Born in San Diego

it’s so refreshing to switch gears a little during the busy wedding season and look through my lens with a different perspective.
enter yvonne and baby jacqueline.
yvonne is starting her own business and called us out to take some shots of her beautiful daughter jacqueline wearing the new product.
the company is called CITY BABIES.
the product is onesies. not simple embroidered onesies. super rad eco-friendly onesies. here’s a clip from their website with some of the deets.

“CITY BABIES IS A GREEN COMPANY geared towards the environmentally conscious family. City Babies signature onesies are 100% Natural Organic Cotton, and made in the USA. The City Babies fabric is loomed from the finest cotton available, and grown without pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers. The City Babies onesie may have a small carbon footprint, but it’s big in comfort and style.
CITY BABIES PACKAGING material choices include PLA (polylactic acid) film, biodegradable polypropylene, recycled polypropylene in addition to eco-friendly and recyclable 100% polypropylene.”

i know, those are some pretty big scientificky type words. all you need to know is these onesies are cool for you kid and the globe you’re spinning on.
go check out her website at and let your little one sport some eco-friendly hometown pride.

here’s her contact info if you need to know more.
p 619.322.8841 | f 619.749.2483


Oh she’s so adorable, I just want to pinch her cute little cheeks! I love the eco-friendly onsies too. :) And hellooooo flare!!

How cute! Might just have to get me some of these… and oh.. yeah… your photos are pretty cute as well :)

How awesome are these baby shots!! She is such a doll. Totally awesome with the earth friendly clothing too. I may have to get some for my sister when she has her baby. Love em!

she gets the cutest baby ever award!!!


Oh I love these shots!!! She’s so adorable!! I just might check these things out for the babies soon to join our family (no…I’m not one of the pregnant ones…lol).

That shot of the baby up close with the flare is SICKO!

So cute! I ADORE cute onesies! When I have a baby, they will live in onesies!

The last shot of her is precious and so funny! Awesome baby line!! Lovin these, Go EARTH!!!! If I ever get preggo I’m there!!

Wish they had these when I had babies.. :) Love the one of her with her hands on her face. You captured a great moment! :)

What a cutie!! Awesome onesies, unfortunately my kids are out of the onesies :(

OMG…that hair…those eyes. Loving the 3rd shot and all the sun flare. Awesome as usual!

Soooooo cute!!!

Lucky for mom she didn’t have to go pay big buck for a beautiful baby model. She’s got one of the most beautiful baby’s I’ve seen. I love the third to last shot the most! She has the most beautiful eyes too :-)

3, 7 10 and the last shot before the onesies are so fabulous! She is just so cute! Love that they’re organic!

I stumbled across your blog today and I love your stuff! I am a new fan…

I cannot even begin to say how cute she is! Always love your work!

What a cutie! I love her hair and her cutie smile!! I wanna pich her cheeks :)

WOW!! Seriously great shots!!
Fantastic shoot!! :)

Love that rim lighting and flare! And what a gorgeous girl!

The third to last shot is awesome… being a supermodel is hard work for a baby. ;) Great stuff guys… and CB sounds like an awesome company.

Oh, that last shot is just so yummy!

these are all too stinking’ cute!

Love how these turned out – perfect sun kissed vibe for the eco friendly product line! Great job!

Um does it get any cuter?!? You captured her joy with perfection!!! And the ones are so adorable.

Cute baby! Cute onesies! Awesome pics!!!

Oh my God, those are great onsies!!! What a gorgeous baby! The eyes, the smile, the little teeth!!! Too adorable!

Oh these are SUPER D DUPER CUTE!!!!!!!! LOVE THEM…

Oh my gosh, she’s precious! Just adorable!

Good for Mom for being eco-friendly!!

Dang, what a cutie! Love your back-lighting on these, and such amazing emotion!

that baby is rawkin baby pilates like WHOA!!!

so cute. the one of her “i’ve had it with the camera in my face” is PRICELESS!!!

amazing eyes. and what a great idea!!!

I am all for going green, so I love the idea of this product.

Gorgeous photos, I love the backlighting and sunflare! She is so adorable :)

Rocked it!!!!!

wow! being out of town means i sure have a lot of catching up to do!! ;) this is the cutest shoot EVER!!! you guys rock BIG time!

Wish I had these onesies when my kids were little!! They are way cute!

The pics are awesome, as always! LOVE the 9th one! There’s something about a baby drooling that gets me!!! -Marlene

What a cutie…love all the flare. Great shoot, you captured her little fun personality and all her little chubs to. Too cute.

I need one that say…born in Addis Ababa!!!

I love how you used the sun. It makes them so much fun

She’s gotta love these!

Oh my gosh!! These are adorable! I just want to eat her little feet!!

How cute! What a cool business to work with. And I must mention how much I LOVE the flare!!

Those look comfy! Do you think they come in MA5EN size?

Nice work as usual!

great shots of that ADORABLE baby with the beautiful hair. Those onesies are tooooo COOL! yea for eco-friendly…yea yea yea. Great shoot for advertising, will check out her website now. (weird, my mom’s name is Yvonne too…hee.hee.)

You can so tell what she is going to look like when she grows up! :-)

Hey there David!

The pictures are amazing-turned out great! Jacqueline is the name of Yvonne’s baby-look forward to working with you on more projects!

Info is correct-