family photos on breakers beach in coronado

this post, with minimal bad puns, short sentences, and massive amounts of pictures is brought to you today by kim and april. we’re condensing dave’s posts so you don’t have to.

we recently went out to breakers beach in coronado. the weather was awesome and we decided to take some pics of the ohana.
before we get to those, how ’bout a quick look at america’s finest city. drink it in. always goes down smooth.

here rain decided the spotlight had been on april long enough and started doing jumping jacks in front of the camera

however, april was not done bogarting the frame.

one quick tuck and roll later and…

rain was ready for her closeup

the navy was doing some rescue training exercises while we were there. it was pretty rad. men in uniform rule! (especially david!)

i’m david and i approved this message :)


lol at that last shot of Daver.

Rad shots of the girlie girls , but where is Kimi?

Those training shots are so awesome!!

What the heck? David…that doesn’t even look like you! I LOVE the third image of April…and the kissy lips of Rain? So cute! looks like you guys had a blast!

Awwww, my 2 favorite American kiddos! That takes me back to a few short weeks ago when we were hanging out in Disneyland. I can almost hear rain saying “Miss Caaaaattthhhyyyy” LOL. Love the helicopter photos, reminds me of my Navy days :) Awesome shots, and yes Kim, men in Navy uniform always look better than men in street wear ;)

Wow that’s awesome stuff! Great photos! Those ppl are jumping into the water from helicopters! hahah cool.

looks like it was a lot of fun… great times when it’s too cold to actually get in that frigid pacific!! April is beautiful.

you have an awesome work !

Go Navy Beat Army! I’m so jealous of your SD weather right now, it’s not even funny.

Love those training shots. Those are so cool. And the last shot of David. Very funny.

OMG!! These are soooo AWESOME!!

Your girls are beautiful!!! Great shots–that first one is so awesome!

sooooo cute…but I think you should have tried to get the navy dudes to pose with you guys :)

Wow, your blog post has everything, beautiful girls, humor, action, drama….are you guys writing a tv pilot?

Love Love the pictures! You guys have too much fun! So jealous of the weather! Wish I was there, instead of in 6 more inches of snow!

Making me jealous! I’d love to be on the beach right now. Love your gorgeous girls as always :)

Love it! Such a handsome family! :)

Work it ladies!!!
These are awesome!

Gorgeous… beautiful girls, beautiful beach. Does it get much better?? Oh wait it does… just add helicopters and men falling out of them and there ya go! ;)

yeah, where is kim?

great job modeling, April! These shots are very Hollister-like! Great job, guys!

Wow seriously short post (text and links I mean) for you guys… I kind of miss the rambling :)

Love all the photos, gorgeous!

Your girls are so cute! How fun! =) Oh man I can’t wait to move home!!

April has got blue steel down!!! Sweet images!!!

hahahahaha April’s face in that shot with Rain jumping in his classic!

Very cool…as usual! Coronado is so beautiful!

Love these! Looks like such a gorgeous relaxing day – why is San Diego so awesome??

Hey, if someone can call 911 when McDonald’s runs out of chicken McNuggets, then it’s perfectly reasonable to call in the Navy when one drops their 5D in the ocean. ;) Awesome images, juicy light — sweet! P.S. – your banners RULE!

Awesome shots…BEAUTIFUL GIRLS!!! I know you guys are very proud of them. I love that with all the photos you take of them, they always look happy and seem to never get tired of your cameras….

Wonderful as always. I have to say.. my son has that exact same King Kong shirt… Love it!! :)

hahahaha!!! i blog stalk you cause i love to laugh. and look at pretty pics! ya’ll are funny funny!

twitter update: my dog has to pee

such beautiful beach shots…i’ve never seen that kinda navy training…awesome!
rain and april are so pretty…you can create a fabulous photo shoot anywhere!!

Great stuff! Sooooo So Cal!! Always fun to see y’all on the other side of the lens ;-) Your girls are just ridiculously adorable! But, seriously, where’s Kimi???

Fun blog, and great photos! This shoot totally captured what I felt like when I was that age! The beach looks like so much fun!

these are so awesome… seriously makes me wanna move out your way.. your girls are BEE-Utiful.. and the navy shots are cool too.. looks like a fun day was had by all.

we love your family you guys, but where is kimi? Love the shots of the navy doing drills and april i think could be AMERICAS NEXT TOP MODEL or purnounce it as A.n.t.m, ANTM say it with me, ANTM!!! YEs just like that.

LOL, you guys crack me up. Rain’s shirt is too much =)

You guys have such a beautiful fam! Gotta love so cal…man I’ll never move, that’s fo sho!

i want that king kong shirt!!

i grew up in san diego and i miss it sooo much! my husband and i are currently in philadelphia, counting the days til we move back to southern california!

omg april is SOSOSO gorgeous!!!!

These are amazing!! I love the BW ones. but the sun lighting is awesome! :D

Oh wow–first off, fun family/model shoot and that’s so cool that you got to capture the Navy’s training exercise :) Great stuff!

I think I just wet myself seeing that last jump from the helicopter. Seriously. moistness no bueno! :)

Love ’em all!!

Im never disappointed when I visit your blog. These photos of April and Rain. The light worked so well for these shots to give them all the sunkissed look. I love sunflare!

And to end the day with some great navy helicopter action is awesome!

i just have one thing to say :

i heart you guys!!! <3

…keep on with your bad selves. ;)

I adore your girls!

As i drank my coffee and scrolled thru your blog, I cracked up at the one of you folding your arms “I’m david and i approve this message.”
You is funny~

These are all awesome! Any canvases going up on your walls?

Beautiful girls…they look just like their mama.