brunel keiki on the north shore of oahu

a couple months ago the brunel ohana came out to california and met up with us for a fun afternoon at the beach. one day with their wonderful family was just not enough, so when we recently flew out to their home turf we met up for a 2nd session. this time we met in one of our favorite places on earth, the north shore of oahu. first stop… waimea valley to get some shots of hayley and riley.
i’m envisioning these first two shots as large canvases. what do you think?
hayley’s eyes are as cool as the pacific.

riley tried blending in to his surroundings, but you just can’t hide a face like this.

if you’ve never been to the waimea valley here’s a preview. it is such an amazing place. when i saw this spot i had to stop and get some shots of the kids. i love this shot of hayley.

on their way north pam picked up this beautiful fresh flower crown for hayley. it was perfect. hayley looked absolutely precious.

since riley didn’t have his blue daredevil cast on anymore to show people he’s tough, he opted for the manly vines. looking good my man.

that’s more like it.

every time i get the chance to take pictures of young siblings i ask myself if the shot i’m taking will be something they remember and if they’ll look back on it with a smile when they grow up.
just in case you forget, hayley and riley, this was when you sat quietly for a moment.
moments later, things were back to normal and you were running around like the wonderful little energetic children you are.

local feety feets

as the sun was setting we headed over to the beach to have a little fun in the water and catch the yummiest light of the day.

today’s adventure… strawberry shortcake finds a sea slug. bet you haven’t heard that one before.

after seeing the giant sea slug riley strapped on his goggles and dove right in. he pretty much bailed on the photo session and went snorkel exploring the rest of the afternoon. one thing i know is that when you’re taking pictures of kids, they run the show. when they’re done, they’re done. we’re cool with that. part of what makes our shots of kids look natural is because we try to be as hands-off as possible and let the kids be kids. they’re happier that way and it shows in the pictures.

with riley out exploring the tidelands we got a chance to focus on hayley.

these last shots of hayley just make me smile.
they make me wish i was a kid again and that my only care in the world was how fun this moment is. laughing and splashing around in the warm water of the pacific as the sun sets behind me on the north shore of oahu.
does life get any better than that?

only if this is your house :)


Insanely awesomeness! Canvas for sure! I love these. I know they will appreciate these when they get older. You guys are ridiculously amazing!

Oh My goodness.. I love every single one of these images they are just amazing.. breathtaking.. you are truely blessed.. the sea slug would freak me right out though.. and I would of been running for the safety of my truck.. hahha.

love love love this post. the location, the gorgeous kids, the textures EVERYTHING!! great work.

I would totally make the first 2 shots huge wall canvases and the 14th & 15th ones of the boy! THese are incredible!! Lovely children and I just love how you captured them.
That sea slug , yikes! She's a brave little girl!

yeah, the sixth shot is simply AMAZING, I also am in love with the ones of them playing in the water :D Awesome work !

The 3rd one is a work of art-absolutely gorgeous. I hear a canvas calling…

wow. wow. WOW. Every shot is wow. I love them! They should be in a magazine for children’s clothing or relaxed Hawaiian living. or something. They rock! YOU ROCK! The first two should definitely be canvases, but I’m thinking that many of the others would be awesome canvases as well! Love the ones in Wailea! Can’t wait for my first trip to Hawaii next May!!!

WOW, FABULOUS photos guys!!! I absolutely love #1, #2, and number 9……………… is kick a$$!!!!!

1,2,3 and 9 are un-real. Seriously, these pictures are purely art. I can totally see them hanging in a gallery in Hawaii. TOTALLY. These children are absolutely beatuiful and innocent in these. Yes Canvas these and you should do some canvases of 1, 2, and 9 for studio!

canvas of all of these around their house! these are ammaaaaaazing! Hello! Hayley has such incredible eyes and intense gaze! i love the vintage processing! mesmerizing! it makes me think of good ol’ Hawaii photos you can see at Bishop Museum. Especially with her haku lei!

wish I’ll have time to stop at waimea next visit…sigh.

Ewwww on the sea slug, but kids are stinking adorable! They look like little models.

1, 6, 9, 13, and 18 – FAVORITES! Awesome!!

I adore these D & K. Love all the angles, But really love the pp.. The pp simply makes the shot look so dramatic… Love Love Love it

Number 6 OMG is so fabulous that I can hardly type. And that one of them sitting on opposite rocks is just so beautiful, they WILL look back in time with a smile on their faces when they see that shot. Beautifully done guys!

Oh yeah, love these shots. Made me feel like a kid again just looking! Of course…most of your pics are like that. Simple pleasures. Love it.

If I had pictures of my kids like this OMG!! I would so have them plastered in big canvases all over my walls!! These are just amazing!
1,2,3,9,11,13, & 22!

SWEET! Dude you rock every shoot you do!!!!!

Wow! Love the dreamy feeling to the first ones. I want to pack my bags, right now. It looks so gorgeous there! Oh, and that little girl’s blue eye…AMAZING!

