brittany and zach’s engagement session in coranado ca

errrrrrrttt! that’s the sound of kim’s little posting joy ride coming to a screetching halt. i turn my back for 2 seconds and she drops a couple posts faster than a crack fiend drops evidence in a footrace from the cops.
kim fans can just skip to the photos now if you like. i understand. (turning to wipe away my tears)
here’s my version of brittany and zach. please forgive the crudity of this post. i didn’t have time to draw up flow charts or timeline graphs to go along with the images :)
brittany and zach, let me begin by saying congratulations on your engagement, and thank you so much for asking us to shoot engagement photos for you. considering who will be shooting your wedding, receiving your request to photograph this fun and exciting moment in your lives really humbled us.
for everyone that’s not a wedding photographer in southern california, i’ll let you know why we feel the way we do about shooting for brittany and zach. brittany has been photographed by about 10 bizillion photographers from all over the planet, each of them awesome in their own way, many of them experts in the industry. zach has also been in some of those shoots, but i think his number is closer to 5 bizillion. basically what i’m saying is they could have asked any one of those photographers to do this session for them and they would have been thrilled to do it, but they asked us. a one in 10 bizillion opportunity. so we got that goin for us, which is nice. :)
and now, a quick history lesson.
i met brittany a couple years ago when i was at a photography workshop. brittany was one of the models (aka guinnea pigs for our newfound skills) at that workshop. we didn’t get to talk much, but when it came time to shoot i really enjoyed working with brittany. she had a smile that could light up the whole oc, and a heart to match. when the workshop ended several of us agreed to “keep in touch” like every group does at the end of a journey together. i headed back home to be an average everyday normal guy and brittany continued being her awesome self. as agreed, many of us have kept in touch, even if only through email and twitter. life has a way of keeping everyone busy.
prior to doing this session, i had not seen brittany in-person for about two years. much has happened in those two years, including (but not limited to) two very awesome things. one: brittany cut off a huge lock of her silky long hair and gave it to LOCKS OF LOVE, and a very obvious two: her engagement to zach. going into our shoot i knew next to nothing about zach, but within minutes of meeting him i knew that he had a good heart. he had a kind way about him and a smile that let me know he was blessed in life. it wasn’t until near the end of our session that i learned zach is the pastor of the youth group at his church. it suddenly all made sense. these two are perfect together. i am so happy that God brought them together. they are both wonderful people that deserve every bit of happiness life has to offer. if you’d like to know more about their love story just take a look at what brittany wrote about her noah (aka zach) on her blog.
that’s all i have to say about that. now i’ll show you all what i’m talkin about when i say that brittany and zach are awesome! here are a handful of shots from our fun afternoon in coronado.

see what i mean about her smile. that’s love right there.

today’s top story in zach’s world :)

if you can dream it, you can do it!

dear diary, jackpot.

check that shopping cart rockin the blue steel

i absolutely love this series with brittany’s beach cruiser and the schweet longboard skateboard that her grandpa made for her.
these shots prove that brittany and zach are as fun as they are hot.

mmmmm, burger lounge. what? where am i? sorry guys, that place smelled soooo good.
back to you britt and zach :)


i love how happy these two are together. i could literally take pictures of them all day long. sharing and shooting moments like this are the reasons why i love what i do so much.

hey… guys… you’re fogging up my lens :)

remember that scene in wayne’s world when garth’s dream girl walks in and looks him in the eye and he gets knocked back against the jukebox. that’s the look zach was going for.
nailed it.

as a general rule, you should never mess with a guy on a powder blue beach cruiser :)

what would a visit to coronado be without getting your toes in the sand?
i don’t know, and i don’t wanna know :)

again brittany and zach, thank you so much for driving all the way down (in gnarly traffic) to hang out with us in san diego for a bit. we had a shopping cart full of fun with you guys. if this session is any indication, i know you will both have a lifetime of happy memories together. congratulations.
we can’t wait to see what images your awesome friends, the lovely jasmine star and the talented mr david jay, come up with at your wedding in october at strawberry farms in irvine. your wedding is going to be amazing!


They look like such an incredibly fun couple! I absolutely LOVE all the bike shots and the old coronado abandoned theater and my fav is that last one on the beach, you can see how happy they are in that one.

Oh so lovely – all of them are my favorite but if i had to pinpoint 1 … it’s image 2… doods.. that one is HoT – the classic feel of it. Peace! //enoch

Love the variety in this post! You guys were all over the place and such a great variety of compositions. Great shoot!!

what a fun set of images guys! I love the vintage feel to them and the ones on the bike are super duper uber cute!

so cute! and my favs are… top story, the b&w of her on beach cruiser and him at truck, and the one where she's stickin her tongue out at him! these are SO good as alwayyyyyyyyys!!!!!!

