april’s first solo destination wedding in san francisco

we always get mixed reactions when we tell people that our daughter is our associate photographer. some people think she’s too young, some people think she’s inexperienced. some people think her hair smells like cinnamon :)
we like to let april’s photos speak for her.
ALL the images in this slideshow were shot by april on her very first solo destination wedding. that’s right, she shot the whole wedding by herself in the beautiful city of san francisco. april also designed all the layouts in this slideshow.
most of these images tell the story of gerlie and joe’s san francisco wedding as april saw it. of course, she also got some shots that were requested by the beautiful couple. for those of you who have seen our previous posts you’ll now be able to recognize all the shots that april took. ok, that was a lie. we sometimes shoot a lot alike, but you will be able to tell some of her shots. if in doubt, the best ones are always mine :)
all kidding aside, april is a great visual storyteller. she almost always comes back from a session with shots that blow us away and inspire us.
unfortunately, april is currently off at the California Institute of the Arts refining her “arty side” so we don’t get to work with her as much as we used to :( it’s only a matter of time before disney or pixar or some other big studio sees her talent and snaps her up. until then, we’ll keep begging her to come home on the weekends to work with us :)

on a side note for all you photographers out there, here is the capper. kim and i had all of our best gear with us because we were shooting kamran and leila’s persian wedding at the Fairbanks Ranch Clubhouse in Rancho Santa Fe on the same day. april shot this entire wedding with our old canon 10d and rain’s digital rebel with the following lenses, tamron 17-35mm 2.8-4.0, tamron 28-300mm 3.5-6.3, canon 50mm 1.8, and a canon 24-70mm 2.8. i think april did an amazing job composing and capturing these frames considering the gear she had, the unfamiliar location, and the fact that she was by herself! i guess it really is more about the artist than the equipment :)
great job april! we will never get sick of saying, WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU!
now come home :)

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Awesome job, April! It's saying something that I actually watched the slideshow because I never do! The portraits were especially stunning!

HOLY MOLY!!!! Unreal talent. I'm super jealous I don't get to hang out and learn from the genius' that you are. She's also got mad skillz!!!

GO APRIL! You did a great job lady, very nice indeed! Congratulations! Keep it up!

Yay! These are beautiful! I'm going to have to guess the "roses" shot is a bride request? Ok, what do I win =] JK Beautiful job done for the young Ohana! Keep up the awesome work!

Holy Cow!!! Wow April you go girl!!!!!!!!!! David and Kim you must be soooo proud. April can i second shoot for you :). Loved the slideshow and the song!

Wow, what an awesome slideshow!! the layouts were great and really told the day's story–congratulations april!, you are truly gifted just like the rest of your ohana :) I would love to second shoot with you too!

Seriously? April, you're such a freakin rock star. ;) You should be really proud of yourself and the work you're doing. And your Ohana? Yeah, they have big reasons to be proud, too. ;) Keep on keeping on, girlie. You're doing great things.

Wowza! Such a beautiful couple. The portraits of the couple are amazing! The barn door and the shot under that overhang are awesome, and I love the umbrella one too!
You've come a long way baby.

A-W-E-S-O-M-E APRIL. BRAVO! WOOOO-HOOO! These are amazingly beautiful images. My favorites are the ones of the bride & groom. WOW. Keep rockin' it!

Looks awesome! Go April!!!

She is incredible!! Awesome job!

Damn! I wanna be an Ohana when I grow up!

Girls got SKILLZ….and for the record…Owl City is from my hometown…we just PUMP OUT the talent from that place :0) HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I expect a post of your oh-so-fabulous costumes!

These are awesome! April is so so talented! P.S. Love the Owl City song!

Go April! Go April! It's so evident that April has such awesome roll models in you and Kim growing up that allowed her to excel and become so talented in both photography and art.
The slideshow was beautiful and I can only dream to have photos and a wedding album that beautiful to cherish, share and remember for life [=

You are going places kid!

April, you knock my socks off! Your talent is so abundant in every way! How could your photography not follow suit, you're just framing beauty using your eyes and all the possibilities are endless with you. Let your destiny take you to happy places!

April! You rock! How old are you and so much talent! I love the umbrella shot with the groom!

April! You are awesome! I especially love the bridal shots! So beautiful!

Seriously talented! I'd kill to have my first wedding look like this!
I hope they ordered mad prints and albums because these are breathtaking photos!

April….You are so talented, so artistic!! This couple was so lucky to have you take the photos for them. You have a way of capturing natural, warm and relaxed photos. I really loved the shot of the Mother in Law with the light behind her and the shot of the detail of the dress. The last shot was really great too…. The color was really something!

Talent just OOZES out of your family! Fabulous job, April! :)

GREAT job done, April!!! But then again, the talent is in the genes….these were beautifully captured!!!

April you're simply amazing!!!

These are AMAZING!! Your family is just ooooozing with talent! :) You guys rock!

Are you kidding me? She is SO TALENTED. What a fabulous slideshow (I NEVER watch the slideshows, ever but I watched hers all the way through – can't wait to see what other skills she has!)

WOW April! Really amazing!!! I loved all the pictures! You really do have an unbelievable talent for telling the story with your photos. I loved the multiple photos together. It really brought everything together and made the story complete. Way to go! What a beautiful wedding and a beautiful couple! Congrats!

April is so talented! Wow wow! I can't imagine how much more she can do in a few years!

way to go april, i bet that was exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time!!!! heeeeey baxters… i need some pointers on how to prepare your kid to go out on their own and photograph a wedding solo before they even hit their 20s!! ;) that's awesome!!!

Fabulous job April!!

Oh yea…this is definitely Talent!
Love the picture of them smelling the flowers. Beautiful job!