Anti-Workshop – Las Vegas

in my quest to never stop learning i was lucky enough to get a seat in the latest anti-workshop. this round was in las vegas. the usual suspects showed up to share their seemingly infinite photo wisdom (and a few pints).

suspect #1: John Michael Cooper aka: JMC. we have admired john’s work for years. he is the originator of “trash the dress” sessions, or as he calls them, anti-bridals. needless to say, we owe him big time. the least i could do is attend his workshop. when i heard it was going to be in vegas the same time as WPPI i jumped at the opportunity to soak up some of his brilliance while repaying a portion of my debt of gratitude. along with being one of the coolest guys on the planet, john is one of the nicest, most humble professionals you will ever meet. he is a true artist in every sense of the word. if you haven’t already done so, please make some time to visit his site and see what i’m talking about. john’s super sweet wife, and suspect #2, dalisa was also in attendence. she’s an awesome photographer in her own right and an even awesomer hostess. the best. the coopers are sooper cool. go share some aloha with ’em.

as if having john and dalisa there wasn’t sweet enough, enter suspects #3 and #4…doug and chenin boutwell. doug rivals our pal nate for title of post-production jedi master. there would have to be a steel-cage death match to proclaim the one true master, but that will never happen. i guess they’ll just have to both hold seats on the post-production jedi council. i’m cool with that. computer skills aside, doug is also an incredible photographer and a lighting guru. he showed us how to use light in some amazing ways. chenin’s work inspires us as well. we love the way she captures motion and “life” in her images.

how’s this for the coolest classroom environment ever? the in-room portion of the anti-workshop was held in the vip room at the Brass Lounge. it overlooks the Freemont Street Experience in old Las Vegas.

on day one we hit the streets to have a little fun with Elvis. doesn’t everyone?

elvis had a little too much fun and wound up in a black and white taxi.

here are some of my super talented classmates. Karey and Greg.

this gentleman was a really cool local who has been homeless for over 20 years. he shared some tales about his past and allowed us to take a few shots of him. such an interesting individual. before leaving, we chipped in for his bus fare and a meal at denny’s. it was money well spent.

walking around old vegas was pretty sweet.

lots of neon.

this one’s for melissa. :)

this one’s for all the baby mamas.

one of JMC’s anti-brides “stepped up” for my team’s class project.

her shoes were so rad.

here’s something you don’t see everyday. chenin was demonstrating how to try to get a flare shot in the mid day sunshine of las vegas. they closed down the whole street just for us. all that construction in the background had nothing to do with it. :)

here’s doug giving us the low-down on studio lighting.

JMC also had some lighting tricks up his sleeves. here’s a little painting with light a la JMC.

on the last night of the anti-workshop our good friend ed pingol and his lovely wife monica arrived in vegas and we all went out for a late night photo session. we ended up staying out until 4am. that’s the beauty of vegas.


Hey! It was great meeting you guys too!! That was a blast taking over Laguna like that. Can’t wait till next time. =)

Great shots by the way… lovin’ it!!

The shot of her in that grungy alley is BITCHEN!! Yes I’ve brought back bitchen for that picture alone!! ha-ha! Great pictures!

WOW! incredible shots you posted!! Sounds like a great workshop!!

Unfreakin’real, just as usual! The shot of her silouetted on the spiral suitcase – amazing. And if I were her, I’d ask for the one sitting on the exotic escort (or whatever) newstand blown up on a gallery wrap. That is toooooo cute! Too many favorites to name. AWESOME work!!!!





oh my goodness I’m so jealous! I want to go! Love the lounge sign, the girl going up the staircase with the composition having the stairs to the right and the one of the homeless man is my favorite, so telling such feeling.

The shot of her in the checkered booth and the exotic dancer. Flippin fantastic!!

I’m way to sleepy to leave a decent comment – but these do rock! The construction cone shot probably made me have the biggest reaction. Very cool, dude.

