brunel of love

pam, wiley, riley and hayley had one of those weeks that people across the country dream about. they flew out to california and hit just about every theme park in so-cal. they packed in all the family fun a week in california could hold. somewhere in between all that fun they found time to meet up with us in encinitas for some family photos. hayley and riley had energy to spare. riley broke his arm just before flying out to california, but that didn’t slow him down a bit.

with the kids hard at play, pam and wiley got to sit back and just enjoy each other’s company.

who wants to make mud pies?

i love just letting parents and their children be themselves in front of the camera.
hayley was loving her mommy-go-round.

kelp is fun for the whole family

kim’s not the only one that likes surfers.

hayley and riley were so much fun to follow around. they kept us on our toes (and on some rocks).

hop on pop

it makes my heart smile whenever i see two people that make each other happy. it was grinning big time seeing pam and wiley.

thank you pam and wiley for fitting us into your super busy fun-filled week in california. we really enjoyed meeting your ohana and getting to share a fun afternoon with you all.

we were blessed with such an awesome day. it had rained a little bit earlier, but was totally dry for our shoot. we even had the sun peek in on us for a bit. the water was warm, the surf was sweet, and the brunels could not have been any nicer to work with. what more could we ask for? nada.
when all our portrait fun was done we called it a wrap and went in search of kim and rain. where could they be?

we found them sitting on the beach checking the sweet surf and snapping a few shots of their own. kim shot this sequence. that guy’s pretty good (for a short boarder).

who’s ready to paddle out?
me me me me me!


Kickin! Love that you did this shoot while they were on their vacation, so cool.

HOLY GUACAMOLE, these are so RAD. That first shot is so MOODY and fricken AWESOME!!!! LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!

I LOVE this family session!!! The surfer and the little girl shot is my FAV. I love the ones of the parents, it’s so nice to see people in love , and you guys captured them beautifully!

ha ha! i love the one of the girl checking out the surfer! too funny!

Saweeet images! You captured this family perfectly, they look so happy and relaxed. Love those surf shots that Kim shot, so awesome!

These are wonderful images of a family who loves to have fun! Great job.

Way to capture the essence of a loving family! I’m sure they are going to love these. Nice Kim on the sequence shot too!

Fantastic, I love the first one!

I always love your surfer pics!!! #7 and #15 are awesome!!

Awesome shots! So fun, love the expressions you got out of the family! They are such a cute family!

(Ps. I tagged you guys…check out my blog for how to play!)

Lovin’ the mudpie hand shot!

You can just feel the happy in this family through your lens! You guys can really make pictures talk! You guys made a cloudy day in San Diego look like Heaven!!! Great work as always!!!

OMG!!!! The two shots of the kiddos on the rocks with the little boy sticking out his tonque needs to be on 2 big canvases in their rooms!!! I would LOVE to have had that of me and my brother!
Side note: I hate that you have beautiful beaches to play on :)

These are SO GOOD!! Wow, amazing shots! And I love how you processed them. Great work!!

what a super fun fam shoot! love the surfer and the girl image!

The shots of the kiddos on the rocks, ROCK! I love them! That family looks so freakin’ happy and you got to capture it all forever. Sessions like that are the reason that I do what I do. Great job.

Those look like fun waves!! I’m not sure about the wetsuit though…. :)

aww your post title rocks, and so do all the photos!!!!

LOVE this session… especially the sandy hands and the mommy go round… and oooh I too love the surfers. Beautiful session guys! :)

Awesome view over the ocean! This family looks like they were tons of fun. My favorites are the mommy-go-round and hop on pop! Those kids are all at such a great age.

Awesome work!!They are all GREAT!I really love the one of Mother and Daughter!! Love Kimi’s shots too!!

Seriously FANTASTIC!!
What an incredible family shoot!

Great job on these. Kids are so fun!

There personalities are really captured in these!! Those kids are the spitting image!

The clouds are unreal too.

I ADORE this family shoot!!! The happiness is busting out of these pictures!! I agree on putting the pictures of the kids on the rocks on big wall canvases!
The mom and dad look so incredibly happy, I LOVE IT!!!

The seaweed shots are so fun!!!

KILLER surfer shot…that is just fantastic! I love them all, but that one steals the show!

It’s about time you get some surfers up there ;).
Great shots as always.

LOVE them! LOVE the mud pie one! You know I might be contacting you both soon! I might be doing maternity shots, but I hate being in front of the camera. If I do decided to go ahead with it, Ohana Photography is doing them! :)

These are really fun. The mud pie shots of course – but really all of them. Great open loving joyful feel.

Dave everytime I look at your art it always does something warm and fuzzy to my heart.. And this shoot did it for me.. This reminds me of my childhood and all those summers at the beach.. My fav. is the little girl checkin out her prince charming ( surfing ) and the ones with mom and kids. This mom is beautiful and full of life and love for her children. I know I know I sound like sappy sally today, but it reminds me of my mom and how much love she has for her kids..

What a great family! They looked like they were having so much fun! Love the “mud pies” pictures! :)

Love the surf sequence!!

Sweet shots. The family is gonna wuv ’em.

my sweet dear kymberli we are humbled and would be more than honored if you choose to share and document this blessing with us :)

I love all of the shots of Riley and Hayley together, so cute! And that sandy hands shot has got to be my favorite!


This family shoot is so unique and fun! That settles it. You are my photographers when I visit your beautiful town!

Sensational session guys! I have to agree with hayley, I love the mummy go round photo! :)

These are amazing, I absolutely LOVE the ones of the kids they are so adorable!The whole who wants to make mud pies, LOVE IT!

Kids are precious! That muddy hands shot is so cool!

WOW…what a perfect day. these are amazing and I know they will be cherished. what awesome shots of the whole family….clap clap clap!!!

I Just love this family session! The precious interactions you guys caught with their beautiful family will certainly be cherished for generations!! The kids will always cherish how much love the parents have for them and each other! Bravo!!

I cannot even say how much I just love that hop on pop shot and the shot of the mommy and daughter smiling and twirling(?) makes me smile so big! Fantastic family shoot!

How cute is this family?! These look amazingly fun!!!!

Fun times! I’m diggin’ the textures again =)

Wow! I wish I was at the beach right now, these really take you in! I love the feel and fun of this session! What beautiful pictures!!!

LOVE the shots of the surfers! Dammit, I wanna be a surfing ‘tog not a freakin’ wedding ‘tog! :P

Great set of natural family shots, not so easy to achieve with two kids in the mix! Lovin’ the tone of a couple of the shots of the two kids & the little girl watching the surfer…. can I ask how you did it?

Holy cow!! You need to put the pictures of the kids on the rocks on big canvas story boards!!! That would look so cool in a bathroom or their rooms! I can’t even begin to say how much I love this family shoot! You guys are so creative and unique from all other cookie cutter, posey, and boring sessions!! I am so hiring you guys!!

I totally agree with the kids on the rocks as a story board! Just adore the first and third shot soooo much!!!! So creative!! I can’t help but smile when I look at the one with the daughter and mama dancing!