colleen, john, kimberly, cory, october, tomorrow, and all that you can’t leave behind

we’re about to turn this blue monday into a beautiful day so fast it will give two lucky people vertigo. kim and i were sitting here, stuck in a moment you can’t get out of, and we began talking about all the awesome people that drop in on our blog. it’s all because of you, we are. you always leave such awesome comments about our photos and make us feel like rock stars, but if you ever heard us sing you would quickly realize that we are by far no stars of rock.
that statement of non-fiction brings us to 11 o’clock tick tock.
you’re probably saying that i must be an acrobat to talk like this and act like that, but i’m not. i’m just a simple photographer who just so happens to have 2 general admission floor tickets to see real rock stars, U2 at the University of Phoenix stadium in Glendale AZ tomorrow night, oct 20th 2009 at 7pm.
oh, did i mention that i’m giving them away?
this contest is open to everyone, so get a move on! millions will enter, two will win. all you need to do is check out the two sneak peak photos from our awesome couples, colleen and john’s engagement session at balboa park and kimberly and cory’s engagement session in encinitas, then just leave a comment telling one or both couples how much you love them. please do not hold back on the schmoozing people, this is for 2 floor tickets to see U2!
now we realize not everyone can make it to arizona tomorrow, but our couples still love to hear from you. if you are able to make it to the concert tomorrow please include the words “i will follow!” in your comment.
at precisely 11:59pm pst tonight (oct 19th) we will take all the people that said something nice about our couples and included the words “i will follow!”, put their names in a hat and pick one. we’ll announce the winner here and on twitter tonight. if you don’t already follow us, our twitter name is ohanaphoto. for those new to twitter, just click “follow” once you get to our page by clicking here.
good luck every one! see you in az!
you can’t see all of them in these shots, but that’s the point of having a teaser. :)
first up, kimberly and cory.

and now a peek at colleen and john.
more to come from these two smokin hot couples soon!

drumroll please.
and the winner of our two floor tickets to see U2 in Glendale AZ is……….
rachael, please email us asap to let us know if you can or can not make it to the show. if you are unable to make it we’ll draw another name after 7am.
thanks for commenting everyone. please don’t stop now. our couples still love to hear what nice things you have to say about them.

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AWESOME photos! You guys are rock stars! :)

LOVE LOVE LOVE the second one! So rad! Your couples are always way hot!

sorry, couldn't read cause i was staring at the awesome eye candy! phoenix said, "whoa! that's a ginormous leaf!!" and lark said, "whoa that's a giant…lord… leaf. it can eat you?" whoa! hahaha :)

That second photo with the leaf is AMAZING! So creative ❤

Ok- Where to start. I LOVE the Red in the first one and the feeling of the never ending love that spirals with the red. SO AWESOME.

And then we move onto the second one and what is not to love- Giant Green leaf- almost reminds me of a heart with a gorgeous couple peeking from behind and it leaves me wanting to see more of her yellow (dress? or shirt?) Gorgeously natural beauty.

I want to see MORE!!

Oh and Ps……. I will FOLLOW!

I WILL FOLLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As always you guys and your creative eyes! Both of these images are amazing and your couples as always HOT STUFF!

KILLER TEASERS!! I absolutely LOVE both of them!! Have fun tomorrow night!! I know how much you guy's love U2!!

It's been a while! Love the pics the leaf awesome idea! Wish I was close to Glendale I LOVE U2!

These are da bomb! Yeah… I totally just broke out the old school jargon there. I love both images, the first one it totally unique, what a fun angle! I'm dying to know what it was, traffic cone perhaps? But my fav in the second it, I love me some symmetry and the tones in the image are just to die for. Although it's hard to go wrong with the combo you guys and two totally rock awesome gorgeous couples lol!

p.s. I will follow :)

yeap! no matter what you say, you are rock stars!!!

Love it!!!Fresh, creative,what!!!you guys rock!!!

In LOVE with both of these pictures! So vivid and creative! I love your work!
I wish I was close to enter in this contest I love U2!! :( I will say that I FOLLOW YOU heehee :)

These photos are AWESOME! Holy smokes!

Oh, and I live in Phoenix, so I WILL FOLLOW!!!!

And did I mention how smokin' hot those guys and gals are??? My monitor is melting over here!

These images are both UNFORGETTABLE and the couples are FIREy-gorgeous-beautiful. Okay, forgive my lame attempt to include the title of one of my fave U2 songs.

I love these pictures, these couples and you Ohana photogs way more than I love u2. I will NOT follow, and even if I lived in Arizona, I still would NOT follow. You all & these pictures on the other hand, F'in ROCK!!!!!

always inovative you guys. Thinking outside the box always which what inspires me to continue stretching myself. Great job guys.

I love U2 and Bono and all that he tries to do, such a great role model. With that said I adore these creative images of these hot couples of yours! I love that yellow top too!

I'm too far to go to see them or else I would totally follow!


I forgot I love your pictures that always goes without saying :]

Those are some pretty sweet teasers…

Dude…U2 tix?!! insane..ahaha..

i will follow!

I will follow you to where the streets have no name. Because it's a beautiful day and I have pride. Go ahead and try to throw your arms around the world. It's magnificent! (See what you started)

Shut the f up! These are crazy cool. What a tease, I want to see more! ;-)

Too far away to see U2 on.the.floor, dangit.

wow how did i miss these?!! my reader must've messed up! these rock!

OMG, I don't check my computer for a day and I miss out on U2 tix?!!! Oh well. Still love the awesome shots w/ this post though!

Hey Ohana's, just want to say, I LOVE the "teasers" you put up. The couples that you work with, all of you guys make it look like SO much fun working together. It really shows. Love the idea of the contest too. Good luck to all who participated.

Oh hurry…post more of them. I never can wait to see what funky stuff you've come up with ;-)

You guys rock for your awesome give away and for your work. Rock, I tell you!

These two photos are just fantastic! I love your creativity!!!

I was mesmerized by that first shot for like 10 minutes :) Can't wait to see what more is in store!

First of all these two shots are simply freakin awesome.. second.. You guys are too kind and generous giving away U2 Floor tickets… Congrats to Rachel Earl.. I am sure she will enjoy to no end.. and lastly.. sorry I haven't been much of a blog stalker lately.. I am not sure what happened all of a sudden my business really took off and I am crazy busy.. how do you guys do it? anyway.. I miss reading everyone's blogs especially yours going to try to make a better effort.

Yay for Rachael!

You guys rock with your supreme generosity!

Love love love that first photo!

I absolutely love your style and work! always creative and fun!


that leaf image is FANTASTIC!