Crash and Burn at Mammoth

happy 2009 everyone! was 2008 just a blur for you too? it sure did go fast. we had our share of ups and downs. in the end, we had our faith, our friends and each other, so it was a great year. somehow, in between all the work, we did find a little time to have some fun. on our last road trip photo shoot of the year we took a day off to meet up with some friends at their cabin in mammoth california. as much as we’d love to shoot a wedding in mammoth, we were blessed not only with fellowship, but with a few feet of fresh snow and plenty of california sunshine. it was absolutely awesome! take a look for yourself.

we found this sweet little hill to try out our sleds. seems innocent enough right? little did we know it would give us a story to tell for a lifetime. keep scrolling.

as i was scaling the hillside for a downhill run, kim captured this sequence with rain on the sled and april getting stuck in a moment you can’t get out of.

somehow in all the turbulence april and rain traded places. rain was left on the hillside and april rode to the bottom.

check out this video of the whole thing

poor rain definitely got the short end of the stick. she split her lip in two places. i being a good parent, got right in her face and took pictures of it. kim yelled up, “is the camera okay!” not sure if that was before or after she asked if rain was okay ;)

rain is the toughest little girl i know. she only cried for about a minute, then gave us the a-ok. yuki passed the good word to kim at the bottom of the hill.

a little fresh snow and some words of encouragement were all rain needed.
tragedy plus time equals comedy.
it didn’t take long before we all had a good laugh about it.

after making sure rain was ok, i checked on the 5D. it had a little snow packed in the back, but was working just fine. it’s almost as tough as rain. :) while i was taking a look at the 5D i discovered that april got the shot of the year right before she was swept away. see below.

here’s rain as seen through-the-lens by april.

who needs a snow ball when you can just chuck a snowblock?

rain and yuki were flying down the hill all day.

april got in some good runs.

other than the one speed bump named april, rain had a blast.

here’s my shot of alex getting aggro.

here’s kim’s shot of all of us paparazzos.

yuki almost made my voice a go up an octave or two.

in God’s country

after a long fun day sledding, yuki did her magic and cooked us up an amazing dinner. so good.

yuki taught rain a few culinary tricks and helped rain cook up half the dinner.

our christmas dinner. thank you yuki, as always it was the bomb.

mmm baileys and rice krispie treats. the dessert of champions.

after dinner came the car bombs.

if you think her dinners good, wait til you taste her breakfast. we love you yuki. (and not just because your cooking is awesome)

it was chilly at night. brrrrr

on our way home kim snapped a couple shots through the car window.

and for all you beautiful, soon to be brides, a wedding in mammoth would be awesome, hint hint. and as always lex and yuki, we treasure your friendship and with you guys it’s always a good time. we love you! who’s up for round two?


That is awesome! Love April’s shot and all the fun you guys had! The food looks amazing too! YUM!

That series is awesome!!!!!!And that shot April got before impact is amazing!!!

Wooo Hooo! What a great post! I feel like I was there! April’s shot is a winner!

wow, i love april’s shot of rain on the board. all the shots were AWESOME!!!! i sometimes wish we had snow here…

That is hilarious, glad the kiddos and the camera are safe, and the pic is fabulous… Probably worth the collision!

love the fact that april didn’t let that camera touch the ground a true pro already!!! Those images need a gif series.

OMG!!! Seriously that shot april got of rain is AMAAAAAAAZZZZIIINGGG!!!!!!!! Blow that up a trillion times and make wallpaper out of it. LOL I am sure that collision seems WELL worth it after seeing that amazing image. :) Glad everyone was okay and that you all had such a good time!

Wow!! Such priceless shots, especially that pre-collision shot of Rain! Glad everyone is safe and had a great time!! Wishing you all the best in 2009! (oops, unintentional rhymed right there.)

April got a cool shot of Rain! Aren’t photographers funny, all I could think while looking at the pics was way to go April, way to hold on to that camera :) Take care.

How flippin cool. Outrageous!

I’m glad she’s alright. Wish I was there!!

Seriously the best winter photos I have seen.. and I live where its winter like what seems like most of the time grumble grumble.. I love that April held onto the camera through the whole collision, and that shot she got just before they collided.. OMG.. wow..

Wow!!!! Looks like heaven on earth to me! The sequence is way rad! April’s shot is outta this world! Love it!!!! I can’t wait to get up in the snow and get my snow action on! :)

WOW, April sure did get one rockin shot from all that craziness! So rad that Kimi captured the whole sequence, and to have it on video. That is one you guys will go back and laugh at for years!

