blair and sean’s bridal session in point loma

dave is still sick with spontaneous dentohydroplosion so i’ll be doing the posting. and since the last two posts have been posted by me, for those of you who think you miss dave’s writing here is a corny, dorky, dave joke.


make sure you click the link (another ode to dave) to see how i feel about said joke. so for all of you that thought you missed dave’s writing… the prosecution rests.

we got to go exploring around point loma shooting san diego wedding photographer, the smoking hot blair and her husband sean (his real name is spiderman). the best thing about shooting photographers (and superheros) is that they will do anything we say. including, but not limited to, pelting each other with beachballs, dumpster diving, shooting in strip clubs, and jumping in seedy 1960’s hotel pools.

“this is crazy, this is crazy, this is crazy!”

“excuse me, do these effectively hide my thunder?”

most of the shots were taken by david and april (check out her blog by clicking the link) but these last three were by me

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These pictures like all your others look straight out of a magazine! I love how all your couples look like they are having so much fun!

I love the 4th, 6th and 22 which is steamy! and the last one is so romantic! i love it!

these are sweeeet!!! you guys rock!!

Holy Hotness Batman! These are the rockinest photos yet by the Baxters!

The first image got me thinking – “why were they trying so hard to fit under the shade; was it at the Mistery spot!” My perspective was all messed up…haha. Love the 4th from the bottom.

Where the hell do you find your clients?!?!? They’re awesome. Of course your photos are terrific, but wow, your clients are just so awesome!! xx

These photos are H-O-T! Love the creativity. Looks like a lot of fun!

Oh geez…you guys did it again. This shoot is amazing!!! Definitely one of my favorites…awesome!!

I love that jumping in the pool shot! Did you get any of them in the pool? I adore this whole set, you guys are always so creative and your pics are so dramatic and fun!

first of all… that’s what she said!

secondly – awesome! love them! the balls rock!

CONGRATS on the blu domain contest! I voted for you :)

Like Blair said…”I love you guys” too! Seriously that first image is niiiiiiiicce! But the image where they are both holding two balls-Priceless! It is so creative, and so much fun. I especially love how it works with her dress and the monochromatic felling of it all except for the pink tie, Brilliant!

Grand Slam session for sure!

stumbled across you blog today…. LOVE LOVE LOVE your style. i will pop in regularly to see what you guys are doing. you rock!

Sweet shoot. Love the attitude!

Smokin’ HOT!!!! I love the beach ball series…very creative, very funny and simply just really cool. These are amazing guys!

These were great. The use of the balls was my favorite (especially the balls and boobs photo) lol :) Great shoots.

Oooh, wow, yummy, haute, sexy, amazing, fabulous, hottaughty, I love these, what a fun couple!

Holy whack unlyrical lyrics! These freakin’ rock! I’m droolin’ over the motorcycle shot! Great stuff!

WOW, WOW, WOW! I don’t even know what to say, these are all so completely stunning and unique! Great Work!!!!

You guys never cease to amaze and I am sooooo grateful I can boast that you all shot our maternity photos! :) These are incredibly cool and sooooo creative! AWESOME! And Kimi, that last one my be my favorite…it’s so sweet. I just love it! I hope David is feeling better!! :(

I am not sure this could have been any more fun. So cool.

These are brilliant Love them all…

What a fun shoot and cool couple! Love the images and the sassiness of it all.

freakin awesome! Love it when people are absolutely down for whatever – rules! love em all!!

Sassy Sexy and Silly! Love every single shot!

Guys, these are beyond fabulous! What a creative bunch of geniuses you all are :)

Miss you all! xxx

OMG I’m blow away! Love the concept and the location and the blow up ballons/balls!

you guys ROCK!!! i love this session so much. thanks so much for letting me know about the jill-e bags. :)

WOW!!!!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE these!!!

You gotta love clients that will get dirty for ya! Love all of these.

I love number three and the one with the motorcycle mirror. Great job as usual.

gah! and again, AMAZING session!!!!! SLOW YOUR FREAKING ROLL!!!!!!!!!!! love the pool jumping, but as always, i really just can’t pick a fave, they’re all SO great! hotttttttttt couple!!!!!

You’ve got balls, man! Love the series, and that mirror shot is the cherry on my sundae. When I’m in San Diego, I need to hit you up!

schweeeeet! I totally dig the bike shot — hmm, I think its time my hubby took me out for a ride on the harley. :) Oooh, totally loovin’ the last shot…oh wait, and the balls.

April showed me a few of these already but WOW, these are all gorgeous! I love the last few especially. :)

O.M.G.!!!! This shoot is C.RAZY!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!

Like the motorcycle mirror shot!

These are great, very innovative and inspirational. I love seeing your blogs. Keep up the amazing work!

I am totally digging the retro vibe of these. I LOVE the white beach balls, the pool, the hotness! Yowzah! Way to go!

Love, love, love these! So much fun and energy!

Love the white balls everywhere … very surreal!!

love, LOVE all the different compositions & angles in this session — pure radness!!! happy humpday you guys. :D

love their style! Love this shoot!

The one with the balls is hilarious!! Love the shots in the grass too.

Dude these are sweet and I love the P.P. on these!!!

holy hotness. these are SAH-weet! bride + groom + beach balls = best combination of all time. :)


wow! this is a killer session!

i have a lot of catching up to do! These are HOT!

You guys always seem to take it up a notch with each of your couples! I seriously cannot pick a fav here.

Bowing down now. *i’m not worthy*

Amazing looking couple! I love this session!