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i’m going to do something a little different on this post. i’m going to post a bunch of images that we didn’t take.

this post is going to be filled with something everyone, including us, can use… inspiration.

with the economy still limping like a skater after a failed rail slide, a lot of people are looking for diy (do it yourself) ideas for their wedding. when kim and i got married, our wedding was piy (pay it yourself), so a lot of the doing was up to us. we had to sell most of our valuable possessions (like my megaladon tooth), look for creative ways to cut corners (like renting flowers), and cook up some rad dinners (like one night when i had a can of cream corn and kim ate a can of beets). by the time our wedding rolled around we were looking… fit. needless to say, the carmela sutera wedding dress from the november rain video that kim loved was not going to be an option for my beautiful bride.

the coolest thing about poverty is it’s super hot cousin… creativity.

kim went to one of those wedding dress warehouses and found a dress for a few hundred dollars. she then had it altered with inspiration from the dress in the video. when i saw her walk down the aisle in it, she looked amazing. of course she could have worn jeggings and she would have still been beautiful to me, but i’m glad she didn’t.

what i’m getting at here brides-to-be is that if you don’t have $8,500 to burn on a wedding dress from a music video, find one you like, and make it one you love.

we love the alfred angelo dresses below. they were all inspired by Disney princesses (except for the aforementioned one) and photographed (by someone else) beautifully.

my personal favorite is the cinderella dress. there’s just something about it that says classic beauty to me. after her own, kim likes the ariel dress. rain voted for the sleeping beauty dress, but she’s not allowed to even think about wearing it until she’s 40 and/ or i’m dead.

which one is your favorite?

1 – Ariel

Disney wedding dress for Ariel

2 – Belle

Disney wedding dress for Belle

3 – Cinderella

Disney wedding dress for Cinderella

4 – Jasmine

Disney wedding dress for Jasmine

5 – Sleeping Beauty

Disney wedding dress for Sleeping Beauty

6 – Snow White

Disney wedding dress for Snow White

7 – Tiana

Disney wedding dress for Tiana

8 – Stephanie

Carmela Sutera wedding dress from the November Rain music video

9 – you know who else likes this dress? MY MOM! – Rain

inspired by the Carmela Sutera wedding dress from the November Rain music video


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I’m in love with the Sleeping Beauty wedding dress!

Snow White! And Kimmi’s dress ofcourse! Love it! I wanna go play dress up now at David’s Bridal,

Holy Crap that picture of you both is so WOW! Kimi’s dress is AMAZEBALLS!

This is really cool!!! Diggin the Belle Dress.

Simply Loving, the Ariel Dress!!

Simply LOVING, the Ariel Dress!!!

hey! im in love with the mermaid dress..i love little mermaids and have always wanting to be one thank you for making this dress its beauiful!

Favorite wedding dress of all time!