amanda’s boudoir part 2


Whew, my LCD screen is burnin’… that was hot!

Awesome! I love your shots! With so many photographers there, I know it was hard to snag shots- but these are so so SO good. I love seeing what everyone comes up with (different angles, different creative eyes, etc). These are REALLY great! Thanks for joining us at the shoot, it was great seeing you again.

Oh my hotness!!!

David, Great job they all look awesome.. WOW

As Sir Nate Kaiser said above, SEXYTIME is right! Wow, great comps, and I really love your processing on these! Great Work brother!

llllllllllllllllHappy Easter!

She is stunning!

Okay my easter egg didn’t come out!

Niiiiiice! And I think the editing is perfect! ;)

Happy Easter guys!

Beautiful awesome work! Happy Easter!

Good work, good work.


Hot hot hot! All your angles are fantastic. So different and so flattering. Not a fan of the buns, but even those were tasteful. Incredible work as always.

Gorgeous! Wow the lighting is so soft and beautiful.

Is it hot in here or is it just me?! Beautiful pictures!!! You really captured everything in her eyes! Yes, your pics were that good, I noticed her eyes. :) I wanna look that sexy!!!

Wow! Those were absolutely smokin’!
Thanks for sharing! So beautiful…

WOW! Beautiful work! Her eyes are beautiful! Great light work.

The quality of these images is FANTASTIC. Seriously, I think you just carved out a new market for yourself!


Very Nice.


I want some done!!! These are gorrrrrgeous! Can you shoot somehting like this outdoors?

definitely Michaela. the outdoors is my favorite studio.

THESE ROCK!! Gorgeous girl, spectacular images. Love the t-shirt and under-roos
I want that shirt, do you know where it is from?

these are smokin! angles and lighting are perfect. the girl is gorgeous! great work~

Wow!!!!!!!!!!! Simply stunning! Gorgeous model + amazing photographer = out of this world images!

Absolutely stunning! Wonderful composition and lighting. I’m in AWE!

wow wow wow!

WOW! i knew they would be good but again WOW!
Love the lighting.


These shots are incredible in every way. From the lighting, pose and composition all the way down the sheer sexiness, class and tastefulness.

Great job!

Incredible work. I love how clean and classic your images are. I’m really not digging all the weird textures and stuff done to pictures now by a lot of photographers. Your pictures are refreshing.

~Prospective Bride Tilesa

Dudes AWESOME! Love the “SWAN” jacket as well!!!

Keep rockin’
Jake + Jess @ Kampphotography

These are Smokin’

These are amazing! Hot, sexy AND classy all at the same time. Just beautiful :-)

Excellent presentation and the slide show wasn’t bad either!!!

absolutely gorgeous images! love, love the music you chose to go along with the slideshow… so perfect. :)

First time commenter :=) Looong time looker. I felt compelled to comment on these. Here’s why. I think back at how me and my body looked before my 2 year old. Looking at these makes me wish I would have done one of these or even a nice portrait session. I didn’t because I was unhappy with my body back then, no reason to. It’s so sad how women feel the need to look like Hawaiian Tropics Models and continue to diet and such not realizing that’s how God made those girls. You can’t get longer legs or taller. Be happy with who you are. I now know that. So,to all brides or any girl in general reading this and being too afraid to get pictures like this taken, get out there and do it!! If I ever get to visit your beautiful city I will call you. off my soap box now :=)

I just want to say these are tastefully done and so gorgeous. I’d be proud, not embarrassed at all to have this done.

Thanks for listening.

These are cmopletely Hot! I love that she had the kiss shirt on! I wish I would have gone to this- your images are amazing!
Thanks for the blog love by the way, but I think I’ll be the one asking for autographs! ;)

-Erin from Art & Soul Photography haha

I really find your photography unique and a lot more artistically
approached than other professional photographers.

If ever I am in California and need photos taken, I will
definitely contact you first!
Talk with you soon!

I was wondering when you would venture in this direction…have to say these are FANTASTICO. Might want to check out, some of the photos are….eh’….in you face….but the others are really great!!

hope you guys are doing great!

– Kami

Aye Calente’ Sizzlin hot. I wish I looked like her….and you made me look this fab. You did an awesome rockin number on these.

Happy birthday David! :) Hope you have a blessed day today.

Those are hot! She must be thrilled cuz she looks amazing!! :)

It was so nice meeting you in Vegas! Hope we get to hang out again in the future! Take care!

3 words – Ooh-la-la!

Suh-weet! Nice work, David!
Great to see you there at the KISS house and shoot together. It was a great time, wasn’t it?
Your shots look awesome!

Your shots came out incredible!!! Comp, exposure, everything! Great job!

So far I love your shots the best of the rest!

OMG!!! You did such an AMAZING job ont these david!

Baby, baby, baby… light my way!
Great images. I looooove it!

[…] recently we got a call from angel saying that she was coming out to california and asking if we could schedule her in for a session while she was here. it had been a while since the last time we saw her and her husband paul so of course we were thrilled to get new shots of them, but then she said that paul wasn’t coming on this trip. her friend jessica was flying out with her for a little girl time. that’s when angel asked us if she could do a ”sexy” session. […]

yowza. fantastic comps!

Phenomenal compositions in these!