chris and jen stewart do san diego – part dos

if you saw our blog last week then you already know that CHRIS AND JEN STEWART are the hottest couple in nor cal and the hottest photographers. go check em out. we’ll wait. you also know that we wouldn’t leave you hangin’ with just one picture. here’s a crud-load more from the smokin hot session we did for them while they were visiting san diego for their anniversary.
all hotness aside, chris and jen are two of the raddest people we know. i’m not just talking about their shirts. from the day we met chris (almost a year ago in las vegas) we knew he was good peeps. we mentioned something in passing that was totally trivial, but chris went out of his way and researched it and wrote us a few days later from home with all kinds of info on it. that’s what kind of guy he is. since then, chris has continued to go above and beyond to help us however he can. his genuine character and caring heart are a huge part of why jen loves him and why we think he’s uber-rad. since we don’t exactly live across the street from chris and jen, we’ve loved chatting on-line with them regularly. finally getting to meet jen in-person was awesome. she’s just as cool as chris, and twice as hot! sorry chris. you’re a very close 2nd.
we’ve become HUGE fans of chris and jen’s work this year, so it was really cool to be able to do a session for them. besides, hotness like theirs should not be hidden behind a camera. as an added bonus, chris and jen are sooper fun. laughter during this session was definitely not in short supply.

exhibit 1: jen is so awesome… sunshine comes out of her arse.

we love chris’ so fresh and so clean clean style. he puts the me in metro. wait. that came out wrong. i mean… stopping now.

we love the fact that chris and jen are not afraid to laugh at themselves. they were down for everything we could dream up.

we had a pretty good laugh doing this purse snatcher sequence.

we laughed even harder when jen swiped chris’ murse and made a break for it.
that’s man-purse for those that don’t habla metronese. :)

after laughing for a few blocks we switched gears and had chris and jen show us what they’re working with. i love these next two shots that kim took.






i also love these next four that were taken by april.


the dryers weren’t the only things making that laundry room hot.




i like this sequence kim shot.

mild man-nerd.



kim likes this shot the most.

this guy was unbelievable. he’s one of those guys that likes to flex his authority, even when it’s completely unwarranted. let me state for the record that we were not anywhere near the tracks or the yellow line, yet he took it upon himself to bark out where we could and could not stand and shoot. we moved totally far away from him and he went out of his way to walk down to where we were and walk through our shot. super weak. i had to do what any self-respecting photographer would do… take a picture of him, post it on the internet, and talk undefensible smack about him. :) that’s what happens to power mongers.




hey guys, is it just me, or is it super hot in this stairwell? guys?


red light.

green light.




that guy in the top window was getting quite a show.




chris and jen can go from fierce…

to funny in less than the time it takes to answer a finger phone.

we love you two!


insert your own caption here.


i love the light and feel of this shot.


every street corner in the usa is like this. at least when we’re working they are. :)

shoot n share time.

chris and jen, i think this shot sums up our day with you perfectly. we had a rickdiculous amount of fun with you. “working” with you was an absolute pleasure. kim and i can’t wait to see you both again. next time we’ll have to do a session with all the kiddos too. yes, we have the stones. we love your ohana! see you soon friends.
have a happy and safe halloween.


holy mother
what the …
farkin’ unbelieveable.
flat out amazing.

sun shines outta her arse.

i LOVE you guys!
when can you shoot me?!?!?!
with your cameras that is..


man if all clients could pose like photographers, it would be heaven!

You really have a distinct eye david, love the compositions. Especially the way you had “all way” and “USA Today” in the shots, totally ties in with the shots your created.

Pure art baby, hats off!


What a great shoot! So fun and full of life and personality!

these are so fantastic!!! i love this couple so much. they are hillarious and hawt. excellent work!!!!

Seriously, man – you’ve got some FIERCE clients! Love ’em all!

Hello comment #99! You guys seriously rocked this to another level. As I was looking, I was trying to remember which ones were my faves, but the list got too long, so I’ll just have to say that they’re freakin’ ridiculous….all of them. So much variety of lighting, processing, location, mood, attitude, perspective. OK, I’ll stop now. You guys are uh-ma-zing.

Love love love love love the pics…Just made a 100

What a crazy fun session guys. Great stuff!

My comment comes in at 102?
Wow. I don’t think you’ll even notice.

These are fun, fantastic, crazy and beautiful!

“she’s so hot, sunshine comes out of her arse” had me laugh out loud. Love that line.

I love the ones April took in the laundromat. I need a laundromat nearby and don’t know if one even exists!

As for Officer D*ckhead, you have to add some bulge to him in photoshop before you post his picha up on the internet! Bas-tid!

I was going to say that I can’t believe I’m comment #103, but actually, I can! These shots rock! As if I didn’t already want to meet Jen and Chris bad enough, now I really want to meet them. You totally captured their personalities and all of these photos are so fun, unique and beautiful. They certainly picked the right photographer for their shoot. Great job, Baxters!

oh my gosh…I should simply dito all the wonderful comments. But instead I’ll tell you that I think you guys are masters of light. The sunshine shots are simply breathtaking. I love all the creativity in shots. Wow, you guys shot at a lot of cool locations. I love the VARIETY. GREAT SHOOT!!!!! Keep INSPIRING!!!

HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!!! Love the red shoes. The laundry mat pics so AWESOME!!!! These were so fun to view and SO ENTERTAINING!!!

These totally freakin rock! LOVE them all! What a fun couple, too! Red shoes, I love her! LOL Hmm, maybe I’ll have to make my way down to F street. HAHAHAHA

Are they the funnest couple in town or what?? Love the mix of hilarious photos with the sexay photos. And “murse” had me cracking up – LOVE IT!

Can I get married again so that I could have an e-session as AMAZING as this one?

Good, GOD! I’m speechless

Saw some of these on OSP and thought they were HAWT. Didn't realise there were so many more on your blog some of which are hilarious! Hahaha at the purse snatching shot & the shooting & sharing … don't we all do that?! Looks like you all had such a blast doing this shoot! Awesome work everyone! We miss the whole damn lot of you – photographers & subjects!!

UNbelievable! AWESOME! Love,love, LOVE these pics. Soooo much fun. I’ve scrolled through half a dozen times already.

holy crap!! Am i really the 111 comment! awesome! you always make me laugh! you are a total inspiration! I want to be more like you in my work! WOW! Hot is right. so glad to see you having so much fun.

I don’t think I commented yet!!!

These are so much fun. And that is what i Have to say about that! They rock!!

You guys are just overflowing with awesomeness! So creative and so much fun in every session you post. This couple beyond HOT and has so much personality!! LOVE all of these. :o)

Uber hot session guys! Love the one of them lying in the stairs… it made my toes tingle… well I hope it was the photo or else I should see a doctor asap.

I’m excited to be the 115 commenter :)

These are awesome! Looks like you guys had too much fun for your own good.

Also, my fam is gonna be out in Southern Cali in January, we should get together.

You two are just WAY TOO AWESOME and shoot the most AWESOME-est people! How fun are these?! Love the laundromat ones… and the purse stealing ones… and the fountain ones… all of them!

Me Likey!!!!

Sweet Stuff you guys! These were awesome!!!!

I have stalked your blog for quite some time now and have always been in total awe of your photos. This session is just amazing and each photo has a life of it’s own. And yes… the stairwell shot is super hott!

Kimberly Brooke

You guys should make movies or something! This set made my day!

OK, we’re officially in love with your family. Thanks for a great day. You guys are even more delightful in person than you are in your friendly blog comments – if that’s even possible! And it is!

OH. MY. OHANA. I love these so much, every single one. Seriously, I could leave a comment for each shot! You made me fall in love with them and you at the same time! Ever come to NYC?? ;)

his shirt says it all RAD!!!!!-Aaron

Okay SIGN US UP to have a session with you guys when we’re in town someday!!! Way to make them look super hot and super fun at the same time!!! I think I need to find a laundry mat with my hubby! Ha!

we love chris and jen. just sayin.

I’m rolling looking at the stolen purse sequence! LOVE IT!

I LOVE your work!!! You do amazing stuff! I ams so impressed with all your shots.

Perfect Locations for this couple. She has the leg wrap kissing thing totally dialed in! You guys like like a whole lot of FUN!

You know you guys rock, especially with 127 comments on this post! THIS IS SERIOUSLY ONE OF THE BEST SESSIONS EVER! I quite possibly could have already commented on this post, but that is neither here nor there.

pretty darn RAD photos.. awesome…

You have got to be kidding me!! These are OFF THE HOOK!!!

All of you rock, Jen, Chris and the Baxter Ohana.

These are one word “HAUTE”

I LOVE, I LOVE, I LOVE, I LOVE, I LOVE THEM! Have I mentioned that I LOVE this session of Jen and Chris? OHMI! I’m so jealous I want a session like this! GREAT JOB! =)

WOW!!! Of course these are all amzing, but the laundro-mat shots are perfect and completely rock my world!

Okay I’m not sure if I have commented on this post already, but I went through it again, and my oh my. These are superbly awesome! I sooooooooooo want pictures of me lookin this hot with my hubby one day. Spectacular!

Holy motha… after 10 minutes of scrolling through all the comments on this post I finally reached the comment love box. I can’t believe how many comments you guys get… crazy cool! These images are FREAK-O-LICIOUS! I love these shots.

[…] year chris and jen stewart paid us a visit in san diego and promptly melted our cameras with their hotness. this year they met up with us in las vegas to show sin city what sexy is all about. our awesome […]

These are sooo amazing! I want a session too… but maybe after I lose the LBs =D

Wow, this session was epic! I love all the variety, the bright colors, everything! You did a terrific job!

Love the whole session, looked like you had a blast with your couple.

I really must say that I liked these pictures, in a funny way. They where what I’d say “omoshiroi” in japanese. And that is a mixture of “interesting” and “funny” at the same time.

Hey there! Just wanted to say I dig your work – and it looks like your clients do too. They must have a blast on your sessions!

My friends! I got a bit behind in reading blogs since I had a baby :) LOVE this couple.. they look like SO much fun and they are hotties to boot. Great session.

OMGosh! You guys are awesome! I love, love, love EACH photo. Shows how fun they are and how awesome you guys are to bring it out of them in from of the camera ;-)