continuing kamran and leila’s san diego engagement session in balboa park and harbor island

and now, the rest of the story. kamran and leila’s engagement photo session in san diego story that is. i can’t tell you how thrilled we were to work with kamran and leila. it was during our very first meeting with kamran and leila that they asked us if we had ever shot a persian wedding before. knowing this might be a very short meeting after my response, i said no, we had not. i then added confidently, “we would love to.”
i do not know why, but whatever the blessed reason, kamran and leila looked beyond our lack of experience with persian weddings and hired us to shoot their persian wedding in san diego. it would be our first, and it would be an amazing experience.
more on that soon. i’m puting the horse before the cart.
before we could do their wedding, we wanted to do a sweet engagement session for them, so bang, we hit the city baby, dead on! with the awesomeness of san diego at our disposal, our first stop was the aprapos House of Iran in Balboa Park.
kamran and leila, everyone. everyone, kamran and leila.

for fear of leila’s smoking hotness burning down the house, we didn’t stay by the house of iran too long.
moving on. cut. print. check the gate.

as much as i’d like to, i can’t take credit for kamran and leila’s fashions. when scheduling a photo session we tell all of our couples to simply wear something that’s you. then we remind them that they are not hannah montana or one of the power rangers :)
we love kamran and leila’s outfits. they go together without looking like they’re wearing uniforms, and the colors are awesome! project runway contestants, take note :)

anyone know what time it is?
oh yeah…
it’s sexytime!

don’t. cover this up. it’s not sexy. it’s ani-mal. :)

kamran picked the prettiest flower in the garden.

double-fierce bonus points for this one. they are… HOT! (said with emphasis on the T to drive home our point.)

for this part of the session we tried out our new telepathy recorder that we’ve been developing. it’s still in the r and d stages, but here’s what we were able to record from kamran’s mind during this sequence.
get out of my dreams…

and into…

my car. :)

as the moon was tucking mr sun in to bed we stopped at a bench on shelter island, the place where kamran asked leila to be his bride.

it was a beautiful ending to an awesome session.

the man in the moon is smiling, cause they’re in love.
thank you kamran and leila. we really enjoyed walking around some of our favorite spots in san diego with you and talking about your big day.
speaking of which…
check back soon for pictures of kamran and leila’s persian wedding in san diego california. it was amazing!

also, before i go, i want to thank Leila’s makep artist Itzel Ceballos for doing such a wonderful job. She is a pleasure to work with. Please contact her if you ever need an awesome makeup artist. Her email is: and her cell is: 619-250-5448


Hello hotness. Love the tie grab :)

Holy shamtasic my friends! Love the car set, cuz it's smokin' hot yo! Man I love SD as a backdrop! :)

Sexy! Love her pink dress and those mirror shots are way rad.

Wow wow wow! This couple is hot! You guys never cease to amaze me with the creativity and fun! The color in these is incredible!
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Balboa Park has never looked hotter! love her dresssssss!

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What a super fun session!

What a HOT session! I love them.. as usual!

her outfit is AWESOME. great shots guys!!

Bea.u.ti.ful!! Love the series with/in the car!

love your lighting on the first few but my fave is #6, love all the colors! And I like the one with the arrow pointing to their feet!

#7… wide+backlit=sexytime! Awesome! =)

I really admire your work…everything looks so great! :-)

Heck yeah! Lovin those first black and white shots , the man hole, annnndd the car….. hot hot hot!!!!

Wowzas guys! I always enjoy your engagement pics! You really do have the hottest couples, these two are no exception. 2,5,6,7 and all the shots with the car and the downtown backdrop are delicious!!

Oh My HOT!!! These are gorgeous! That second shot is awesome! David, you ROCK!

wowzers! Amazing images!!!


Oooh la la! I always love the random guy cameos in your photos-so awesome!

The way your photos tell a story is just amazing.

Oh I love them all! I love the colors and the pictures with the reflections in the side mirrors. Great use of Balboa Park too! You guys are awesome!

What a fabulous shoot!!!!

I can feel the steam radiating from the screen! Ooo Lah Lah! Great job!

Seriously Gorgeous!

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These are sizzling, wowza, great locations and a fantastic couple.

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Hot Hot Hot engagement session! I'm diggin the 2nd to last shot and the 6th one too. Hot stuff guys!

These are some of the most creative shots I have seen!!


Love your work!

You are just way too good!! These are FABULOUS!!

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Ka-ka-killah! You slay me, guy, just slay me! Creative, inspiring, and a feast for the eyes. You inspire, need I say more? :) They all rock, but the silhouettes, the foreground plant, the manhole, and all the groovy light send me to the moon!

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hey guys! great session!! this couple is adorable & i am in love with that silouhette shot — beautiful work!

Sexy, sassy, unique, colorful, vibrant, emotion filled, beautiful imagery. I absolutely love your work. I think I truly am your number one fan. The 2nd and 3rd photos are amazing. The lighting is superb. I love the one where their shadows are on the ground and just their feet are in the image.

I also love the one with just their feet with the arrow pointing. The one of her walking away from the car with him against it is HAWT! I love their reflections in the mirror of the car, the shot with the flowers in focus and them out of focus in the background… the list goes on but those are the ones I hands down remember without going back for a second look.

These are so great.. all of them.. I do have to say my fav is the one with the shirtless biker in the camo shorts because its just so funny.. they are so into each other and he is completely ignoring not only what they are doing but that there is someone taking their picture.. Rock on

Simply beautiful..These are really nice.

These are insane! i cannot wait to do our session with you guys!

saucy saucy & yes, saucy!! Amazing photo's, simply amazing!

Wow, you make creativity seem so effortless!


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