chris and diana’s paso robles wedding at justin winery

people used to say you’ll never find your soulmate in a bar.
kim and i didn’t believe them. we met in a bar on restaurant row in waikiki,
but diana and chris didn’t meet there.
they went to the same small university in washington d.c.,
but they didn’t meet there.
they attended some of the same college parties,
but they didn’t meet there.
they both went out to bars in huntington beach california,
but they didn’t meet there.
diana’s friend got kicked out of a bar, so they went home and sat on her porch.
chris stumbled out of a bar and stopped when he heard cat-calls from diana’s friend.
that’s when diana and chris finally met.
add 6 years, a surprise weekend at justin winery, some snoogling, and turn off the lights teddy pendergrass, it’s time to say “i do!”

since it was where chris proposed to diana, it was perfect for them to have their wedding reception at justin winery in paso robles.
one of the first things we saw as we entered diana’s suite at justin winery was her exquisite vera wang wedding dress. as good as it looked all on it’s own, diana made it even more beautiful.

diana finished off her wedding attire with an amazing pair of stuart weitzman cranberry heels.

hmmm, what to do at a winery while you’re waiting? what to do?

chris and diana had a traditional wedding at st james episcopal church in paso robles

now this is one good looking couple!

mmmm, grapes.

gotta love that warm california sun!

i absolutely love chris and diana’s expressions in this shot.

the cave at justin winery holds many barrels of fine justin wine, the isosceles library, and memories. this is where chris proposed to diana.

congratulations chris and diana! you picked the best day ever to have your wedding. i’ll always remember it, and you.
we wish you both a very happy new-lywed year :)

JUST married :)

special thanks go out to alyssa for coming along with us on our paso robles wedding / santa barbara wedding weekend double-header. we heart alyssa! too bad we couldn’t fit a hawaii wedding in there that weekend too :)

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So beautiful :) The last image is so clever.. fantastic work you guys!

Love, love, love it! I miss home! Paso Robles Winery? So jealous! You did such an awesome job with these! Love that shoe shot with the texture below! Awesome stuff? Always rockin' it!

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So much variety, and all complete gorgeousness. I love your style. You find such awesome perspectives.

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Really gorgeous post guys. Love the ones of them with the barrels. Oh yeah, "Use the force Luke!" No, wait, that doesn't make any sense. I'll get better at this, I promise.

I adore this wedding! You all did a fabulous job! I think it's the 30th pic down in the grass, that image is just wow. I would have that enlarged BIG above my fireplace and the pic of her in the chair is stunning!

These are rippin good! I love the story of how they met, the best couples always have the best stories!

Love love love

Loving everything about this. A wide variety of amazing shots-as usual!!! :-)

Oh how i love these photos, I think the one that touches me the most is his expression looking at his mother (?) it's so sweet. Great capture!

Stunning photos! I want to get married all over again so I can have you shoot my wedding in Maldives!

Just another one of your blog stalkers here [= I love the intimacy and romantic feel of these photos! I'd love a photo session. Any plans to visit Germany [=

LOVE LOVE the bride & groom pics…but those details of the winery are AMAZING! I always love seeing all the big & small details of the weddings you shoot. It fascinates me every time! :)

Yay! Love you guys! This was a fun trip down memory lane. :)

Ok so I wasnt able to comment yesterday so today I made it my first thing to do before work. HOLY HELL YOU GUYS!!!! i am so digging your detail shots and the shots of the bride by herself. I am blown A.W.A.Y. Love the out of focus shots ALOT TOO!!!! Way to ROCK THE SOCKS OFF OF THIS WEDDING!!! They have to be super pleased with this.

Great great pictures! I have lots of favorites!

Um seriously!? Could these pictures be any more romantic!? All of the details are freakin stunning!!! Love what you did with all of that low light too!

oh my, amazing!

Beautiful as always! Love the portraits in the field!

I must say, friends, that this is a personal favourite for me. Start to finish this is visually stunning :)

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Love the sweet story and these images, especially the sparkly evening shots! What a beautiful wedding!

simply gorgeous work

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You guys always bring the WOW factor for me in every picture! I just love how he looks at her in these, you guys captured their love perfectly.

Hot couple, epic light, great moments captured, ring shots ripping good, stellar work guys. as always.

Your blog popped up in my google reader and your post caught my eye! I met my soulmate at the bar, I was working…he was drinking! :)

Great post! I love the shot of what I am assuming is the mother of the groom looking at her son. What a moment captured!

Amazing vineyard pics and details! I love the look of these so romantic and classic. My favorite shot is the last shot in the field.

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I am a terrible commenter but I am always checking your new posts and I had to comment on this! I used to drive through Paso Robles all the time when I went to college in Santa Cruz. I adore winery weddings, and this one is no exception, great job as always guys :)

simply amazing! you guys continue to push the envelope on great imagery. love it

Guyyyyyyysssss! What a fab wedding! The attention to the detail by the bride and groom was fantastic. Which one should be a giant canvas in their cozy living room? I vote for the one of them amongst the grapes!

H-O-L-Y crap guys! STUNNING with a capital S! This wedding is art pure and simple art. I adore all the winery images, Santa Barbara and Paso Robles is my home away from home!
Just gorgeous. She is a beauty and I love her style! Any one of the pictures in the field or winery could be a big canvas print! Je' Adore!

She is a stunning bride! This wedding is equally as stunning. You guys always blow me away with your art.

Um…picking up jaw from floor. Wow, these are insanely stunning wedding pictures! I pray I can talk the hubby to renew our vows and YOU OHANA will be our photographers! I keep scrolling up and down awed by these.

She's a doll! I love the shot in the winery barrel room, so hot!

This wedding is to die for! Wow you guys, art purely art.

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What a beautiful wedding! It must have been a pleasure to capture it.

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