Beautiful shot by April! How lucky are you? Snow and David is in a tshirt!! Look’s like a wonderful holiday!

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful pictures! You had a lot of fun!!!!!

Omigosh!!! So glad everyone’s okay! What a shot though, wow!

Looks like such a fun time with FUN people!

OMG! That was all so amazing! I laughed hysterically. Looks like you all had a blast. (Ps…mmmmmm.. irish carbomb!)

Dude those shots of Rain are freakin awesome!! I’m glad everyone was ok after that crash haha. Looked like a super fun trip, thanks for sharing!

DUDE…that is the most flippin’ ridiculous pic of rain!! Seriously…how awesome is that!! Glad you guys had fun and thanks for the sweet new year message on our blog. You guys rock!!

D+K I almost peed my pants at the sequence shots… you guys are hysterical!

Those were the BEST! Can I get a poster of April’s picture of Rain?

Oh for the love of God… that shot that April got of Rain just before the massacre is UH-MAZE-ING! Too cool… definitely worth a few scrapes and bruises. Glad both girls were pretty much okay. Looks like a fun trip! I’m jealous.

That shot of Rain is F’N NUTS!!!

ON MY GOODNESS!!!!!!! All of these photos are OUT OF CONTROL awesome!!! and the last one of the sledding incident is freakin insanely awesome! Please blow that up on metallic paper !

OMGoodness!! That shot is seriously incredible!! And talk about Rain being tough?! April took one for the cause! Looks like such a fun trip. You guys are a blast!

There’s something crazy about family pictures that come from two photogs! FANTASTIC shots!s


Wow what super fun!!! SO FUNNY—-Keep shooting!!! I love that shot April got. I noticed how she tried her best to keep the camera up. CANVAS FO SHO! What great storytelling images! Rain your a trooper!


This is, like, my favorite post EVER.

Can not stop laughing…Rain is such a trooper. April has the shot of the year totally. Love it!

that was hilarious!!! John and I had to watch the video a few times :) :)

OH. MY…. WOW those photos are awesome! I was cracking up looking at the sledding series………………. but then the photo that April got…………… A-MAZING!!!!!

Rain, you’re a trooper, April, you’re a rockstar for getting the shot!

Oh wow!!! I couldn’t stop laughing, then I felt bad for Rain, then my jaw dropped at the AWESOME shot April caught of her. So worth it!!!

aww man! the scenery is amazing! you guys had a blast!

I always love seeing the craziness that ya’ll are up to :) That shot of Rain is awesome!!

OMG… those sleding shots are amazing… poor Rain! but what a great shot… :0)
I’m sure she thinks it’s pretty cool now, right?!

as always, great stopping in here!

Looks like a really great time! Fantastic action shots.

wow that was a lotta scrolling..
YOu have me in tears! I love your OHANA!!!! you all look so happy and in love with each other! the snow shots are THE best thing i have seen in a long long time! Thanks for sharing with us !

ok so laughed out loud at the collision, but way to take on e for the team, and that shot she got……………Amazing!!!! You guys are so dang cute as a family and everyone with a camera too. So SO SO cool guys.

man this was a good laugh.. funniest blog entry ever!!! that shot of rain was incredible!!! awesome post!

Rain rocks!!! Glad she & April are Ok, but that was just the smile I needed today. awesome video & you are right…definitely "the shot of the year!" I would blow that up to a 6 ft print…ha.ha. awesome action shot! Looks like you guys all had a blast. so happy for you and wishing you the very very very BEST in 2009! Thanks for sharing and inspiring this past year. You guys are amazing!

SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!! your girls are awesome! Love April’s capture of Rain!

WOW! Great shots! You can submit this to America’s funniest home videos – What fun! Love the mid-air action and all the tumbling afterward!

That is absolutely the most hilarious thing i have ever seen!

I had the BIGGEST smile on my face reading this entry. Awesome!! April’s shot is magazine worthy. Happy New Year to you and your family, friend!!

Dude, that shot she got just before she got nailed was so worth it!!!!! Looks like you all had a blast!

Wow! Seriously, that is the shot of the year!
Awesome effort and awesome result April, congratulations!

You guys are so much fun!

This is my favorite post! Very cute

never loooose your camera:) awesome is to put it mildly. ssssssssssswish!!!!!!!!!!!no adjective to use;) i guess u just have to have been there! what a moment in time!!!!!!!!!!!!

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