alisa and matt’s wedding at the grand del mar in san diego

i am super stoked to do this post!
why, you ask.
because it features one of the hottest couples on the planet!
alisa and matthew kicked off our 2009 wedding season at THE GRAND DEL MAR right here in sunny san diego. it was the perfect day, at the perfect location, with the perfect couple, for the perfect intimate wedding.
Yes, it was that perfect. :)
see for yourselves.
we present to you, alisa and matthew.

and their son, Kingston. isn’t he precious? this is one of his GQ poses with iPhone in hand.

alisa’s smile makes us smile. can you tell she’s happy to be married to matt? :)

alisa and matthew’s combined hotness nearly burned down the library.

the rings just had one thing to say.
do i dazzle you?

thank you so much alisa and matthew. you set the bar extremely high for 2009 (or any other year for that matter). you are both wonderful wonderful people and we could not be happier for you. congratulations! may you both have a long happy life together.
we also want to send a warm and very sincere thank you to your family and guests. everyone, and i mean everyone, was so kind and very patient while we stole you away for pictures.
while we’re handing out thank you’s, we want to also send a BIG one out to your pal and ours, jennifer. without her, we would have never met. mahalo jennifer!!


Just beautiful.

Love how you set the mood. Awesome stuff.

Love, love, love these images!!

ugh!!! these are SSSSSSSOOOOOO goooooooood!!!!!!!!! and the BABY! omg, the BABY!!!!!! love these so so so much. all of them!

FABULOUS!!!!! The portraits of them at the top – spot on! Incredible images!! Great, great job!!

These look so classic. I love it. :)

hot couple is right! these are amazing! and the rings do dazzle me! couldn’t stop staring =) you guys rock!

Such a great feel to these! They are a smoking couple too, and Kingston…adorable!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome as always! Have a schweet weekend!

You guys rocked this one! They truly are a hot couple and the colors are deep. Great emotion and love the interaction. Such a cute kid, too!!

Great job to all of you. Hope to see you soon!


Um…amazing! You guys…over the top! Seriously…what a way to start out the year! Hot!!!

Oh my dear LORD these are incredible! That first and last image would look so awesome on canvas! So hot!

Wow!! Stunning set of photos. I love all of them.
– Brianna

just stunning!!!!! wowowow!!!!

Wow! They are a gorgeous couple and you did amazing work! The baby?? Too precious!


Love it! I love the piano shots…reminds me of Pretty Woman! :)

Dude, love the bling shot fo sho!

Very chic wedding guys! I have to say its a good thing baby Kingston lives on the other side of the country because I just want to keep him and kiss all over those adorable baby cheeks. All baby lovin’ aside… very intimate and cool wedding.

Yo Baxter you rocked the house on these….absolute smoke.

these are wonderful my fav is the one with him looking at her and she is blurred in the right side of the shot he is sitting it has rich tones.. just stunning.. well they all are..

I love all the amazing lighting! Way to rock it!

HOT for sure!!! What a BEAUTIFUL family and a fabulous wedding:)!!!!!

This is my favorite wedding that I’ve seen from you guys! Wow!

what a great way to start my monday! I love it love it love it love it! These pics are stunning@

love the shot of their son…and of course all the others are simply breathtaking…

Great shots as always!! I LOVE the shot on the piano! WOWZERS!

Beautiful! Gorgeous! Hot!!! Need I say more? I will anyways…absolutely stunning couple! Kingston is adorable too! Congratulations!

He has that attractive rough around the edges look….and her a strong independant greek princess look. That couple is gorgeous together!

Your images rock my socks off! Every photographer has their own sense of style. When I think ‘Baxters,’ I think magazine style in wedding photos.
Yummy stuff always!

Way to start off the wedding season!! What I love about your blog posts is that every photo is so unique from the one before it – each one is a total work of art! Such a sexy couple and such beautiful images!

Definitely a gorgeous couple… and totally killer images! Love the rich colors. What a great start to the season! :)

Nice Job… Very sexy!!! :)

Epic images, man! Total respect for the work you put into each and every one. In the words of J.J. Walker: “Dy-No-MITE!”

NO WAY! lol I love these. Especially pics 2, 7, 12, 13, 19 and 22!!

Magazine photos for sure! When will I be seeing these in Vogue! I can’t get over the pic of the almost kiss, love the piano one’s too! These are so steamy it’s melting my screen! Who knew San Diego Wedding Photographers could shoot such fashionista photos!

Awesome, awesome, awesome. If I had to pick a fav it would be #10 but they are all fantastic.

Ummm…..hotties!!!!! These are awesome shots, love the dark steamy vibe too. Hot Hot Hot!

Simply Stunning! I love the shot of Kingston! What a beautiful family!

I love it ! Dude you are rocking it out!

Spicy!! These are great photos. Love them!

Great work you guys, but I wouldn’t expect anything less!

I’m way behind on my blog stalking. :-( Glad to see you’ve continued to kick ass in my absence!! These are h-o-t-t. Really hot. Love the sitting-on-the-floor-kissing shot and the first one in the gazebo thingy, the bouquet shot is beautiful, and of course your ring shot is spot on. And OH MY that baby is so cute!!!

oh my gosh…I have so many favorites. Every shot is BEAUTIFUL!!! Such a romantic & sexy couple and you guys captured them perfectly. Super WOW on these pics.

Why do you guys rock so freakin’ hard. This may be my favorite set from you – which is saying a lot!

dood – I found myself saying “dang” every two pictures. Seriously – not just the couple, cuz they are FIIYAH, but you guys are seriously bringin the heat – Your style is beyond compare. Foreal. I jock this. You guys are AWESOME. Seriously. I have friends of mine look at your blog so often to check some of the most fresh and unique styles around. LOVE IT.

This whole set is amazing! LOVE the flower shot!

ahhhhh!!!! these are crazy beautiful! love the shot of the reflection of them on the floor.

Wow, you really do have the most hot couples around!

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