David this post rocks I will find myself coming back over and over great shots man.

freakin radness!!-Aaron

O-crap…these images are ridiculously cool. Mad skillz are right, and the orange cone is my favorite!

Ohana these are all so creative!! Love the last shot with the shadowed red wall and really love the spiral staircase ones and the waiting at the light shot! Great stuff!

Rockin’ it!! LOVE the first image of the brunette bride on the spiral staircase!



GREAT job!
Faves: Spraying the suds, close up with the colored tile, curly stairs shots, and the one with elvis in the police car! haha!!!

WOW… You shoot so any awesome shoots… Great job David… I love you work you do such an amazing job… I am blown away everytime I see your stuff… Keep it up big D!!!

feeling a bit late to the party on this one, but i have to reinforce, as comment # 31, that your skills are officially & unofficially [to cover all bases] off-the-chain.


i loved the anti-workshop…dude, you’re on FIRE! :)

you so rock.

i’m looking at every image and each one seems to tell a story.
that’s when you know it’s good :)

Good thing what was shot in Vegas didn’t stay there… these are great. Love ’em…

Awesome shots!!!!

awesome shots!

my hubby and i are having our own photoshoot with JMC and Dalisa next week in Vegas while on vacation…

I couldn’t be more stoked to watch him work!!!

Very interesting and cool shots here! I miss Vegas :) hehe

wow… wow… you were busy in las vegas! love the neon lights.

Yeah, since I don’t have time to leave you a novel size post of how rad you are, I’ll leave you with this. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

Dang these are fabby!! Love that shot of Doug and the one of the bride in the booth with that light looks ethereal and kihda creepy. looks like the electric chair? Either way it’s cool! I would love to do a workshop with them,it looks like a creative explosion!

looks like such a fun time! i love the 3rd one of the “anti-bride” as well as the close up against the colorful tiles. her eyes are gorgeous!

Awesome as usual. I love the stair shots. Monica looks gorgeous!!!!!

Why did you have to go and make it so hard to choose from??? MAN this are incredible!!!! I’m totally loving the neon shots, of course, the Elvis shots were too funny but seriously these are HOT!!!!!

These are great!! Dang it I must attend the next one it looks like you guys had a blast. I love love love the 12th shot up from the bottom of the model in the checkered booth with the lamp above her. Just perfect.

these are awesome! I love them!

ok, so the cigarette comment made me laugh so hard I almost had to have jeremy change my depends because I was laughing so freaking hard….you are so bizarre and hilarious!! Miss you guys. can’t wait till june.

These are awesome!
Looks like you had a great time as usual.

looks like you rocked out! I really want to go next year, it’s a huge goal of mine! Nice images

Super fun shots, looks like a total blast!

These are all so great. Looks like you all had so much fun.

These are totally ROCKIN! Thanks for being my daily inspiration!

This post was mind blowing – too many incredible images. You continue to amaze me with your skills…bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills, mind blowing camera skills….

You go! Those are hot, hot, hot. Super fitting for Vegas!

Wow! You guys are smokin! I know you mentioned JMC and Nate’s post processing, but you must give yourself some credit:)

Love the pictures! They are amazing! I’m totally stoked to work with Chenin and Doug at the Image X workshop it Oct!

The anti workshop… so lucky you went!! I am so dying to go. Love your shots. I am always inspired by your work!!

Aww. Thanks for the sweet comment. :) I wish I could have went too. Family came to visit unexpectedly. Looks like you had a great time though!

Hope you see you soon. *hugs!

Great work. I especially love the shoe shot.

Awesome images! JMC has been an inspiration of mine for a number of years. I’m going to have the chance to be with him in Atlanta.
Your images are so very good! High fashion to say the least!
Good Job!

Wow! I absolutely love the shots of the girl in the middle of the intersection and sitting on the checkered bench!!! Beautiful!!!! You’re amazing!

Wow, I just love looking at all your work, you really capture some AWESOME stuff. This workshop looks like it was a blast!! You rocked it!!

incredible images and looks like some amazing times! Rock on with the great artistry!