eddie + kellye’s blessed union

there are a lot of different categories that we place our friends into. some are awesome for this, while others are great for that.
some are good friends.
the rare few receive the title of best friends.
then there are the friends that, just by knowing them, make you a better person. friends that inspire you. friends you wish you were more like.
eddie and kellye are those friends. as are our mutual friends ross and his wife lesya.
they are the kind of friends that, without trying or asking, make you want to give more, help more, do more.
ross was scheduled to fly from muldova to san diego to shoot eddie and kellye’s wedding, but lesya became very ill only weeks before the wedding. they barely had to mention what happened and without hesitation i stepped in for ross so he could stay with lesya.
the clouds of despair would not darken this day. not on my watch.

i’m not going to steal eddie and kellye’s thunder. if you want to know all about the special meaning of 512 you’ll just have to ask them.

eddie and kellye chose the most awesome place to get married. it was a huge house in valley center ca that had tons of fun vintage items all over.


these two have so many wonderful friends and family members. everyone pitched in to make this wedding awesome.
eddie knows people who know people who shoot people (with cameras).
Damion Hamilton and Deven Carter were there taking pictures with me. (thanks dev for letting me borrow your 70-200 during the ceremony.)
i can’t wait to see their images.

eddie and kellye had the most amazing ceremony. it was absolutely filled with love, joyful emotions, and a healthy spritzing of happy tears.

love is such a powerful thing.

spend 5 minutes with these two and you will know…

eddie and kellye were made for each other.

forget the rice. leave the bubbles in the tub.
this was one of the coolest things i have seen at a wedding.
eddie and kellye gave a butterfly to each of their guests. everyone got together on the dancefloor and released them all at once. butterflies everywhere! so fun.

another very cool thing eddie and kellye did was instead of serving wedding cake, every table got a warm, fresh from the oven, round loaf of bread.
seeing everyone break bread together was such a powerful moment. i hope this catches on at more weddings.

eddie and kellye let me play with light a little bit. (i’m still breaking in my radio poppers.)

i was able to pull the couple away from the crowd for a few quiet moments together.

eddie totally surprised kellye when he walked out to the center of the dancefloor with guitar in hand and broke out in song for her.

totally surprised.

eddie does awesome video work and he put together a sweet video showing the history of eddie and kellye. i love videos at weddings.

all the guests showed eddie and kellye out with style. the newlyweds ran the gauntlet and headed out into the night.

what am i forgetting here?
oh ya, the rings.
i couldn’t let eddie and kellye leave without getting a couple ring shots.

this one took a little pre-click scouting. do you have any idea how hard it was to find a little 512 in that huge venue?
congratulations you two. thank you so much for asking me to share in your wonderful day. you did such a great job to ensure that everything was absolutely perfect.

not to bring everyone down, but i would like to ask everyone reading this to join us in praying for eddie’s great aunt who suffered a stroke while at the reception. luckily, paramedics arrived on-scene quickly and got her the primary care she needed, but last we heard she was still in the hospital. please hop over to eddie’s blog and give him some words of support.


oh and our email is down as well. grrrr. please email us at ohanaphoto@aol.com

oh man! sorry your site is down! i kept coming back to see the pics but they weren’t loading! i thought my computer had gone crazy! hope your site is back up soon!

Me too, thought my computer was getting wacky on me since I couldn’t see any pics?? I’ll try back later…can’t wait to see Eddie’s wedding, yay!

Yeah me too. I can’t wait to see the pictures that you took. They are always beautiful. Sorry about the troubles with the site. Hoping that everything will be working normally ASAP! Julie

Such emotion in these!! They clearly are in love. Love all her expressions in these especially the guitar surprise! Congrats to the lovely couple. That ring shot with their wedding date, what a find!!!

Thank goodness we can see them now. They were definitely worth the wait! Beautiful! Julie

Your images tell stories all by themselves . And you’re always so great with your words that even I couldn’t but help to be moved by the story of this lovely couple. Oh wait!

