an afternoon with kelly for some family portraits in carlsbad ca

in keeping with my goal of catching up on my blogging, i present kelly’s really really ridiculously good looking family.

thank you so much kelly for having us over to photograph your beautiful family.


You are right this is a totally hot family! I really love 6, 7 and just adore 9.

Love these…. How awesome to have such cool family photos! My favorites are 5, 8, and 9 (stunning)!

Wow, what a gorgeous family! And can I just say, I am dying over those gorgeous sunglasses — me want some of those!

Nice Shots! Lovin’ that couch!

Lord, have mercy! Beautiful family and beautiful images…the one with the woman on the chair is my favorite!

MAN o MAN are these awesome. Gorgeous family!!


Holy-wish-I-could-fall-into-that-gene-pool! Gorgeous shots!

Uh, yeah…ridiculously good looking! Nice shots you guys! They are beautiful! :)

man, u guys totally rock at capturing hotness!!!

Hotties fo sho! and you totally rocked this fam session!

Hotness is definitely genetic! =)

Love it! Perfect family session! :) Oh and where do I send the bill for my melted laptop display?

WOW… smoking family! I really really ridiculously like your movie quote, but I’m surprised there are No Blue Steal faces?

These are fantastic.. you are right thats one gorgeous familia

I think beautiful is an understatement for this family – wow. Beautiful images!!

The chair-by-the window shot is smokin’!

Wow that is a ridiculously good looking family! And great shots as well :)

Wow, you were not kidding, what a FUN and beautiful family. I LOVE how you captured the two of them on the couch….and I LOVE how you made the one SINGLE young woman, with the brown hair, looking like a Model. Great shots!!!!!!

Wow total hotness! Talk about great genes. Love that couch. Great session!

Wow. Oh my gawsh!! What an awesome and beautiful family! I love love your post processing and just the composition, feel, is excellent!! <3 <3

Dang, that IS one gorgeous family!! Fabulous shots!

great work you guys. My favorite ones are No.4,5 and 8

Wow 8 and 9 are awe-sum!! If I looked that good I’d have you guys take my photos too!

You weren’t kidding! They are gorgeous beyond belief and seem to have great personalities to boot.

Love this set of family images, but my favorite is the one with their pooch. Adorable!

you guys rock! just found your blog, very pleased with the inspiration you’ll provide!!!

sssssmmmmmokin’!!!! what a beautiful family! :D

Wow, it must be hard having to take family portraits like these ;) They are so hot that even their dog is a natural in front of the camera!

dang yeah this family is smokin! haha even the dogs are prettyfied :P

These are fantastic!!! I adore the shot of the girl with the scarf and sunglasses. Your lighting is super in every shot!

OMG….they are rediculously beautiful. Great shots guys. I love the light and the casual-ness (if that’s a word) of this shoot!

love these! 6 has to be my fave, cause i love doggies! the 5th one i like a lot too – it looks like it would be on the cover of soap digest (in a good way)!! :)

No kidding there are some good looking peeps in this family! Kick ass portraits as usual :)

Awesome set — and I’m a sucker for those high angle portraits… the eyes just POP dude!

Your photography is beautiful! Wonderful set but I really love that scarf photo, it’s gorgeous!

Geez…these are fantastic. Yes, crazy-good-looking family. Nice genes…fantastic location. Gotta love Carlsbad ;) Stunning as always!!

Seriously, what a beautiful fam!

Gorgeous! Always gorgeous!

These are awesome!

These are serious rockin family photos!