christmas surprise – the twilight saga continues

last month we were at the magic kingdom wading through the massive crowds, looking at all the beautiful disneyland christmas decorations, and thinking how cool it would be to see a disneyland wedding with fireworks. btw, it would be awesome! (hint hint for all you couples still thinking of which venue to choose for your wedding.)
anywho, we really wanted to go in the haunted mansion because they had just converted it over to the jack skellington haunted mansion holiday. as we approached the mansion we saw that the line to get in was INSANE so we let out a collective sigh of despair and lost all hope to go in. just then there was a flash of light and ashley and allison floated down in front of us like magical disneyland fairies. they asked if we would like to go in with them. we paused, did a double-take at the line, and wondered just what kind of pixie dust these girls were carrying. moments later we were compelled to squeek out an overjoyed yes as they exclaimed “in our hands we wield the power of walt disney himself, and an extra set of fast passes.” :)
after going through the haunted mansion holiday we thanked ashley and allison with gusto, but their tank of kindness was nowhere near empty. they asked us to join them on kim’s favorite ride at disneyland, the indiana jones adventure. i pinched myself, kim looked at her watch to see if it was already christmas, and rain nearly stepped on her own jaw. are there seriously still people on this planet that are this nice? YES! and their names are ashley and allison.
fast forward a week or so. we receive an email from ashley. she had been on our website and loved our work. as it turns out, ashley and allison’s mom had told them that all she wants for christmas this year are some photos of the two of them. ashley and allison told her ok and had planned to take their point-and-shoot out and take pictures of each other. then they met us.
are you seeing the big ol’ slice of fate pie here?
rather than going with their previous plan, ashley and allison drove down to san diego and met up with us to make a little christmas surprise for their mom.

my name is in the bible. does that count? :)

as we were shooting, ashley and allison let us know that they are big fans of new moon and the twilight saga.
i, however, am still undecided on whether i would like to be on team edward or team jacob. :)

allison loves to read. ashley loves her iPod. it’s a good mix.

we decided to have a little fun with the whole twilight concept. even Rain threw us a couple ideas.

bella has nothing on ashley

thank you so much ashley and allison. we had a lot of fun with you both at disneyland and during your photo session. we wish you and your ohana a very merry christmas. hope your mom loves these.

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What beautiful girls! Really love the 2nd and the umbrella shots! The last Twilight ones are awesome!

Love it! The twilight theme photo's are definitely my fav.

Soooo amazing! Love these! :)

Gorgeous girls and how sweet is that story :)) I love the twilight ones and the one on the log with the ipod and book, so fun!!

such a cool vibe to this shoot. LOOVE the shot looking down through the umbrella. Really neat :P

The darker moody ones are insanely good!!! :-)

the shot of her looking up with the red coat…..That needs to be a HUGE canvas on a wall somewhere. I love it!!!

Great story, but not surprising with all the great karma your family spreads around!!! You kicked photo butt with all of these images, but the umbrella shot is this fan's favorite!

Wow, talk about "creativity". Love this set. Their Mom will absolutely LOVE these. Where in SD was this taken at? I love how you SPOT light and caught the sky….my favorite..

"I vanna suck yer blog!", said in my best Dracula impression. LOVE the moody dusk-time theme to these… I just wanna gobble them up… and that shot in the red jacket is gangbusters!

Seems like it was fun photo shoot! :)
Great pictures!

oh, these are super!! what a cool story too :) you guys are the radicalest.

What a fun story, with a happy ending for everyone (especially MOM!)! Great session, y'all!

awesome, awesome, awesome.

I love that story! I want to get married at Disneyland! A wedding there would be a dream come true. These girls are absolutely GORGEOUS! I adore the first few and the rockin out one, and the last ones are awesome!

Team Jacob! I run with the wolves baby!

hmmm Best story ever!!! This Post includes, Disneyland, Twilight, and 2 gorgeous girls with gorgeous pics! Couldn't be any better!!!!

What a fun and creative session, and such an awesome story to go with it! Super gorgeous girls indeed! I love the Haunted Mansion all Nightmare of Christams'd out. Not a fan of Twilight, but I just love the Twilight inspired ones =]

Oh I love Twilight and Edward! Great theme and photos!

what a fun idea! love the twilight look. thanks for the comment on our blog. yay for cans for comments. ;)

pretty sure this is freaking awesome.. :)

yay you guys!! #cansforcomments!!


Loving the overhead shot with the red jacket. It's very – the better to eat you with. :-D

Great photoshoot….shows their personalities

Great story. The twilight concept was bad asss! Great shots.

Very fun – what a great shoot and it looks like they're having an awesome time!

The off-camera flash shots are perfect!! Love how the books & ipod were incorporated too – so clever!

Awesome session! Love the incorporation of Twilight. I better get on the stick and see the movie. Love visiting your blog :)

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gooooogeous shots! so so so pretty. and hellooooo twilight! :)

awesome story and awesome shots – i love the lighting – drama! And theyre georgeous!!!! I bet it was so fun to shoot them!

Again! Seriously,
how do I get teary-eyed looking at your photos of people I've never even met? You capture the personalities of your clients perfectly.

ooooo love these guys.. so moody and wonderful and so full of sisterly love.. just awesome

HUGE FAN of the Twilight series myself! I said it. Yes…ha ha. So, this is definitely now my most favorite shoot…lol. I LOVE the bookmark, where can I get that? :))) Anyways, the night concept is awesome…love those images. looks like fun all around.

awesome awesome photos guys, the last one…. KILLED IT!!!!

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Ashley and Alison are beautiful girls, FABULOUS shots!

They are gorgeous! i LOVE the mood of these photos!

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That is an awesome story, and awesome images (although I am anti-Twilight) I am sure they are glad they ran into you guys as well :)

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What a sweet story. Mom is going to LOVE this gift from these beautiful young ladies.

Awesome images and light sequences !!!!

This set of photos is breathtaking!! Amazing, amazing work!

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