David Baxter. I don’t know, man. I don’t have the words to express my appreciation for the effort you and Damion Hamilton (not to mention Jeff Roldan and Deven Carter) put into capturing our day. Kellye and I had the most amazing time and are still blown away that it was all real. I’m not a public crier or super emotional guy, but I was surprised at how overwhelmed my heart felt that day. Even if the images on your blog are the only ones that exist, we can see how powerfully they return us to that place and time. It’s apparent just how important our jobs are as photographers and it’s even more apparent how your talents capture such an event. Thank you so much.

And thank you – and everyone – for your prayers. My aunt’s massive stroke is a very scary thing but we know that it’s going to have to be the Lord’s will. Medically speaking, the doctors aren’t giving much hope, but the God we serve can take a full and wonderful life and extend it beyond our imagination. In fact, just today a woman in Cleveland made the news for waking up after the family took her off life-support (may wanna Google that). If Aunt Helen comes back to us, all the doctors and people who prayed will simply have to acknowledge the fact that the healing is from a Source bigger than us. It can be frightening, but thank God we’re not in control!

Thank you again!

Wow, Wow, WOW!!! First off Eddie’s aunt will be in our prayers as well as her famiy. Now let me just say you two are incredibly talented you two are at not only capturing the moment but editing these beautifully. What an awesome team. What a beautiful wedding you brought to the moment, a moment that will live forever. :-)

You guys warm my heart. It is truly an honor to know you!!

the connection between these two is evident in every photograph. absolutely beautiful & amazing. i adore the image 10 from the bottom of just the two of them. so romantic & yummy!

Dude, you rule so freakin much. lol

That picture of Eddie crying made ME tear up!

Awww…congrats Kellye & Eddie!! Dude…the moments…so amazing.

The emotion in the “made for each other” shot and the one right after it are amazing! I wish my photographer caught my man when he cried. That would of been the last time ha-ha! I really can’t get over their love and happiness you captured here.
Our prayers for a speedy recovery are definitely with their Great Aunt. Congratulations to the couple!

what a beautiful story you just shared not to mention gorgeous pictures! love the lighting and fun artistic images!! thank you so much for your continuing support. we are so blessed to call you guys friends. see you saturday!!! yippeee!!


whoa where have i been? Eddie got married!!! So cool and I love your guys ring shots. So different and edgy.

Beautiful! I love how you captured the love they have for one another. And I do love Butterflies at weddings, I wanted them for my wedding but as I got married on Hayman Island, and it is a National Park it was a no no. Butterflies at weddings was pretty big in Australia back then. Oh, and I really love that first shot, so moody!

Love the images! Its just so cool to see your friend in front of the lens for once! They look awesome and Eddie and Kelley are blessed to have had you there!

David, I love all of them but that first one man. wow what else can I say you the man!

I love the emotion in these images, awesome! Very photojurney of you!

Big blog images are on the horizon!

These images are so cosy and so emotional in the first place – I think this is the best thing that photos can bring :) I even started to rhyme :)

Apparently it has been a few days since I’ve had the chance to look at your blog! Good grief – you guys are on FIRE!

Amazing, amazing shots from your last few weddings – I am floored. You two are so incredibly talented. I love the ring shots and textured photo – great work!

Dude you captured everything from the tears to the smile all the emotions.. Man you just straight up rocked it! I Love that first shot.
Awesome, awesome, awesome job!

Such touching pictures! What a thoughtful and awesome thing you and the other photographers did for your friend! You did a wonderful job.
So sad to hear about their Aunt. Our prayers are with their family.

i love all the emotions you captured – so touching!

Fantastic images – but no surprise! Great, great job!!

David!!!! are you kidding me!!! your ring shots are off the hook!!!! when are we coming down to SD to hang, or when are you coming up to Ladera to hang! we miss you guys!

