box down and busted out two big beautiful canvases from our favorite canvas company. they’re breathtaking, but as much as we’d love to keep them, this pair is for another awesome pair. we took these shots at tiffany and patricio’s wedding in point loma earlier this year. they’re so hot that they had to be on canvas! i may be a little biased, but i think they look amazing.

love you guys!  oh, by the way, your canvases are in. merry Christmas!

ocean view room wedding at the Point Loma sub base Pixel2Canvas

ocean view room wedding at the Point Loma sub base Pixel2Canvas

ocean view room wedding at the Point Loma sub base Pixel2Canvas

that’s what a canvas wrap is all about charlie brown.

these next canvases are from our own collection.

long before we ever knew which canvas company we were going to work with we came up with an idea. we would send the worst possible quality image and see what they could do with it. this first canvas was done from a negative that we scanned, figuring everything done 100% digitally would be better than this. after i sent it in to them i received a call. they looked at the image and wanted to know if they could slightly change the size to improve the way it looked on the canvas. i said “sure, whatever you think will look best.” about a week later we received the canvas. as soon as we opened it we knew we had found our canvas company. just look at how they lined up the pillars in the image with the edges of the canvas to make the whole piece look 3-d. we were blown away. with good companies disappearing every day, this company is one of the few that treats customers like family instead of just another number. they actually care as much about our images as we do. they did an awesome job for us then, and continue to do so to this day. the quality is incredible, from materials to craftsmanship. we couldn’t be happier.

everyone should have at least two (or ten) big canvases hanging in their house.

San Diego Wedding in Balboa Park Pixel2Canvas

San Diego Wedding in Balboa Park Pixel2Canvas

if you are on the fence about getting a canvas for yourself, here’s something to consider.

we have literally thousands of images of april and rain in our computer, but we don’t get to see them every day.

one thing i do get to see every day is this big bright canvas hanging in our living room.

it brings a smile to my face every time i walk by it. that’s the best thing about a canvas.

San Diego Wedding in Balboa Park Pixel2Canvas

special thanks to Roxy for being amazing all around and making the best canvases known to man.

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All so gorgeous! Must get one now!

*swoon* You have SO made my day. I remember doing that first one for you guys – I was VERY impressed with my graphics department!

I so love you guys – Mahalo Plenty!

these are super fab!! thank u. love the 3d on your wedding canvas. i want a big one of the kids in my living room one day….maybe when téa won’t run away from the camera :)

love these. I adore your canvas so much I’d put it in my house, too! it would totally make me smile!
one of these days … I just may have an ohana convas … a girl can dream. :)

Those are beautiful! Love the images chosen! The one of April and Rain is the BEST!

all i have to say is WOW!

Ohana, the CANVAS’s looks great. I am a fan of them, would like to know who the company you order them with, and would like to send some business over to them. Could you email me the business info? Thank you…

As always, love your work!!!

Seriously, art pure art! I have a couple from our session in our house and love them every time I walk by!

i dont know why, but photos of prints totally thrill me – im a print geek.