alex and danielle’s virgin islands wedding teaser

St Thomas wedding US Virgin Islands by Ohana Photographers


God that’s gorgeous!!!!! Thats gotta be what Heaven looks like!

This is a major tease! I can’t wait to see the rest of them! This shot is freakin awesome.

Now THAT is sweet! Can’t wait to see the rest. Better not take long! :)

This shot is thee bomb!!!!Mad skeeelz guys!

AHHHHHHHHHHHH I want to be there right now! Can’t wait to see more!!

aaaah! your images are like crack. i want more!!!

Oh MAN that looks like fun. I need to do some floating in crystal clear tropical water one of these days…

As Liz Lemon once said: “I want to go to there!”

Way to make me jealous!

I could use a little rest and relaxation! Cant wait for the rest!

I was instantly mellowed my that photo…ahhhh…then my kids started screaming. Thanks for the tiny moment of pretend relaxation.

That looks like some serious west and wewaxation. :)

oh man, i cannot WAIT to see the rest. you guys are awesome.

jealous! great pic! post more now! ;)

LOVE that shot.

oooh that water looks fabulous. I wish I could go for a swim :) Can’t wait to see more!!

shut up! is this for real?! or am i dreaming right now?that photo is heaven on earth, some yummy yummy goodness to be sure!
you guys continue to awe and insire me :)

*sings* “Islands in the stream, that is what we are, ……..”

Care to share more? I care to see!

OMG…. that location is TO DIE FOR!!! Look at that water! Any clearer and it’ll look like drinking water! :) Show us some more puhleeeease! :D

holy-moly that’s awesome. Great tease… //enoch

are you kidding me?!!!? wow, just wow. amazingness =)


WOW! cant wait to see the rest. HURRY UP!

Yummy! Waiting…Patiently for more

Hey guys, I haven’t been to your blog in awhile and I can’t believe I am missing out on such amazing imagery!
I am LOVING your posts, keep rocking it out…miss you both, xo.

Hey.. I wanna be there… wonderful shot

so good it physically hurts me :( i want to be there too dangit!! awesome shot! :)

Gimme gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme MORE

Um. Yea…. I could totally hang there for like EVER!!!! Must see more!

Love this photo! makes me wanna swim! great shot!


yah i am just gonna say it it must have sucked being in the virgin islands. Weather was crappy and sunny and beautiful. Dude you guys are gonna blow up like crazy i can just feel it.


WOW!!!!!!! can’t wait to see the rest.

Stop teaseing! I can’t wit to see them!

Oh wow.. I am so jealous and I dont even know how to swim… Can’t wait to see more…

I need to catch my breath!

OMG, absolutely gorgeous!! This photo makes me want to dive right into my monitor. Can’t wait to see MORE!!

OMG…I’m jealous!!!

Why would you tease us like that and not post more NOW?? I’m dying to see the rest!


Ummm the word jealous does not even begin to describe what I’m feeling!! haha :) Can’t wait to see more!


Better buy my tickets in advance on Fandango to see this one! Looks fantastic!! Love what you do to get the shot, friend!

Looks like heaven to me!

yikes I feel like I could just jump into that water right now! can’t wait for the rest!!!

These are fantastic! :D I love softball. It’s one of my favorite sports. That team looks great! Lots of fun there. :D

Oh my goodness!


Looks like I’m not the only one doing some teasing!! I’ll hurry up if you will!! ;)

dang. I wanna just do that – I need a vacation. haha..

love this shot. I want to be in that water!!!!

Hawaii wedding next!!! I want to get married in Hawaii and I want Ohana to do our photography!
Ok, we plan on getting married in Hawaii in the next few years, perhaps Maui or Oahu not sure yet, but you guys are our photographers when that happens!