brittany and zach’s engagement teaser

we cruised down to coranado to shoot the super hot brittany and zach’s engagement session. more to come later (: this short and to the point post is brought to you by kim. i’m on fire!


Yay Brittany and Zach! They sure do travel the west coast. LOL!!! My camera has “shot” them as well. Can’t wait to see what else you have in store.


Oh how I love these too! They are one of the hottest couples ever! Such a small world that their faces have graced my camera as well at WPPI!!! I can’t wait to see the rest!!!

ooops! That should have been TWO! My bad!

Killer shot, Ohanas. Can’t wait to see more!

Coronado didn’t see you coming. I can’t get over the awesome in this photo!!! Awesome composition and attitude!
As always in love with Ohana!

one word : smokin’

awesome!! can’t wait to see the rest. you guys are always so blessed with gorgeous clients :)

I never get tired of looking at your photos!!!

Can’t wait to see the rest! :)

The cart is genius. :) Can’t wait to see the rest!

post more!!

Seriously? A cart?! I LOVE the way you guys think. Looks AMAZING!!

Friggin ROCK AND ROLL!!!!! DIg this fo sho!! More i tell you MORE………..

bring em!!!

that was rude of me…please BRING EM!

this is (of course) freaking awesome! MOOOOOOORE!!!!!

You rocked this shot!

What an awesome shot! Love the shadows, the sexy poses, and of course, the cart!

AHHH! I LOVE it! :) can’t wait to see the rest! :) you’re both amazing!!!

You guys keep trying out new things and win every time! Lovely job…this couple seems free spirited and so fun to work with!

Love your black and white shots! Awesomeness!

ooooo, Great shoot. Love the Dream one and all the ones with that sweet truck.

I love the color and feel of this session. Really nice job!!

OMGOSH!!! This has to be one of my most favorite of your sessions! I love all of these. So very cute!

gah – do you guys ever take a bad shot? I LOooooooove the ones where shes sitting on the newspaper thing and the ‘dream’ one – looks like a magazine!! Im sure they love them!

Incredible shots! I'm especially loving the bicycle-skateboard ones. They are so totally cute together and you ROCKED this shoot!

These are great! These two are BEAUTIFUL and it looks like the day was filled with tos of fun. I love the oldFord truck and how her shirt matched. Awesome job as always guys!!!!

OOHH they are soooo cute! these are awesome!!

It's official – you guys are WAY TOO GOOD!! This session is hot!!