angel, paul, and 12 blue luftballons in santa monica

we knew going into this session that angel and paul were super fun, smokin hot, and down for just about anything we could dream up.
dear diary, jackpot!
with a couple like this we had to find a place that could handle the kind of fun we were about to roll out. we hopped in the ohana-mobile and drove from san diego to santa monica to find just the right spot.
angel and paul, meet the santa monica pier.

dear ad wizards at hollister, angel and paul are available to model and are waiting by their phone.
ring, ring. who’s there? destiny? i’ve been expecting your call.

if you think angel and paul are hot put your hands up


this is why so many people come to southern california. it’s, as fergie says, glamorous.
this is also one of my favorite shots of the day that kim took.


another favorite that kim took… ON A BIKE!

hi, pushing daisies, we stole your color.

kim’s better at pitching. i’ll let her take it from here.
kimmy’s got the spotlight!
wait for it.
oh snap!
audiences love pigeons.
holler back!


paul is sad. he can’t smoke upside down.






the best part about angel and paul is that they balance their excessive hotness with an awesome sense of humor. we LOVE couples that can laugh at themselves, and couples that make us laugh. angel and paul are most definitely in that category.




lock it up :)




as seen on their teaser post, angel and paul went all the way (into the water).
thank you angel and paul for being absolutely down for anything. we could not think of a better day than the one we had with you.

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whoa…my screen's melting. those photos are hot.
relaxed, intimate, funny…. you guys nailed it.

That pigeon shot is RIDICULOUS! Lovelovelove them!

i love these so so much i could seriously CRY, not even kidding!!!!!!! they're my favs i've seen anywhere in a long time. too many favs to name as usual :)

Love these!! Balloons, a super hot couple, and lots of bright colors – all the makings for a beyond awesome shoot! Love the one where they're standing on the lightpost especially!

these are amazing.. you guys kill me.. I would love to hang with you for a day and just go shooting..

Way to make people look like ROCKSTARS!!! Ohh and I think they are doing the butt..I think. And the last shot is my FAV. All some kinda steamy!

omg! This has to be one of my fav sessions from you guys! So much fun and so full of life! I love every shot! Awesome work!!!

This is one of my fave engagement sessions from you guys, I love all the color and fun! You must be so happy :)

this is not fair..u make it seem so eay…i heart this session. the colors, the couple…lovely…

Great pictures!!

Perfection! The location, the couple…yada, yada, yada. :) What the heck is my uncle doing on the pier??? I keep telling him not to pull up his shorts so high and to put on a shirt…jeez! Nice job Kim! :)

Seriously tho…THESE ARE HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Things I love : Ohana Photography, blue balloons, Hollister, rollercoasters, fun people & good blog captions :)) So basically I love everything about this post! This was full of fun & hotness. I am laughing so hard at the cations. Funny, I actually put my hands in the air when I was reading…then I saw the people on the rollercoaster…LOL. love the tourist guy. awesome. The "no smoking upside down" made my day. Please post that on Facebook. Thanks for a ton of Friday laughs! love you guys.

YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved every single one!!!

Love the shot of the pigeon flying past and the one in the water is sizzling hot!!

G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S – Love love love them!

One word…. HOT!

These are freaking amazing.

Hey Ohanas!!!! Well job done. LOVE these set of Engagement session. The couple looks like they have alot of "laughter" in their relationship, the way it should be. You were actually in my neck of town.

DOOD. WHERE'S THE FIRE??!?!? oh.. it's on this blog entry! danng… you guys are hella funny.. Me and Vaness laughed at almost every comment (well.. you know, the one's where you were being funny:)… LOVE that backlit O.E. holding up the balloon in the air shot… JUST LOVE IT.. ALL bout it… you guys are awesome. foreal.

You rocked the pier, man! The balloons and the light together are a magic potion by the ocean! Big laughs when I saw the shot with the Peeping Tom, and the shot with the pigeon is classic! Hope you had a great trip to LA!

Holy hotness on the OHANA blog!!! These are awesome! Seriously want to set something up with you guys for headshots. SERIOUSLY!

I love how this session moved from full out humor, to amazing love. How do you guys do this :-)

there are far too many TOP favorites here for me to recount. off the tipptop of my head — the one with the man in focus & they are blurred out kissing = pure awesomeness. i also LOVE the one with the two of them blurred out & the camera in focus on the ground in front of them. have i told you lately how much you guys rock?;)

These are so much fun!! Jason and I must come down to LA just for you to shoot us!!! Deal?
Oh, the pigeon shot is wicked! The man in the background shot cracked me up ;)

These are so fun! Love the balloons :)

I love the balloons! You guys are brilliant!

I love the cropped balloons shot!
I love the shot in the water!
I love your choice of locations!
I love this couple!
I love everything you guys do!

Are you serious?! Sexytime in Santa Monica! How do you always get the best most fun and hottest couples ever! I seriously cannot choose a favorite, but the first, second, third,fourth, fifth….. ;D Nope can't choose.

Can I come and be part of your photography family? Seriously…I'll pack my things up and move there right now. I love your work, I love your style!

They look like a fantastic couple to work with and jumpin in the water like that was awesome! Great color – great session!!

Um, all I have to say is that you guys are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!

fun photos, love the colors

I can't decide what I love more… the gorgeous couple, the fabulous shots, the commentary, or the half-naked man in the background.

These are amazing!! I love, love, love them! I know those are your words but I'm stealing them. I find myself smiling every time you leave blog love for me because you're so talented that it makes me feel warm and fuzzy when you like some of my work!

The balloons.. the color.. the personality.. the random large dude in the background… the laughter, the moments, the scenes, the stories, the compositions, the angles, the lighting, your narration…. everything is just absolute perfection. Your clients are truly blessed that you share your amazing talents with the world.

I love the pigeon shot, the "glamorous" shot and the balloons!!! You guys did such an awesome job!! So fun!

great photos! I love the use of balloons, good idea!!

#1 & #5 are hilarious! And OMG the ones under the pier are H-O-T! Great session, you guys!

These are SOOOO much fun!! You can feel the fun just exploding out:)

That lost shot is too hot!!

Amazingtastic shoot! I especially love the beautiful old man and the pigeons.

You guys inspire me every time!! Thanks for always kicking ass. :-)

I cracked up at the guy in the background–my friends and I are forever taking pictures like that on vacations. Haha!!

Oh my goodness, I love… As in capital L-O-V-E these!!! What a fun couple and totally fab shoot. You guys really rocked out some awesome shots!

i just made an awkward snortish laugh gurggle giggle at the onlookers in the kiss photo… the best!!!

The fun, bright colors are amazing!!!! I so want to go there!!

LOVE this session! The colors just pop and every shot is fantastic!

smokin HOTT!

seriously? can't speak…love all…super awesome/cool/ridiculous…fun…colorful. Yeah!

I am loving your blog! The colors and energy and hotness on this post is awesome! I bet Santa Monica didn't know what hit em!

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Holy smoking hot pics! These are awesome!

Love this session!

In love with the colors here and oh my lord the hotness in the water pics!