abigail on mammoth mountain

while david is shooting a wedding in point loma , i’m gonna make a post, kim style, with twice the catch phrases and none of the stupid puns :)

that’s what she said! stay classy san diego! whammy! go ahead, make my day. use the force luke.

fact: i think i’m hilarious.

in all seriousness, while at mammoth lakes we got to shoot the cutest. baby. ever. billy and cynthia’s daughter abigail, who has beautiful eyes and her hair smells like cinnamon.

now i have a machine gun. ho. ho. ho. okay, that was the last one. hasta la vista baby.


Can these be any more perfect! Her little snowy hands look so cold. I was glad to see her dad (that was her dad, right?) warming them up. Time to get me some cocoa! :D And, um. I like your humor! We need more of that on these blogs. :D *Cooooo-keee Coooo-keee* (that’s my Darth impression. As good as I can do over the computer. :D)

Oh my, could she be ANY cuter?? I LOVE the shots where she is reading the book!!

These are AWESOME!!
Makes the snow look fun! :) I guess I have just had a little too much of it this winter! Maybe I just need a big pink snowsuit! She seems to be enjoying the snow!
What a cutie! And every shot is fantastic as ALWAYS!!

lol! I love your sly postings!

Ohmigosh! How cute is she??? I love the contrast of her pink outfit with the white snow. Beautiful set, Kimi!

What a cutie patootie!!! Love her furry jacket.. Hehe.

oooooh!!! she is wow omg so freakin CUUUUUUUUUUTE!! i love the fist shot of her, and well, all of them really!! in the one where she’s playing with the beads, her little face reminds me of MY sweet lil girl!! fact: i concur – you are hahahalarious!

She is ADORABLE!!! These are super images!

Ohmygosh, she is completely squishable!! I especially loooove the first couple of shots and the book series.

First of all, this little girl is so cute!! You guys got some really great angels. She looked so adorable in her ski outfit!

Second of all… Kimi, you are the ying to my yang. Yes, I said Yang. In all seriousness, “you’re stupid”, no..” you’re stupid” no…. What.. who? Ok, I’m done and retarded! :)

Oh my WORD! She is ADORABLE! Great captures…

She’s cute as a button. Though it looks sooooo cold!

ummmm i know those people on yout header!!! :) dude she is ab solutely a cutie!! love the shot of her reading the book and the black and white at the bottom. SO good guys……………SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good!!!

How adorable is she in her pink ski outift! Her chubby cheeks and cupid lips are so so so freaking gorgeous! I’d love a little girl like her so bad!

You are so funny Kim! You should post more. Love the one with the family on the snow!

OMG – her cheeks!!! She is drop dead adorable.

PS – Thanks for the blog comment.

Love the animated shot, sooooooo unbelievably cute!!!

OH MY…the second to last one is divine! I just love them all. She has so so many expressions.

WHAT a doll!!!!!
I absolutely adore the one of her sitting reading the book with her shoe in the foreground.

she is truly a doll! i love all the mood & feelings to the images…you can really get a sense of her personality. absolute awesomeness. :D

Don’t you just LOVE those coats on the kiddos? Forgot about y’all getting snow in Mammoth. We are getting a ton here in Ohio. It was in the neagtives for a couple of days here- too cold even to go out in it and capture it. Happy New Year!

Oh My Gosh.. could she be seriously any cuter.. and you are hilarious.

wow thats a snow cave!

what a cutie. why is it that kids never seem to be cold in the most extreme temperatures?

love her pink coat…she was workin it in that snow! ;)

First and foremost, fabulous images!! She’s such a little darling. She reminds me of Shirley Temple with her pouty little mouth and sweet eyes. Love these!

Oh my!!! How adorable!! The kissy face one is KILLING me!!There is nothing more that makes me smile that looking at kids laughing and playing! Great job!

could her snowsuit be any cuter? How fun it was to view these. Made me feel like I was right there with her playing in the snow!!!


What a beautiful images!

Love the way you process your images..


She is impossibly adorable!! Those shots in the snow are just too cute!

Oh my gosh, she is ADORABLE!!! I just want to hug her in her little snow suit, she’s too cute for words. That first shot has to be my fav – but they are all so awesome!! :-)

Love these! She is so adorable. Love all the angles.

Oh these are just too awesome, too cute for words really!

kim your words are hilarious~

Gorgeous images, beautiful girl and love her little pucker lips!

What a cutie! I just wanna pinch those cheeks! :) I love the pics of her reading. Absolutely adorable!

WOW! Talk about cute!

She is such a cutie! Love the snow pictures!

how cute….

Umm.. just the most squishable bubba ever… :)

Oh.. and love the new logo guys!! ;)

I love everything you’re doing.

Stumbled onto your blog while searching for the least generic prom photos I could find. My mission had “Fail” written all over it until I saw the sparkling wall. Gorgeous shots! Of everything!

Love the concept, love the work. Rock on!

cutie pie… love’n that bright coat in the white snow…

She is a complete cutie! I loved her lil pink snowsuit and the series is so fun! My fav is the one with all of the beaded necklaces on…so sweet.

She is soooooooo cute!

SO cute! I want to shoot in snow! haha…guess I won’t have the chance for that for a few years. Great shots!

Too darn adorable! Dig that shot especially of her reading the gigantic book! “Smells like cinnamon” = classic!

She’s adorable!!! You guys captured her so well!

OMG – I have never seen a cuter kid!! She’s ADORABLE!!

OMG, I want to squeeze those cheeks! How ridiculously cute is she?! Great job capturing that personality too!!

ADORABLE!!!! wow she is too cute and the photos are amazing, as usual! I love them all, but especially love the one where she is getting her hands warmed up…ahhhhhh, sweet!

She is so adorable! Those cheeks and the little heart shaped lips! I really would love to have a little girl one day….Maybe. Great post Kimmi :-)

OMG! Is this little one serious with this amount of adorable? I can’t get over her and these amazing pictures! There are so many different feelings captured in these shots. One day when I am blessed with a little one – will you take his/her picture? :)

I think I just melted at her complete cuteness!!! Those cheeks…… those lips…… the way her hood frames her chubby cheeks….. I’m in love (don’t tell Bella, she will be jealous!)

GREAT photos guys!!!