Dixon family photos in San Diego

We don’t see them in-person as often as we should, so here are some photos of our┬ániece and nephews to help us remember what they look like. :)


Ahhh…thank you. I’m satisfied and smiling. GREAT pictures, beautiful children!

Urgent and horrifying, huh?

3 and 9 are my favs, and I really like that last shot. You have got to be the most amazing photographers ever to both be shooting and still manage to get a pic of it all. Can you teach me your Jedi ways?

ha ha josh you’d think. kimi took the last shot of me and april shooting.

Kimi you always crack me up! Beautiful children! Really love your processing and number 3 is fabulous!

so how are we supposed to pick our favorite when they all rock!?! Sheesh guys… great work! Love the third one down stunning! :) High fives for the whole group.

First of all you both are ridic. I love the “feeling” in these photos. I also love the last shot. Way cool.

Seriously terrific!! :) Where was this shot at?? Great location..

gotta love kids:) i remember yhose days!!!!!! great feel, like i’m running with them:) “A MOMENT IN TIME”

How lucky to have kick butt photogs in the family! Great shots guys! Love 3, 5, and 17 and the last running shots are pretty fun too! No worries in the world.

Love your textures and color. All the grass makes me a little homesick for the midwest….I love Florida and all, but if I were tromping through a field I’ll surely run into a rattlesnake or gator or something. :)

Awesome shots!!

I absolutely love her face on the 3rd picture. She makes a gorgeous model.
I can’t believe Im already #13…. :(

Precious! Ah, to be a kid again (sometimes!)! :) Loved seeing David and April in action too!

Post Processing heaven! Love it!

What great looking kids! I love the ones of all of them running around and laughing! AWESOME!!!

Dude asll I can say Is WOW!!!! You guys really rocked it here I love all of them! That first shot is really cool. What am I saying they are all cool. Awesome work dude!

oh MAN, you guys, these photos are AWESOME!!!!! I love the wild natural feel to them, so different than your typical portrait session and I LOVE it!!!!!!!

Ohhhh… I love the ones of them running! So innocent! Great Job!

I LOVE numbers 5 and 9!!!! Great Work guys. Hope all is going well.

OMG!!! These ROCK! Your guys’ PP is just amazing and what gorgeous kids!!!

Love that first shot…well, I love them all. Esp. the last one…Ohana in action!

very cool, thanks for the pull back too.
Love the ones of them running.

sweet shoot! Love all the images… I’m digging your P.P. —
—- that’s what she said. See what I did?? ha-ha.

oh my, this shoot was pretty bad ass! I love love love the one of her holding the sticks in the air! just gorgeous. You guys always have waaaay too much fun:)

How fun! Awesome job guys. That’s a sweet action shot!

Wow, that shot Aliyah is gorgeous! Bridget must be excited about these. Hello Canvas time, lol. I love the location and creativity here too. Awesome post processing too! Now when will you get the rest of the clan ;-)

Dude i love the location!!! so cool!

Pure awesomeness my friends…….

i really love that shot with the 3 of them, with texture (7th shot down i think). It almost looks like a painting!!

Anyhow, well done :)

Also, before I forget, I just wanted to say a big thanks for stopping by my blog a few weeks back when I put up those TRA2 examples :) You guys are awesome!

I think you’ve found some new models! Love all the pics! It’s always nice to see you guys in action too. :)

You had me laughing at “hey everyone come see how good I look”, LOL. And who doesn’t love a good “that’s what she said”? Oh yea and the pics are so moody. =)

Wow…Aliyah is gorgeous! She was totally working it for the camera. Fantastic job!

I can say enough about this set. Love the location, the colors, compositions…everything,,,everything. The umbrella shot, 4th from the last are just awesome!!

Those kids are beautiful…wow! Great post as well :)

seriously. i have no words. these are unbelieveable. you guys captured the heart & soul of your gorgeous niece & nephews.

the toning on these is INSANE! WOW…I love the feel to this whole series. VERY CREATIVE. beautiful kids make photographing fun too…hee. hee.