and now presenting kelley and shane

i can’t even begin to say how fun kelley and shane’s wedding was! here’s a teaser of our photo booth. but before you go any further you’ve got to listen to THE HANKS shane is the amazing drummer for the band. we love all their songs but our personal favorites are SOMETIMES which is a great song with a fantastic video and BELIEVE. in this one shane is wearing a hat which has a bitchin’ story to it (yeah i just said that.) which i’ll tell you about in their wedding post.

meet kelley the smokin’ hot bride

on drums the incredibly handsome groom, shane

on vocals and lead guitar josh

on bass bryan

on keyboard phil

and here’s kelley’s rockin’ hot sister roxy from pixel2canvas we love you roxy!

thank you kelley and shane! we love you! goodnight!


hah! I love your guys’ photobooth. Such fun. :)

super fun awesomeness. you guys rock!

AWESOME photo booth!! Great props too!! Love it!

These are so hilarious!!

YEA BABY!!! I’m lovin’ the tease! And I fully expect to see that pic of me on your new business cards – screaming out OHANA just like that! *snerk*

Smoochies to all – you ROCK!!!
xoxoxo Foxy Roxie of P2C

SO RAD! Looks like a fun crowd!

Sooo stinkin fun! I love those big glasses too!! AWESOME!!

You know what? I get excited when my RSS alerts me that Ohana has posted a new post! :)

Just thought you needed to know that! ;)

Must say… it is really difficult not to hate you guys! YOU SUCK! I wish that someone would hate me because my work F’N ROCKED their world!!!

Everyone of these images make me feel something. That’s hard to do, but I’ll be damned if you didn’t do it! Suck on baby!

These are FANTASTIC!!!

that looks like sooo much fun!

OMG, you did an awesome job! I love these!

Yes! These are our friends and family! Yahoo! I LOVE LOVE LOVE these pics and cant wait to see the rest! Thank you so much! Mahalo! Kelley & Shane

Oh mercy!! Let me just say that again..OH MERCY!! What awesome photos these are! What a load of fun! :D

They are fabulous! Those sun glasses should be put in a time vault and brought out in 25 years time. I love the one of the girls and the hats, super cute!

These are all so fun! They are fantastic as always, guys! thanks for sharing them! ;)

These are awesome!!! I love the shots of the band and the kissing one where the boy looks like he’s trying to eat her face. Priceless!

The girl licking her teeth with the drink is hilarious! I laugh everytime I look at that shot! So funny!

lol so awesome.

fun fun fun fun!!!

love the color, props and expressions against the white wall.
very cool!

Love these!! I listened to the bands songs, and I love that song Believe! Love it!

You guys simply ROCK.

That is so AWESOME!

Again, only one word for these: FUN!!!! The “bass-Bryan” one and the first kids one and the last kids one are my favorites! Too fun! Hope you two are having a great weekend!!

I’ve just got to comment here!

Love the intro to the players in this post, well the whole thing actually, but especially the intro.

These photo booths are so much fun, every bride and groom needs one!

This is sooooooo much fun! Did you just create one with a plain backdrop? I’ve been wanting to do it!! A real crowd pleaser!!!! Not a dull moment in these images!! really great work!!! deb :)

You guys always Rock it!

How fun! They look like they are having a lot of fun in front of the camera! Love it!

WOW that looks like SO much FUN!

SO awesome. What a blast you guys must’ve had!!! So much fun, personality and color!!

sweet sweet sweet! you guys are….. well, sweet!

oh man. these are great. as i scrolled down i kept thinking “oh, that one’s my favorite … no that one’s my favorite …” i think the fourth from the bottom really is my fave. you guys are so fun.

the guy with the mickey mouse ears…yeah, priceless.

Hi David – I wanted to contact you and Kim again because I have been thinking about getting some good photos done of our family for Christmas.(I met you at Ryan and Zandra’s wedding). Also, I really want to refer you all – your images are just amazing! So, can you get back to me as to what your schedule is so that I can make an appointment with you? We can come to San Diego – maybe meet up at the museums at Balboa Park. Thank you in advance!

I love those big ass glasses and need a pair RIGHT NOW!

Super cool props for your booth! I want a picture :-P

What fun images….how did you set up your photo booth at the reception….I’ve been thinking about doing this as well….


I love the new photo booth! ….so much personality!

HOW FUN!!! You guys totally rock! Awesome!

HAHA these are the funniest pictures I have ever seen. Great work!

Sooooo awesome and hilarious to look at!!! Loves it!

SO much fun….and those BIG glasses are hilarious :))

OMG I think those are some of the greatest and funniest pictures I’ve ever seen!!! How fun was that?! Love it!

You guys rrrrock my world! You captured some radtastic images here!
These are better than any reception photo that ever lived! Rock on!
The grooms band’s music is very good!

The band is rad! They really sound like they were influenced by DC. Rad sound! The band shots are awesome! They should be their jacket liner pics!

Your photo booth is INSANE! look like FUN FUN FUN!!!!!! I am laughing so hard.

How cute is the bride in those glasses!! All of these are so full of life and fun!! The band shots are rad!