Family photos in Hawaii

San Diego wedding photographers in Hawaii

can you guess what’s on our minds?

we can’t wait to get back over to our home away from home…


we just have one tiny problem.

there’s no bus that can take us there…

wedding photography in Hawaii

we can’t drive there, or can we…

Oahu wedding photographers

no, definitely can’t drive there.

rogue wave in Hawaii

boats are too slow.

Oahu wedding photography in Hawaii

it’s way more than a stones throw away so what is the one way we can get there, other than swimming?

wedding on the beach in Hawaii

oh yeah, maybe princess bubblegum would let us borrow lady rainicorn.

rainbow at wedding in Hawaii

or we could just fly non-stop from san diego to honolulu on hawaiian airlines. i think that’s the best plan.

(kim hates this part) hey kim, how high do you think we are right here? (uses matrix like evasion technique to avoid hurled fist)

photo of Diamondhead crater from airplane

there’s nothing better than exploring and taking photos of random island awesomeness.

San Diego wedding photographers in Hawaii

like this familiar red dirt and the super sweet pineapple amidst the millions of others at the dole plantation

Oahu wedding photographers in Hawaii

of course a visit or three to sunset beach is a must.

Oahu wedding on the beach in Hawaii

and don’t even get me started with all the other island magic.

double rainbow in Hawaii

one quick check of the weather.

that clip always makes us laugh.
aloha everyone!

Bahahaha! Love triumph the dog, and that skit is HI-larious! Get it? HI-larious! Ok I’ll stop now. Have a great trip!

hahahah i love that video, and omg! double rainbow! can’t wait to see you guys. love that shot of the wave coming up to the windshield.

Someday we’ll be there at the same time and will have you guys over to my mom’s for some seriously ono kine grindz.

Have a blast!

sunset beach is such a favorite of mine! I was shocked we had the entire beach to ourselves and the most amazing sunset ever!

These shots makes me want to visit Hawaii. Never been there before. Enjoy!