Every single picture with the truck is so awesome! I love the vintage feel to the first ones in front of the theater!
My favs are the sitting on the skateboard one, the first theater shot and the last one on the beach!

David, I love reading your commentary. But not as much as I love looking at your pictures. Wow oh wow–lots of goodness here! Gorgeous couple (duh)… I have to say I love the piggyback one where she is smooching him and he’s smiling at the camera. Nice of you to give him some lens love too. ;) Awesome!

These guys look like so much fun. You really captured some colorful personalities with these two. I love her dress…colors are awesome. I could feel the LAUGHTER as I browsed the images. AMAZING as usual.

I just love the vintage and fun feel of these! True Cali style right here! I love your style and all the different kinds of pics you have in your sessions!
Are they going to have a vintage style wedding too?
Congrats to the gorgeous couple!

Love your engagement sessions. They're such a great mix of fun and sexy and stylish (with a little burger rama for good measure)

I absolutely love these photos! Just looking at them makes me smile. I can feel their love and happiness! Perfect perfect!

i love love the long legs shot and the ford truck is awesome! Great session

Could these be any more fun!? They are so sweet and totally fun. I love the awesome interaction between these two, 100% in love – right.there.

you ROCKED this session. Great work!!

This looks like such a fun shoot! Love the converse.

Awesome images you guys. It looks like a really fun shoot and thats what its all about, the couple look so relax with you and that translates in the great pics you took. Aloha

Awesome! I love the ones with the bike! This fun summery shoot provided such a sweet escape from all the gloomy weather we’ve been having!

WOWZERS! The bike is rad…the truck is rad…her orange dress against the truck is rad…and they are HOT! You guys are amazing. I have to say, out of all the blogs I watch, my husband likes your style the best! :) Someday we’re gonna have to have you shoot our family…someday. ;) You guys rock!

These are amazing!!! I love, love, love your work! Greatness and I’m sure the Wedding will be stellar.

this set is too beautiful!

SO fun & so cool! love the life in this esession. have i told you guys lately how much YOU ROCK???! cuz you do. :)

I love this whole set man!!

LOVE this session, you guys! Seriously awesome set–I adore her orange dress too! Sweet!

I am loving these…

I'm glad I ran into your blog! I love your guys' work!

I want one of those Endless Summer t-shirts!! Love how some of the shots have such a 60s feel to them and the images with the old Ford are fantastic!

These are fantastic and they are a gorgeous couple! My faves are the ones with the old Ford truck!

Love the black & whites David. Awesome set as always.

pure amazing friends!

Hmm…..Burger Lounge…………..

Beautiful!! :) That old Ford truck just makes me happy- wish it was mine. Hehe! I absolutely love your engagement sessions. They're like the perfect blend of sexy and cool. It's a true gift! Keep rockin' it out!!

how do I thee Ohana, let me count the ways… a ton! Sorry, out of bean counting for too long. Seriously, love the Shopping cart, truck, skate & bike series! I love them all really, who am I kidding! Can i be you when I grow up? :)

So many awesome images… how could I ever choose a favorite? The Dream image made me swoon a little though, oh but so did about 10 other ones! Great stuff!

Glad I bought that Apple Care — this session burned up my laptop :) Awesome chemistry and those black & whites always slay me!

Wow what a beautiful couple! These are so vibrant, vintage and vivacious!! Love every single one!
Coronado is so beautiful, these pictures make me want to visit, and get my pictures taken. If I can get the husband to agree!

These are freakin' incredible!!! Hello shopping cart? LOVE THAT! Beach Cruiser? Yes, Please. Awesome, Awesome Job!!!

These are awesome!

Sofie….the vintage endless summer shirt is from urban outfitters !!! :)

Great work guys. Looks like you had fun! Keep up the good work

I love love love the longboard and cruiser ones! They are so flirty and fun. Gorgeous images guys!


Dude this couple is so cute and I love the Shot of them on the bike and skateboard. That last shot…………………..AMAZING!!!!

You guys always get the cute couples, and this couple is no exception! All I can say is holy guacamole these are so fun and sexay at the same time! That is what I love about your style!

These are awesome!!!! I realy like this e-session:)It's super natural…

the energy that you captured between these two in the images above makes you feel like they are leaping out of the page. you cannot help but smile. :D pure awesomeness!

Ummmm…. awesome!!!! WOW!!! These are just gorgeous!!

You guys got style. A lot of it!! LOVE 6 and 9.

Hey guys, your work is awesome! Love looking at your images and creativity!

Ummm…helloooo you guys seriously rock the party like no other! I've never seen an engagement session photographed so beautifully and fun! Who knew Coronado could look quite like this! So unique, real and creative!
Bravo guys!