and the winner of our live forever story contest is…

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no, it’s not the story of rain launching from mammoth mountain and landing on april’s patella (and our canon 5d), although that is definitely a moment that will live forever. as you’ll hear, april and rain’s aunt yuki was kinda very excited to have caught it on video.

no children (or cameras) were severely or permanently injured during the filming of this stunt. ah, that’s one for the ohana scrapbook, but i digress!

and now, the winner of our tell us your “live forever” story is…

the beautiful and non-boring (see her about page)

BRANDI THOMPSON! (insert loud cheers here)

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congratulations brandi! your story really hit home for us. thank you so much for sharing, and for visiting our blog.

you have to tell us one more thing…

when you put you hand down our satchel, what prize did you pull out?

kim and i also thank the runners up runner ups runners ups joggers other awesome people that shared their story with us.

just to be different, let’s do this counter-clockwise starting at the bottom left.

thank you tammi! one of my best friends has a child with autism too. i’ve only gotten a glimpse of what you, and he, are coping with. i know it’s not easy, but i’m glad that awesome doctor cared enough and took the time to help you find the answers to at least some of your questions.

thank you ayumi! i’d love to say that i feel your pain, but lucky for me that’s not possible. god bless women for taking that bullet for us dudes.

thank you denise! your story made us smile. who needs film? when you have a moment like that, it lives forever in your heart. nice job on swiping the first one btw.

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Woo Hoo to the winners….awesome stories, wonderful people! Congrats!

Yay Brandi! Good live forever moment! :) (that Kodak video makes me cry everytime, btw….er…I mean, I coincidentally get a speck of dust in my eye everytime I happen to view that video)
Happy Monday! :)

YAY congrats!!! woo hoo!

Awwww yeah! Yay for the weiners! Great stories all the way around…hey is that a speck of dust in my eye? Indeed it is. :*)

pretty cool my friend!

I am a lame winner. HAHA. I love you guys! I actually tried to look at this on my phone when you first posted it but then I got interrupted and I forgot to come back. :( Thanks for choosing me <3 If I could come to Cali I would SO choose lunch with you fabulous sexy people but since I am unable to do that (for a while) can I choose the Sephora gift card? :D (PS: I am so embarrassed to see myself on your blog lol! I was like.. whoa that's me!)

Watched the video 5 times, Cole keeps asking ‘again please’ that was awesome! =)

Awesome, what a fun contest. Thanks!