chillin’ with tanja, terry, sophie and evan

you know how when you’ve been out surfing all day in the middle of january during an epic swell and when you finally get out of the water you’re blue, your teeth are tapping out morse code, and you have a huge smile on your face? that’s pretty much what it was like when i visited washington last month. IT WAS COLD MAN! and it was beautiful. my trip to the great white north-west was awesome. while i was there i had the pleasure of hanging out with (and photographing) tanja, terry, sophie, and evan.

the first night i was there they graciously treated me with a sweet meal together at The Cheesecake Factory. that was the first time i had ever been there (and far from the last). after throwin’ down some choice grub we headed out into the chilly night air to get some shots in.

you can’t tell from their warm smiles, but it was about negative 52 degrees out.

ok, maybe that’s a wee bit exagerated. not by much though. :) frigid air be darned! these girls looked beautiful and totally toughed it out (without jackets i might add). don’t you just love the rosey cheeks?

not to be out-toughed by the ladies, the guys also stepped up with some great smiles. evan’s adorable smile and cute faces kept everyone laughing.

after a quick session we called it a night and headed off to recharge. i continued further north to a spot just south of canada for a few days of work and exploration (more on that later).

fast forward a few days. before catching my flight back to san diego i stopped by tanja and terry’s to catch a few shots of play time with the kids (in their cozy warm home this time). evan was showing me how to be a daredevil.

sophie and evan were so much fun to hang out with. they were like little atoms bouncing all over the place. i had to keep my head on a swivel to follow all the action. i just love their happy energy. sophie reminds me of her spunky aunt angel that lives in the land of far far away.

a quiet moment between acts.

getting to sit in on a quick story time with tanja, sophie, and evan was so cool. i love watching kids learn & discover new things. story time is the best!

sorry. short break in the photos to share one of my all time favorites.

isn’t sophie the cutest backpack you’ve ever seen? :)

i could easily spend a week taking pictures of these kids. here’s just a tiny sample of the many faces of evan.

i noticed a common theme in them all though.

they’re all precious.

see what i mean?

thank you tanja, terry, sophie, and evan for allowing me to share a few moments within your family. you have a beautiful ohana and, despite my thin so-cal skin, your warm hearts kept me toasty warm inside. mahalo for your hospitality.

in related news. kim has a demand for angel. COME HOME!


What a good looking family! They look like fun too!
:) Nice images!

Crap, dude. Forgot all about those (videos)!
Nice photos too, btw.

Awww! I love these. What a beautiful family! They seem so happy. You guys really captured their love for each other here.

its all about a time when music videos were more than just special effects… though some things haven’t changed.

and rockin cool family shots! it looks like you brought some so-cal warmth to the scene, and pulled out all the stops.

I love them! You definitely see the warmth and love this family shares. I absolutley love the image of mommy and son givin sugar and where she is reading to them. So priceless.

Great pics!!! It’s nice to see my family when I live in the land of “far far away”. :) Love your comment at the end too Kim! I love you guys too!!!!! David, you did an amazing job of really capturing my sister and her family. I love all the shots! My poor sister if my niece really does take after me. :) I miss them and I miss you!!! Thanks for sharing!

Beautiful family and great captures. The kids look like a lot of fun :)

wonderful processing on these!

What a beautiful family! I love the shot with the polka dots and 2 kids……

Great job on these beautiful family pictures. You can really see the love this family shares. Love the black and white ones and the ones were mom is reading to the kids. Priceless :)

I absolutely adore these family pictures! You really captured their smiles and love. They will treasure these for sure! I really like the ones of the dad and son in the garage and I just love the sepia looking ones.

What a beautiful family! You did an awesome job photographing them!

Lolly lolly lolly get your adverbs here! I totally bought that disc for my little one and he loves it! You learn here too! HA-HA! I love these pictures indubitably! Did I use that correctly? Maybe I should watch that disc :=]


They seem like a really sweet family, glad to see you were in good company up there.

The family pics are great. Love the way the colors are so different.

I should NOT have watched the Cali video before bed. It’s looping in my head! MAKE IT STOP! I don’t think so…i’m goin’ back to cali…to cali…to cali

Beautiful family and images! The last 5 are absolute favorites of mine! Love the two videos you slipped in too! Too funny! :)

Aww what a cute family. I love the blankie shot!

Aww very cute! Love their interaction!

Where in WA were you? My hubby and I moved here (cali) from WA about 7 years ago but yeah…its cold up there!! LOL When we go back our friends and family are like “wusses, its not THAT coid!” YES, it is! HAHA I have that Cali song stuck in my head now too. HAHAHAHA

These are so precious! You can really see the happiness in this family which seems so rare these days. They must be so happy to have these to cherish a lifetime. Beautiful work as usual!


Washington in January!? Ah! I’m a cold wimp! Give me good ol’ Florida! :)

What sweet, awesome family shots you captured!! They’re great. I love everyone’s expressions.

What an amazing family shoot! Love the variety!! Every shot is fantastic~

Thank you so, So, SOOOOOOO much David and Kim! (I would have been here sooner, but the ‘puter died).

These are the most amazing and touching shots of us and we will treasure them forever! :) My little monkeys do look cute, don’t they? You’d never know I was calling Angel in the morning to have her apologize to you for the insanity…

If there is ever anything you or your family need – anything – we really do owe you! You’re all welcome here anytime…and we’ll do better than The Cheesecake Factory next time :)

Tanja, Terry, Sophie & Evan

Oh Kim, I’m working on Angel coming home too :) Anywhere on the “right” coast works for me. Maybe if we tagteam her…