chris and jen stewart do san diego

chris and jen. they’re real. and they’re spectacular. stay tuned for the rest of their hot session. it’s sure to keep you satisfied and smiling.

that’s what she said!


WAHOOOOO!!! We had SO much fun with you guys, and I have to admit, I’ve been stalking your blog to see a teaser ;) LOVE it!!! Now you have me wanting more! …….

That’s what she said!

Hey Kimi, you think you can give me a rack like the woman in the window next to us? hahaha

Hee hee! I am sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the rest. No’s a small chair..and I’m on edge. :D Can’t wait to see more! :D

Tease!! Come on, show us the rest! You know you want to!!!!

Me…..want………MORE!!!!!! HA ha my gosh you guys i want more i tell you more.

you’ve piqued my interest :)

are you freakin’ kidding me.
teases!!! TEASES!!! can’t wait! officially stalking until i see more!

Kimi, since your handing out “racks”, do you think you can hook me up with one, too.

So cool! Now I’m thinking I want a fun shoot like this instead of the “pretty, romantic reeds” one! LOL

haha! LOVE it! so rad. ;)

we want more!!!


No fair!!! Only one picture?! Love the one picture, but really, I want more! P.S. Love Jen’s hair!!!

This shot is so effin rad! You guys always have exciting fun stuff here!

Looks like a fun one! Come on! Share some more! :)

Love the red! Hot!

Oooh…this is gonna be good, can’t wait to see the rest! Love that RED wall.

my eye keep darting back and forth….:) Great image it!!

Killer shot! So edgy and risque ;0)

LOVE IT!!! It makes me miss Chris cause I had such a fun time shooting with him at WPPI!! :)

They look amazing…you guys rock! SERIOUSLY!! LOVE IT!

Their faces are perfect for this shot! Perfect! I love it! More more more! You guys are so mean to tease like this!

I am a Lover of your work! …. <—- freak! I know. //enoch

Can’t wait to see more!!!

Wowsers! Hot stuff…you know im talking about the two real people, not the other two things in that picture!

Whoa…hot! Can’t wait for the rest!

haha – these are great! we miss you all alot! cant wait to all hang out again at vegas! i want to see more! haha

hahaha, John says that ALL the time! hahaha, my mind is already in the gutter, and now you throw in that saying…oh geeze, I just can’t stop! hahaha

(that’s what she said) hehehe

WOOO HOOO cant wait!

Now that’s one hot couple or pair or well you know what I mean! heehee! Love this pic, so different!

Spectacular! Although…the focus seems drawn to the other “couple” in the photo…

oh snap that is pure HOTNESS. and I can’t wait to see the rest!!! :D

Is that Jenna J?? Very cool image I must say!

Ohh ahh. Cant wait!!!!

I want to see more! I know they are going to be grrrreat!

Yikes! It’s gonna be hot! C’mon already, open, open, open.

Haha, ever since I started watching The Office, I have been saying that line way too much. Did you see the one last night? “It squeaks when you bang it…”

SO creative….

BAD ASS! I am in love with this shot! So edgy and rockin!

Ooooh so HOT! Lovin’ the red! Show us more!! :-)

aaahhh,,,,,now I can’t wait any longer. When do we get to see more from this juicy session? I loving the one you posted. Now I want you to shoot me and Jason when we are down in SD!!