did you see today today?

all around good guy, friend, and photographic genious john michael cooper was on the today show this morning talking about doing some awesomely non-tradional photos of brides in their wedding dress.
if you missed it you should definitely check out the video here.

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as an added bonus to go along with the story, the today show website posted images from a handful of talented photographers,
and two of ours :)

this type of portrait session was created by john michael cooper to be different from the mainstream. some of us saw what john was doing and were so inspired that we gave it a try, putting our own talents to the test. eventually it was dubbed “trash the dress.” the media caught on and sent that buzzword flying around the globe. i think it was right about that time when john’s original vision was muddied. (pun intended)
these sessions are not just about rebelling and going out to trash a wedding dress.
they are about being creative, having fun, and not worrying if your clothes get a little wet or dirty in the process.
whatever level of dirt you are comfortable with, have fun brides and grooms! you only live once.
in our experience, most of today’s modern brides don’t want to wear their mom’s old wedding dress, as beautiful as it may be. they want to be unique and wear something that shows their own style. i’m not nostradamus, but i don’t see this trend changing in the future. with this revelation in mind, we offer three suggestions for your wedding dress after you have said “i do” and placed it into wedding dress purgatory.
one, call us to do a super fun photo session. dirt and/or water are optional.
two, donate your dress to brides against breast cancer.
three, call us to do a super fun photo session, get your dress professionally cleaned, then donate it to brides against breast cancer :)


That is totally awesome that you are featured on the Today website! As for me, I'll take option #3 :)

Sooo happy for you guys! This is great! :) There is a whole lot of awesomeness going down in the Ohana Compound.

I DID see this Today on Today! Awesome to see your work featured!! And, I agree, can't go wrong with those 3 after wedding options:)

so cool to see your pictures in there — congrats! I totally agree that too many TTD photogs have turned it into all about getting dirty and have forgotten the artistic aspect of these types of sessions. Love your shots though :)

Yeah! Yeah! Yipppeeee Yeah! Super congrats to you guys! You guys super deserve it!

WHAT WHAT!?!? You are in the big time now. Hot stuff.

You guys are totally boss!! :P

Lol…thanks for sharing…

I didn't get to see it untill now thanks for posting it.

Hi guys! This is Wendy (the bride that is throwing the sand in the air) and I saw this on the msnbc.com website and I couldm't believe it! It's so awesome!!! We're famous! haha, thanks for taking such amazing pictures!

did you hear that? that's you guys blowing up even more :) congratulations guys and I love your idea for donating the dress! genius!
much aloha Ohana!

How fun?!? So excited for you guys :D

That is so exciting!! Congrats!! Those images both rock, but I especially love the beach one – so creative!

So cool! Those photos are amazing and look like so much fun! Congrats!

Love those photos. I wanted to try to do a "trash the dress" session when Im in Hawaii….. Hopefully it turns out ok. Love your blog.

Way to go getting your pics on The Today Show!!! :D

thanks for always sending some blog love my way–and how did i miss this??!! how cool for you to be featured like this!! awesome!

Totally watched it and then flipped through the slideshow online and saw your frames! CONGRATS! It's very exciting!

I saw it I saw it and saw your photos on the Today Show site and meant to email you then but got busy… So freakin' awesome.. Congrats to all.

Amazing – congrats!!!!

AWESOME….The video clip was really cool. I LOVE that two of your images got picked for the "Today Show" gallery…CONGRATS!!!!!

How cool. Thanks for the info.

Congrats!! That's awesome!!

Congrats you guys, it's totally deserved!

Woah! Completely deserved. Congratualtions on this recognition, boss!