Christmas Dinner and Gifts with our Ohana

every year during Christmas we get together for a meal with Kim’s side of the Ohana and this year was no different. the site this year was the fish market on harbor blvd, right next to the USS Midway. the food was awesome! as always we brought along a camera for a few fun shots.

unfortunately, half of san diego was there with us so we had to keep ourselves busy for a while until a table opened up.

with camera in hand we headed outside to walk around the embarcadero and get a few snaps with the statues of the memorial honoring bob hope.

jake was looking for more presents. more on that in a bit.

the kids showed us their artistic side.

now on to the gifts. jake, being the youngest, got first dibs.

april finally got an etch a sketch and busted out this little scribble for us.

we wrapped one of jake’s presents in a huge box. here’s his reaction when he saw it.

he was literally jumping for joy.

then came the opening part. pesky packing tape.

he was making the funniest faces trying to get the box open. grandma was loving it.

the spoils.

after jake got his grand prize he kept searching for additional gifts, but none were to be found.

the boo boo lip was in full effect.

he enlisted the help of TMNT to search for more gifts.

what he found was the best gift of all, a big hug and smooch from grandma.

here’s glenn with his new friend, steve the stress ball. can you see the stress melting away?

it’s all about the benjamins (and souplantation).

mike tried helping jake with his lincoln logs, but jake knew he was not dealing with a licensed contractor. instructions? what are those?

they’re lincoln logs, not jenga.

santa knew exactly what i wanted.

so did patti. patti and noah eluded the camera on this occassion, but their gifts and friendship are still very much appreciated. as is everyone that didn’t make it out to our house for Christmas. we hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and/or Hanukkah and/or Festivus.

here’s the ross boys looking their worst.

Ohana Christmas 2007


What fun! The pictures with the statues still have me laughing,what a goofball family you have :} The picure of the little guy and the “boo boo lip” is priceless and the jumping for joy is so typical of that young age huh? You could of wrapped a rock and they’d be happy. That etch a sketch santa is INCREDIBLE! I can barely draw a square, haha. Thanks for sharing your family and hope you all have a prosperous and blessed new year.

These are great pictures!
Looks like a great Christmas!
April’s etch-a-sketch is awesome!
I love Rain’s shirt, that’s so cool!
Happy New Year Ohana!!

Looks like a fun time.
April, your etch-a-sketch skills area amazing!
Happy new year, ohana!

Wow! April’s got some mad skills on Etch A Sketch!

Happy New Year!

Great family pictures! Hope your Christmas was wonderful and thank you very much for all that you’ve done for me. :)

Looks like another great Christmas with the Ross and Baxter families!! Love you all!!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Too much fun, felt like I was there.
I am blown away by April’s skills!
Happy New Year to you all!

How fun! You have such a beautiful Ohana!

April is so freakin talented. And she makes hillarious faces.

Love the shot of him carrying the huge box!!

Happy New Year!

I always love your photos. I totally love the shot of the little guy with the lights in the bankground and also the one of him carrying the hugeantic box. His face opening it is a crack up too.
Looks like your family is a lot of fun ya’ll make some silly funny faces :P

happy new year to you all!

You have me cracking up!! The tiding yourself over until dinner and the boo lip pictures are so flippin’ funny. What a fun family.

Wishing you and your beautiful Ohana a very Happy New Year.

I hope you had a fabulous and blessed Christmas! I cannot get enough of the boo lip picture waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too cute. May 2008 bring even more joy and love to you and your Ohana!

definitely the most radtastic etch-a-sketch i’ve ever seen.

I really enjoyed looking at these feel like I am part of the family love these. Your Christmas pictures look like mine I am in one or 2 pictures lol.
And the etch a sketch rocks got some skills there great job..
Happy New Year to you and your wounderful family.
Have a blessed year.

thanks you guys!!! this was a self serving family post, but we are thrilled and feel blessed by all who commented! jakes boo boo lip killed us when he didn’t have any more gifts to open. we started givin him ours. that didn’t work out too well.
and thank you so much for the etch a sketch comments april is thrilled with the love. she is a bit nuts on that thing :)she’d just sit in the stores and we’d have to wait till she finished. thank you santa!

The Jake sequence is priceless! And seriously…? April has to submit something to Mr. A-Sketch. When she’s rich and famous from it, just remember that it was all because of her “uncle” Eddie. : /

Oh my gosh I can’t BELIEVE that etch a sketch picture… it’s amazing. She needs to get a job as an etch a sketch artist or something. And the rest of the pictures are adorable as well. What great holiday memories!

You guys are so much fun to watch and see what is going on in your family and circle. I love your blog
-Melissa E Earle

David , Holy Crap I’m diggin your new blog! Too Bad santa got you the wrong football jersey though. It should of been silver and black. LOL

What a great way to capture family at Christmastime! I especially like the 6th (adorable little eyes twinkling with the Christmas Lights) and 13th (with the HUGE present)! Great work! Inspires me to get more creative with my kiddos photos!

How sweeeet!! I loved your Christmas photos- Priceless! My boys got Lincoln Logs too! :)

Is April’s sketch for real? She is AMAZING!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you guys!