amanda’s boudoir session teaser

i know some eyebrows raised right there when i said the “b” word. boudoir.
what does that word mean to you?
i’ll answer my own question by saying that, to me, boudoir means confidence, expression, art, beauty.
i know these are not for everyone. it takes a lot of trust and professionalism, on both sides of the camera, to do this kind of session.
all my potential clients should know that my view on boudoir is identical to my view on trash-the-dress sessions or any other kind of session that we do. they’re not meant to be trashy or distasteful in any way. they are about focusing on you and creating a beautiful work of art that you can be proud of.
as stated, this post is just a teaser. I have more images from this session and will be sharing them soon.





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great shoots as always.. very cool

ok, totally amazing!!!! AmAzInG!!!!

Call me closed minded, which I am sure I would be considered in the art world, but boudoir to me = my hubby would not be assisting me that day.

But with that said…these are gorgeous and so beautifully done. Seriously…top quality and smokin hot!
Color is amazing, her positioning I love, her makeup and how clear the shots are.. WONDERFUL! I am so impressed!

Teach ME Teach Me!

These are AMAZING! You have captured everything it means to be sensual without “exposing” anything! Beautiful work and very inspiring!

Hot. Beautiful. Sexy. Un-freakin’ real. These are absolutely PERFECT! Beautiful, beautiful work! Let’s see MORE!!!!!!! :)

Wow, great images. I especially like the first and the last ones as these seem the most natural to me.

You da man!

Stunning. Her and the photography:)

Wow! As everyone else has already said these are awsome.

These are absolutely beautiful! Her eyes are amazing!

I’m utterly gobsmacked by that first shot!!! Duuuude…gotta show me more!!

Shutup!!! These are off the charts!!!

Wow! Gorgeous work! I just found your site and I’ll definitely be checking in on you regularly. I didn’t make it to WPPI this year, but hopefully I’ll be there next year and I can buy you a drink. Dig it!

WOW. Stunning photographs! Great job!
I have yet to do a boudoir shoot, but it looks like you guys had a great time!

BEAUTIFUL!! To say it in one word. The lighting rocks.
Great job man lets see the rest of them.

WOWZA! I think I drooled a little on my keyboard!

Oh my gosh! Your work is so amazing! I just love all of these shots. I wish I looked that good and had the courage to do something like that!


wow! these pictures are rockin! seriously rockin!

Killer images David. These are stunning!

These are so awesome!!!

Are you serious???! These are out of this world gorgeous!

dude the light is perfect. -Aaron

Don’t be afraid to say the b word.
Here, I will do it for you nice and loud: BOUDOIR BOUDOIR BOUDOIR!!!

David, who cares if some raise their eyebrows. We create art and if art offends some, so be it. Life goes on.

These are stunning! She is beautiful. My favorite is the first one.

And how on earth did i miss meeting you guys at wppi? Argh.


Those pics are AMAZING!!! It is so funny cause I was just wondering to myself why you had not done “boudoir” pics yet. I guess you have and they are awesome. I would love to see the rest of them. Hopefully one day I will be confident enough to have you do some of me. Great gift for the hubby. Always love to check out your site – keep up the GREAT work!

Love you guys, Renee

Hi Kimmie,

I love your site and the pictures are beautiful and very creative. My husband and of course I were very impressed. Your husband, you and daughter do an awesome job. My husband is curious as to the type of camera or camera’s you guys use. If you can disclose that secretive info…lol
He also told me to tell you guys that you have skills!!
thank you again for the info.

I LOVE the clarity in her eyes in every image. Honestly, that’s where my eye is drawn first. These are very beautiful and tastefully done!

Gorgeous in every way!

no way, you were at the kiss house???? that’s where we stayed all week!!! sad we missed you there too!

sweet shots man!

Beautiful. And so is the fact that you got 43…nay…44 comments so far.

Thank you for all your recent help, dude. Yer the man!


all of these are hot! The second is a killer, smokin, great work

Beautiful as usual! It’s what I’ve come to expect from you guys:) You always provide a new fresh look!


This boudoir session is STUNNING! This had to b that 85 1.2 glass. Don’t have it yet… but dying to have it. The composition on these are amazing and make her look great. I am so excited I have a new blog to stalk ;) Thanks so much for finding me!

Well for me, Boudoir means an old Hollywood glamourous style bedroom with lots of deep rich colors, red & wine velvets, silks and maribou feathers, chandeliers dripping with crystal prisms, and pillows strew about! But…that’s just the interior decorator coming out in me, lol! :-)

Seriously, these are very tasteful, elegant and Playboy doesn’t have anything on you! The model is gorgeous, the lighting is heavenly and the photographers are brilliant! Need I say more???

Oh yes just one one more thing…Happy Easter to you, and yours!

So unreal! These are stunning images. Oh how I wish I had the confidence to do one of these!


Just when I think that it isn’t possible for you to get any better…
holy smokes. Your post-processing… I’m amazed.

If you ever do a workshop, let me know. Seriously.

I’m sad that I missed you too! I’m hoping it won’t be the last chance, though:)

I was so amazed, I forgot to comment on what boudoir means to me!
Well, if I were to shoot one, it would be tasteful and beautiful… images for a bride’s husband. These are sexy, yet tasteful and beautiful– in my opinion, what it should be. You said you have more, and maybe those are more scandalous;) I’m not into tasteless, overly-sexy pics, with fake, over-done, trying-too-hard poses. Everything you do has taste, so I’m sure even the ones you’re not showing are gorgeous.

wow! these are really really amazing!!!

Gorgeous shots!!

Tssssssssssssss…. sizzlin’ hot! These are FABuloUS!

Okay, I know I’m a little late on posting…but seriously?
David…these are AWESOME! The first one is just so, so amazing. What a beautiful girl…and you did a fantastic job capturing her! Okay…I’m gonna go look at the next post now. Ha ha! Have to go in order!!! ;)

Hi, that first photo of Amanda is STUNNING! I’d kill for a shot like that of myself!

Okay so cn you teach me to photograph like you???? One WORD… Bella!


No other words. Talk about right out of a magazine!


Super Hot stufff Love this images

Unbelievable. The composition and clarity on these are perfect. Your processing is really cool as well. Nicely done.

David.. It was great meeting you again in Vegas…
This images is awesome !! Nice Stuff… Tooo damn sexy :)

These are AMAZING!!!

Fantastic Job on this session. Were you with the Boudoir Divas, out of curiousity? Fantastic work.

Seriously gorgeous job!