a pint of cardiff, a swig of swami’s, a pitcher of encinitas, and one drunk guy

kimberly and cory’s engagement session was going to be ALL business, so we planned to meet at the office in cardiff.
following are the minutes from our meeting.

first item on the agenda… sexy business.

next, we opened it up to a round table discussion.

things became heated when kimberly and cory began biting at each other.

common ground was reached and we got down to a little fun business…

which led back to some more sexy business. seeing a pattern here? :)

in the middle of our meeting cory pulled kimberly aside for a private conference. whatever he said was met with great enthusiasm and…

a binding arrangement between the two was made.

as with nearly every business meeting there is always someone that feels left out. someone who just wants their voice to be heard. in this attendee’s case, he just wanted us to see the wet spot on his shirt that came from an undisclosed liquidy source of wetness. don’t ask, don’t tell bro :)

sidebar, i wish this blog had smell-o-vision. i hope this dude made it home safely. his walking skills at the time looked questionable at best.

but, uh, back to the session at hand. perfection is perfected, so i’m ‘a let ’em understand.

our minutes come to a close
with a shot of kimberly and cory’s toes,
the sun setting in the west
our time spent, the best.

thank you kimberly and cory for sharing some of your favorite san diego spots with us. one of our favorite things about going to places that mean something to our couples is the chance to see where our couples met, fell in love, and spent so many fun days together. the local flavor is always a sweet added bonus too :) we love that stuff! seriously.
can’t wait for your wedding at the inn at rancho santa fe in san diego!


These are fabulous, love the one of her pulling his face in for a kiss…absolutely beautiful!!!

Whatever that red thing was, it was beautiful…it seems they could not keep their hands off one another…

Hottie alert! Wow this session is hot hot hot! I love the first pic and the one with the pool table and the private conference one okay, all are fabulous!

You certainly can tell how much into these two are with each other! The peeping tube thingy and the silhouette shots are so cool! As always I leave your blog full of inspiration!

Smell-o-vision, huh? This couple is just amazingly gorgeous! I love the "fire" shared between them. I love the first BW!

HOT STUFF! The last 2 are favs!

i can't tell you how much i enjoy your sessions. they always have so much personality & humor in them as well. these 2 are definitely hot for each other and you certainly showed their passion!

hee hee hee drunk people are funnee! i love the thru the window one annnnnd the kissin ones annnnnd…. oh the feet!! great shoot all around! per your usual!

AWESOMENESS!!! Another creative, fun, HOT session!

Ugg… my last comment didn't take. This sessions rocks!! The first image gave me goosebumps (so full of emotion/powerful mood). What cool clients! And the drunk guy…awesome!! You're clients seemed to deal with it well too. Classic.
I'm missed you guys. My move has hindered my blogging…I need to get on that better. Awesome work as always!

Image 11 is flippin beautiful! Great session!!!!

So many awesome shots! Super sexy as always and a big LOL @ drunk guy.

Dude I told my brother to leave ya'll alone! He never listened to me when we were kids, so what's new? ;)
Love the stuff in the construction zone! :)

Oooooh, I love how you bring out the sexy in every couple! Love the shots!!!

Love it Ohana!!!

Sooooo awesome! The tunnel vision shot is still the awesomest! And the DRUNK! You guys get the most random photobombers!

hey man, cool shoot u r still putting out some awesome work, "a moment in time" dean

You guys did an AWESOME JOB!!! Thank you for a wonderful and fun photo session! I cannot wait for you to shoot our wedding! :)

first item on the agenda : for you to be freaking awesome. Amazing session!

David, I love your work!!! Everytime I look at your photos it inspires me to get back into photography. Even though i will never be as good as you. I LOVE YOUR WORK!!! Your whole familys work!! You are blessed!! Thank you for sharing your tallent with the world! :-)

These are stunning – great captures with the drunk dude. Brilliant images.

sexy shoot!

FUN Session!!! Oh, and Cardiff is our old stompin' grounds. Gotta love the Office ;-)

Super cute couple! I love that you guys always bring sexy and fun to all your pictures! 6 and 7 are my favs and I really love the shot with the Encinitas sign too. Great shoot once again!

Wow! This couple could most definitely give "how to kiss for pictures" lessons. Hotttt!
Gorgeous job, Ohana folks!

number two and number second to last are my faves! So good -awesome couple!!!

wow, love this session guys! And I totally agree, being able to go somewhere with a couple for their engagement session that MEANS something to them makes for such awesome and personal images!! And of course you guys know how to ROCK any location!!

KILLER silhouette! Love how uninhibited this couple is and how you always manage to bring out that quality in your couples! You consistently rock the candids!

Love them! But especially the cuddly ones and the red tunnel one! Booyah!

This is one fantastic session guys! That first shot had me!!

These were alot of fun to look through with the story. Loved the one where he took her aside, graffiti wall. But then again, I couldn't quite pick out just ONE, they were all great.

One word comes to mind looking at this couple…FUN! I have so many favorites but I do like those last one as the sun sets. WOW.

Beautiful!!! I love the Highway 101 one (I'm planning to drive down the 1 in Feb! <3) And the last silhouette one is gorgeous.

very sexy shoot! so many fun areas and textures. LOVE it!

hot! sexy! i love it! love the 2nd one. And that wierd guy is hilarious =)

Love the concept! Simple and romantic. Great job!

Once again Ohana you brought the creativity and beauty! This session says so much about who this couple is. I love that about your photography! Beautiful couple obviously in love! The bar shots and the donut, the sexy hand on the thigh YOWZA! My fav is the red tube and the dip!

[…] having us along kimberly and cory. we loved every minute with you, from the surprise guest at your engagement session in encinitas, to the office, vg donuts, and your entire wedding day. you are a truly beautiful couple and we […]

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[…] having us along kimberly and cory. we loved every minute with you, from the surprise guest at your engagement session in encinitas, to the office, vg donuts, and your entire wedding day. you are a truly beautiful couple and we […]

These are so sexy!!! I love this session!