California rest in peace

Disneyland engagement Christmas fireworks

sad news this week. the suits at disney have decided to remove the big california letters that have welcomed guests to disney’s california adventure since the park opened on february 8th 2001. they will be expanding and changing the look of the entire entrance to the park.

knowing that january 4th was the last day to see the letters still standing, we headed up to disneyland to get a few last pictures to document this california icon and bit of disney history. lots of other disney fans had the same idea. for a weekday after new years, it was packed. there were lines of people at every letter.

the mountainous facade that stood as a colorful backdrop for the big california letters had already been removed. with only drab tan colored buildings behind them, the letters looked like they had been abandoned in a barren california desert. like vegas in the daylight, all the magic was gone.

in the years they were there, even if you were only going into disneyland and not california adventure, the letters were always cool to see. it was like seeing the address on your front door and knowing where you were.  i wonder how many tourists, and natives alike, have taken pictures on and of those letters over the past ten years. they will be missed.

on the bright side, they say that the letters will be stored and possibly used for something else in the future. we hope so.

to quote the red hot chili peppers, california rest in peace.

California letters in front of Disneys California Adventure

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Soo sad! Those letters will be missed. “I love California, but LA to me is still a strange place.” Scott Speedman :0D

Brookie has made me stay on this page for about 10 minutes looking at the castle and fireworks. We are in desperate need of a Disney vacation, apparently!

why on earth would they do that those letters are rockin

Boo! So bummed ='( Hope they come up with something cool to replace them, although I can’t imagine anything cooler than the big California letters.

i guess i’ll NEVER see them then, cause the last time i was in disneyland i think i was 8, and it doesn’t look like i’ll be going anytime soon!! :(

Aww, that’s so sad…. But on the up-side, your post makes me pumped for our Disney trip coming up! My love got me a 3-day pass for Christmas. woot!

Those letters are amazing! why would they do that!

I wonder what they’re going to replace it with… :p

Oh how awesome that you photographed these before they were removed. I wonder what they’ll do with these once they’re scraps? Love your work and I’m finally getting back on the blog visiting routine (trying). Things have just been nutty. Missed you guys though :)