Andrea’s Prom

our good friend Peggy at Perfect Gathering Events put together a sweet little pre-prom party for andrea and her friends at the super cool Icon Building in downtown San Diego.

we started up on the roof overlooking Petco Park. The view up there is beautiful. andrea fit right in.

andrea and her gorgeous friends didn’t stay up on the roof long. peeking over the railing from that dizzying height was kinda scary, not to mention it was getting too chilly up there to be wearing nothing but a prom dress.

after packing in the elevator like sardines for the long ride down, it was time for some shots in front of the shimmer wall. isn’t that a song by oasis?

if it was a song it would be about how everyone standing near it looks amazing.

thank you peggy for having april and i out to capture part of this night. i love taking non-traditional prom photos!
hope everyone had an awesome prom.


What an awesome shimmer wall! I love the shots with the shimmer wall fo’ shizzle

So cool…those shots in front of the silver wall are awesome. Straight out of a music video:)

Ditto on the sweet wall – where can I get one of those??? :-) Fun stuff!

Love the shots with the super glamerous shimmer wall! So va va va voom! :)

The girls totally look straight out a video! Great shots!!

Wow! I think Puff daddy called, he said he wants his girls back!

Awesome shoot, I know they must have been stylin!

What an awesome idea! I love the reflective curtain, as the others do. You really made the girls stand out and look so beautiful. What a special night… I know they thnk that you are the grooviest!

1. Great shoot!
2. The Girls look fabulous!
3. That wall – what the? LOVE IT! I want one too!
4. The one on the roof… seriously … my knees got weak just looking at it… too high. Even though I’ve gone skydiving – I’ve still freaked out by heights!

Great JOB D&K! You goes are so freakin good.

Dude for real that back drop is crazy cool!!!! your guys flash work is so well balanced. Super jealous!!!!

Ah – great pictures for some lovely ladies! Excellent!

Dang, I am loving that shimmer wall! Can’t you just see Beyonce shaking her but in front of it in a video clip?! LOL.

Gorgeous images and gorgeous girls :)

How fun! I wish I had a pre-prom party! All the girls look beautiful! Love the shots of them against the shimmery wall!!!

All your pictures are just amazing! I just spent about an hour checking out your blog. Thanks for your blog love! And if your ever headed out to the salton sea again, shoot me an e-mail and I’d love to join you guys(it’s somewhat in my neck of the woods).

I need a shimmer wall in my house :) Love that shot of Andrea against it!!

I love the Icon and Skybox! Great shots1 So much fun! Great use of the bedazzled faux waterfall thingy.

Love the shimmer wall!!

hhhhhhhot! smokin’ images…. & talk about a killer wall!! great job as always!

You rockkkkkk yo! That shiny wall is cool!

Love the mirror wall!!

Dude you so ROCK!!!!! Loving that backdrop. But what else will come from David Baxter but slamming photos.

These girls look super-glamorous; I’m sure they’re stoked about these rock-star pics! Now I want a shimmer wall in my house. :-)

Love the shimmer wall! Awesomely fun prom shots!

Love the glammed out pics in front of the shimmer wall! Too cool!

Wonder Wall by Oasis? Great song… But I like your Shimmer Wall images even better!
Seriously… I think of Beyonce too. Lucky girls to have images from you like that. Stunning, as usual.

I got to get me one of those shiny walls. How fun!

I am so lovin’ the lighting for the shimmer wall shots, did you use a video light?. Super HOTT and Super Awesome Portraits. The portraits on the roof top beautiful!!!

Andrea and her friends are gorgeous!! you guys captured them beautifully!! They look amazing up on the roof! And, Yes, I want a shimmer wall too!!

ditto everyone about the shimmer wall… super SWEET! and what an awesome party, they all look fabulous :D

The shimmer wall was fab, but I love the picture of the girls with Petco in the background!! Very beautiful girls and awesome pics!

Wow! I’m loving the shimmer wall!!

I want a shimmer wall!!!! I love your very non-traditional take on prom pictures…you ROCK!


Holy cow! That shimmer wall is smokin’ :)

Love the shimmery wall, love all the girls in the group photo with the colorful dresses!
The individual images are ohhhh so perrr-ty.
Great as usual.

dang!! i love that shimmer wall!

All those beautiful girls and ONE dude?? Damn! He really hit the lottery! Great job guys!

This is such a rockin prom shoot… they look like they are in a music video!!!

Killer work David!

Again, just like my prom pics….except totally totally totally and completely better.


Love that shimmer wall! going to have to make me one! WOOHOO! Great way to celebrate prom!

FREAKIN AWESOME!!! These are some BEAUTIFUL people!!! I am so jealous, my PROM pics looked nothing like these, so cool & AMAZING…so beautiful & so flawless….these are breathtaking! you GUYS ROCK!!!!!!

PS…I LOVE THAT very disco-ish…ha.ha. GREAT PICS! How did you get the perfect lighting adjustments? Such cool reflection in the photos, great great shots!!!!!!!

thanks for the info. That wall is so very HOLLYWOOD…very creative shoot guys.

shimmer wall. reminds me of madonna! ha! :P

how lucky are these kids to have prom pics by you?! they’re going to be the envy of their friends!

How lucky, wish we had photo ops like these in my prom days :) Awesome job capturing the bling and star quality portraits with the sequin wall!

Oh my goodness!! These prom pictures are so beautiful and unique!!!! So different from the typical usual posed junk people usually get. The girls are amazing looking!!!

One word to describe these girls. Glamorous!!!


I want tha wall!!!! Very fabuluxe work!! :)