Oh my gosh! The photos of the ceremony are so so beautiful! You captured their emotions SO well!!! AND…LOVE the butterfly on the veil! Woohoo!

WOW! You did an amazing job! What a blessing to be able to shoot Eddie’s wedding. I have been MIA for the last few posts, simply stunning!

WOW…WOW…WOW…AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!! I love the emotional shots you captured of the bride & groom. that sent chills down my spine. love the shots on the dock too. they rock. And the BUTTERFLIES are the coolest thing I’ve heard. how cool you were able to get some pics. these are truly incredible pics guys!!!!

beautiful, simply beautiful

After looking at these photos, those two minutes you spoke of were unnecessary. You captured every emotion beautifully. Thanks for sharing such an awesome post!

David you’re the only one that can make pictures talk! The pictures made me well up with tears and I didn’t even know anyone from the pictures. You have an amazing eye!
Sending lots of prayers their way.

Wanted to thank you all again for your kind words and prayers. Updates on my aunt will be on my blog. David, people have let us know that they love your images of our wedding. Of course they do. You rock!


Way to step it up. Great shots!!!

What an amazing wedding! Your photos have so much depth and emotion in them. You guys are amazing!

i agree with many others…great capture of real moments and emotions. and amazing ring shots.
Eddie and Kellye, you should definitely frame a nice enlargement of the 5-12 shot.


I am floored. These shots really captured the emotion and I felt like I was there while looking at them. You guys did a beautiful job!

Eddie’s aunt is in my prayers!

It’s funny to me how many redheads fall in love with dark haired, dark eyed, men! (I did, and I notice it all the time!). They look so great together! You captured some amazingly emotional shots–they’ll be able to remember those moments more vividly now… beautiful.
Love the nighttime shots at the dock!

Eddie? Married? Does that mean he’s no longer available? hehehe. Of course as usual top notch work David!

Beautiful wedding and beautiful work! You can really feel the love between them in your photos. I thought the butterflies looked cool, and then I read that they were real, which makes the idea even more awesome :) Eddie’s great aunt and his family will be in my thoughts!

i have alot to say:

first i can’t believe i haven’t been on your blog for over a week and I missed all this.

this wedding in particular moved me.
your story was beautifully told and I know what you mean about those particular types of friends.

your detail images are always superb. but its your candids that inspire me. whether you take lifestyle type of pictures or weddings, you always seem to capture ’emotion.’ Its such a powerful effect and if you’ve passed that feeling onto the person looking at the image, then you done good my friend.

Okay. Done. :)

The picture of him holding her face is so emotionally moving! You can just feel his love in those hands! I just tear up seeing it. You did amazing here. I am so sorry to hear about his aunt. Our prayers are with them.


i’ve been moved by a picture before but the groom with the tears in his eyes just killed me (in a good way).


the bread is called Challah..it’s a jewish tradition ;)

Kami Walker

Nice work, that last ring shot is crazy, how did you find that?

thanks louis, pure luck. it was on an antique coin scale in the house. pure luck dude!!

Wow that is love, i can see it in their eyes. yall captured it perfectly, you are so good at details!!!

Wow, you captured so much emotion in these images and I love the textures too! You rock!! She’s too cute with all her expressions

what can be said? you da man!!!!!!! u don’t miss a thing!!!!! “MANY MOMENTS IN TIME” WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sooooooo great! All the pics are CRAZZZZy beautiful, but probably my top 3 rings shots LIKE ever! What was the 5-12 done on??? Amazing capture of emotion, as many others said…I still had to tell ya.. Love your work!

lindsay, thank you so much for the comment! we really appreciate it!!! that ring shot was taken on a scale, if you look hard the letters say HE (height) to WE (weight) but as i was taking the shot the ring slid a bit and hid the we. eddie & kelley were on their way so i had to give the rings back, so i couldn't take the shot again. so bummed :( thanks again so much. your work is great!! thank you so much again!!