What fun! Great stuff. And oh my goodness, that house is UNREAL!

STUNNING!! You rock, seriously…wowser dowser!


Thank you so much for taking time during your busy stay here to work with us again. (I thought that day when you called that you were on Kaena Point, North Shore- I didn’t know you had to come over from Waianae side!!!) We are so grateful- I know the kids were VERY challenging that afternoon (and mom and dad were exhausted!)

We are SO pleased with the shoot! I am EXCITED to get some of them blown up! We are building a new house, and will have blank, vacant walls ready!! I LOVE the vintage processing- so classic and old style Hawaiian! You are very talented and did a GREAT job with challenging models (and wardrobe- Strawberry Shortcake was the only bathing suit left in the house, but, then again, I am pretty good in Photoshop too!!!) I love how you captured the two of them sitting on the rocks, looking at each other. Hard to say, I have so many favorites!

Hope you had a great vacation here! The surf will be coming up soon and hitting the wall at Leland’s house- we have been enjoying the snorkeling out there on the North Shore until it does!

Aloha ‘Oe
Mahalo NUI LOA!!!

All I can say is these are simply amazing! They feel so hawaiiana. These should be used as some type of advertisements! Fabulous work guys!

Wow. I love these kids shots. They look AMAZING! And so much fun!

Miss you guys!

I love the one where they are sitting quietly on the rock! And that sea slug…….yeah….lol

that first one took my breath away! beautiful

Alright…I’m hooked! Your little bloggy-blog is fantastic and all the photos you post, stunning!! I LOVE those little um…well…I’ll just call them ‘leaf hats’ that your kiddos (they are your kids, right? :D I’m new to your blog..remember. I don’t ‘know’ anyone yet) Anyway.I love those ‘leaf hats’ they’re sporting. I need to find a tree like that here :D And, the ‘slug’ son would completely go nuts over that! So fun!

Oh my heck! These are just gorgeous! They remind me of Peter Pan and the lost boys. You guys do amazing work. :)

Hey man, these images are great but the post processing is insane!

these are so enchanted and magical feeling. Love love love the ones taken at sunset – gorgeous!! Oh and I want that house ;)

wow wow wow! fabulous!

Aloha Ohana,
What I appreciate most about you is you are aawwwwwesome….. I love you guys… I wished we could've seen you while you were out here though. I'm glad that the Brunels finally got their Hawaiiana images… I'm admiring the courage you captured throughout… Courage to sit still and to carry that big ol' slug. Your skills make the most of the time you have with them. Truly a commendable feat. I'm so excited for April & Rain, they are so young… and already exposed to so much love/aloha. Until our paths cross again, love & hugs.
A hui hou,
~giji (Baluca Ohana)

P.S. Jonah is still a super hero, now taking school of rock lessons, Rinnah is almost walking, talking tons and Ronnie is safe and will be home in Sept. yay 6 mos from the last time we saw each other flew by eh?!

What beautiful kids and what gorgeous pictures!!! Every one looked like it should be on a wall or in a magazine! You are truly talented!

The first two are…WOW. –

GREAT shoot. I like so many of them. Nice choice of processing on many of these, too.

Awesome Awesome Awesome… okay how about one more….


The eyes! Wow…

HOLY COW!! Those first two are amazing! And 4, 5 & 6 are just sooo unbelievably beautiful. Sooo gorgeous!! I think they will definitely look back at these and smile. AWESOME!!! :-)

These are absolutely stunning David, I couldn’t take my eyes off of the first few….simply LOVE them…

WOW, these are great! I like how you shoot them up close and frame their cute little faces. Good job guys!

yeah, you just can’t get shots like that over here. These are really great and have such a different vibe to them. Beautiful.

Yep…the first two as canvases. And I dig the “that’s more like it” shot too. Wow!

These pictures are unbelievable!!! Wow, I wouldn’t know how to pick just a few! These are priceless and will be charished forever! Their eyes are amazing… Penny for their thoughts?…

You are the beach masters! I am off to the Island on Tuesday to shoot a wedding. I love the North Shore! You just got me REALLY excited for my trip!!

soooo cute! but number two, lord of the flies much?

I love the one with the face up close and plants all over, great composition, love the color!

so I had never seen a sea slug until now… and I have to admit I am slightly terrified. All these shots are beautiful guys. Hayley’s eyes are amazing in the first shot.

wow! these are images that family & those kids are going to cherish forever — you guys rocked it again! i love, love, love the up close portraits. never knew a sea slug actually existed! crazy! that house is insane btw,… incredible!

Would it be weird if I wanted to buy some of these and hang on my walls?? They’re art! So beautiful and feel so Hawaii! Love them!

definitely canvas on those first two pics. they are INSANE…wow!!!! I have so many favorites…the location is not bad at all…ha.ha.ha.ha.

I’ve been checking out your blog for too long now! You guys sooooo rrrrock! I love this last series with the kids, the tone, the color…the FUN! Thanks for letting me stalk you!