Agnes & Paul Engagement Session Teaser

you’re probably asking yourself, why would Ally drive all the way from l.a. to the salton sea (by herself) to meet up with our ohana and end up in a position like this. Ally doesn’t sink knee deep in toxic sludge for just anyone.

she was trying to get a shot of the latest smoking hot couple to hire us, agnes and paul.
agnes and paul will be getting married in july and we talked them into doing their engagement session out at the salton sea (before it get’s as hot as the sun and smells like a cat food factory). Ally needed little convincing to join us for the shoot. we got a ton of rad images (that will be posted as soon as i can catch my breath) so be sure to check back soon. happy cinco de mayo everyone!



Poor Ally!!!! :)

show me more…. show me more!!!

you know, Id trudge throw toxic sludge to hang out with your Ohana too ;) ALL the way from New England ;)

Really, now. Is it not better to be ignorant of the Ohana goodness than to be teased by such a small offering as this? Why, oh why, must you torture us? :-)

Oh my goodness!!! That looks so disgusting! Although looking at that super gorgeous couple, I think I’d trudge through that too. I’d also LOVE to shoot and hang out with your OHana who always seems like the “Party Ova Heah”
Can’t wait for more pictures!!

I don’t want to know what she sank into, but to get images like the sample would be totally worth it!! Post more!

OMG – the salton sludge!!! I hope you at least offered to pay for the penicilin shots the poor girl is going to need! Hey, at least the shots are smokin’ hot!! Can’t wait to see more!

oh my goodness! i can’t wait. they are smokin….

Nooo! I want more now…pleeeease

ooooh…! show us more!

I feel so bad for her! I get she got some rockin pics tho! Wowee what a smoking hot pair!! Can’t wait for more!!!

Wow, super impressed by your website,mostly super impressed by the beautiful words youve written about your family, and of course your pictures.
I’ve found the man of my dreams and we are completely a pair of children looking at your pictures, you both capture that, with your kids and your wedding photos. I would love to have your Ohana capture our wedding- so I guess we can chat more about particulars. Can’t wait!

I’m guessing you used some sweet lighting outside! It’s on my list of things-to-do! ROCK ON DUDE!


Looking forward to seeing the rest!

Not that’s dedication to doing whatever it takes to get the shot! :)

dude I love the lighting on this shot I can’t wait to see the rest, you rock dude. I sure hope ally is ok.

Can’t wait for the rest, the Salton Sea sounds pretty cool! Looking forward to them!

i love that you use the word “rad”!

Quit yer teasin’ and post some more pics!!! They’re gonna be good, I can tell. :)

hhhhhhot! ;)

Hey there! It was SO GREAT to meet you and Kimi this weekend. I can’t wait to see the pictures :D I also can’t wait to see how the OneLight went. Be assured – I will be blog stalking!!

Ewwww, that sludge looks disgusting, at least she didn’t get it on her Shootsac! Having said that, it was a good price to pay to be able to get that shot of Agnes and Paul!

Ooooh…I’m looking forward to the images!!!


this is days late but my heart is still full!!

thank you sooooo much for asking me to go with you guys!! It was everything I could have thought and soooo much more!! lol!! I had so much fun with you and your fam!! I truly love shooting with you guys!
Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions and wk with me during the shoot!! and for sparing cold fresca and water!! :) hit the spot!

The most important thing though is that that message totally made my day, week, life!! It was so nice and encouraging funny and I really appreciated it! I’m glad I could help with the shoes!! anytime!! :) I really really really appreciate your guys lovin!! I feel so blessed to have you as friends and fellow photographers!! Thanks for all your help and knowledge and I look forward to everything to come!!
Anytime you need help shooting or just want someone to come along…
you didn’t scare me off so just give me a holla!! :)

and I did get to check out april’s blog.. and I loved it!! she’s so talented and it’s so cool to see through her eyes at the same shoot I was at!! so great!!

all in all i really like you guys and i’m so happy to know you and be able to wk with you!

way mushy but so true!!

I’ll be talkin/seein you all soon!!


Sick!!!!! That picture of the couple is Great!!!!

LOVE THIS SHOT! Is that Sun and off camera flash? love love love!

Wow! You completely made my day commenting on my blog. I must admit I’ve been one of your blog stalkers for a while….so to see that comment, I was giddy! :) I love your work, it continues to amaze me!!!

Love that image I can’t wait to see the rest! You guys are so amazing!

What an awesome shot – can’t wait to see more, dudes!

Oh golly! You have been in Photographer la la land for ages now!!! When do I get some? I guess I might just have to make a trip to AHOLA land to get some eh?

I just spent like an hour on your blog going through all your images…do you guys ever sleep???!!! ;) lol

Love it, can’t wait to see more
-Melissa E Earle

Ewwwwww! That sludge looks disgusting!! Can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures! :)

Following the trend of all the comments above; I can’t wait to see more!!! Paul and I had a great time shooting with you guys. It was his first photo-shoot and I think he did so well because all of you were so amazing!

I guess we’ll just anxiously wait to see the rest; but so far (with this photo, April’s pictures and Ally’s photo on her site) we’re more than impressed!! By far this was the best purchase we’ve made for our wedding! (well… besides my dress haha)

Looking forward to our other shoots =)
God Bless

Agnes and Paul

more! more! you tease! :)

Wow what an insanely hot pic! Love that light and their looks. If they aren’t models they should be. Come on post some more up!!! Great work again guys!

you guys always make me smile! …can’t wait to see the rest!

I want to see more!!! Gorgeous couple, I can’t wait to see what you guys created!

silly ally. tricks are for kids.

OK so like Alley said I will take it and love it but I WANT MORE! So catch up already.

ooh I’m way jealous, can’t wait to see more, love salton sea area images. Great capture here

in the words of our favorite pseudo commercial:
“oops I just crapped my pants!”
because this image is un freaking real!!!


now gotta go clean up…

Wow! No fair! Say NO to teasers! We want the pictures!!!! They are awesome already!

hilarious…hey, but worth it for that photo. NICEEEEE! love the yummy light here.

gorgeous shot and gorgeous couple!!!!

Teasers are just cruel! HAHA! JK. Love this image, of course!!!

It was so worth getting dirty, wow i love the shot!! Sexy couple!!