a day at Mission Beach with the Nicholson Ohana

aloha friends. meet the nicholson’s. another laid back, super cool, southern california family. our good friend nely, along with debbie, gordie, corey, tyler, and “alex”andria met us at one of our favorite local spots, Belmont Park, for a fun little family photo session (no thanks to my errant rendezvous site description).
ferris wheel / carousel…who hasn’t made that mistake? :)
anyone? bueller? bueller?
anyway, this first shot sets the table for what was a day full of fun moments and happy memories. sorry, no “yo quiero” jokes.

alex was so cute. she was like a precious little mermaiden.

andy irons popped in to see what was going on.

corey and tyler brought their boards and were busting at their shirt collars to skate around the park. we tried to squeeze in a few quick sessions at the risk of getting booted out. more on that later. luckily, the local shop keepers were cool and let em skate. maybe it helped that we were out in front of a surf shop. half the staff actually came out and watched them. props to you good citizens.

when we felt “the law” may be getting close to busting up our fun, we headed out towards the boardwalk to catch the sun’s last rays of the day. ahhh…cozy warm light to match the warmth of this family.

alex and gordie sharing a fun father daughter moment.

after changing into something with a little more street cred, the boys hit the beach. corey busted out a couple sweet backflips for us. nailed it. he’s a self-taught daredevil.

can you tell who provides the comic relief in the family?

here’s a closer look. tyler had me laughing behind the camera all day.

while corey, gordie, and tyler were out on the sand playing catch, alex kept herself busy with tyler’s shoe.

after the shoe game ended alex was bummed that she wasn’t able to play catch with the big boys.

tyler, being the good big bro that he is, came over and got alex into the lineup.

with alex deep in her own territory, gordie belted a booming kick. nice form. notice tyler’s shoe also made an excellent tee.

alex grabbed it and ran it, like L.T., all the way back for the touchdown…

and in to dad’s waiting arms.

we all took our life into our own hands by walking out into the center divide of the “boardwalk highway.” bikes and skaters were zipping by at breakneck speeds. pure treachery i tell ya.

signs signs everywhere are signs. blocking up the scenery, breaking my mind. do this, don’t do that. can’t you read the sign?

and now for that short session i mentioned earlier. here’s tyler’s fearless impression of a speed bump. when you don’t have obstacles, brothers make for great substitutes. :) don’t worry. corey cleared tyler every time.

after escaping unscathed, tyler showed us a few tricks of his own.

a day at belmont is always fun, but a day at belmont with the nicholson’s is awesome. a sincere thank you to you all for being so easy going and for providing the laughs. from our ohana to yours…
mele kalikimaka.

bye bye bunny.

i’ll leave you with this. this is the reason we loving shooting in public and not in a studio. this guy rode by 3 times trying to get in the shot. you just can’t get that kind of randomness when you’re boxed in. whether you’re in front of a camera or behind one, we encourage everyone to go out in public and have fun. your images will thank you for it. stay safe out there.
thanks to nate the photoshop jedi for showing us the way.


That first shot is classic!

Love them all! I agree, outside shots are the best!

These are so cute, I love em! That first one is my absolute favorite, it’s fantastic with the bike in the corner. I also really like the walking down the boardwalk shot, they’re going to love these!

Awesome pictures!!!! Really looks like everyone had such a fun time. I love all the action shots, like the back flip off the wall, the dad kicking the football, and the boarding. Really great! I LOVE the shot of the little girl looking down into the sand!!! I think my overall favorite is the family shot where each of them is separate. You really know how to do wonders with different shots!!!

What a fun session! The picture of Alex sticking her tongue out at her dad is priceless…so cute!

I absolutely LOVE these! How cool to be able to take pictures in NOVEMBER on the beach.How lucky is that? They look like a fun family my kids would love our family photos to include them snowboarding. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but if I had to it’s the family walking down the boardwalk. So cool!

I have to say as a former :( Socaler, THESE ROCK!!! These pictures are so California. My teens and I just love the shots with the “skater boys” in them. I also love the son Corey doing that flip, WOW! I have to say my favorite is the last shot, it just cracks me up.

great shots guys!!! i LOVE the first image, absolutely perfecto!

super cool! I knew you guys got some awesome stuff. The backflip series would look so cool as a storyboard in Corey’s room. I love the first and last images! So telling of the shoot. Cue the Taco Bell commercial! lol!

ha. and i had forgotten about the ferris wheel/carousel until you mentioned it. :) it just shows your connection with Kim!

Dude, the shots of the son making the faces is epic and funny. This session is not your every day normal shoot,which is great. I agree shooting outside is WAY better. Nice to have that kind of weather eh?

That first shot is killer!
Man, you guys rock!

I agree, there is no other way to go than outside. Great job! I felt like I was there with you. Have fun today at the beach, (sniff, sniff.) I am sure you will get lots of pictures so I feel like I am there.
Kim, you know the pictures that I like. ;)

thanks guys!!! this family was AWESOME to shoot! they are fun, good looking and the kids were way cool to shoot. doesn’t get any better than that. luckily they didn’t get popped for skating.

Nate!! no words ;)

MA5EN ~ that’s our fav too.

katy ~ we hope they love them!

nely ~ WE got awesome stuff?? you rocked it you ninja girl! love your stuff.

angel ~ thank you for your kind words xo!

kelly ~ i really like that one of alex & her gordy also.

stephanie ~ we are blessed with killer weather and equally awesome clients.

marta ~ thanks corey doing that flip was scary, but he nailed it every time. the insane thing about it was he learned that on his own. i guess he never heeded the “don’t try this at home kids” warning :)

micah ~ thanks man, way nice to have this weather.

melissa ~ no, YOU ROCK!

dawn ~ i’ll make sure i get the shots WE like. haha!

Very cool pics. The skate shots are awesome. I love the angle on the family shot in front of the shop is fantastic! Such a cool perspective. My favorites are the ones with the dad and daughter, so precious!

These are so awesome and scream fun! You guys rock!

ahahaha That last one cracks me up. I’ve totally had that happen before.

Good stuff. Nice light that day fo sho!

What a cute family! You captured their love perfectly. I love the shot on the stairs and the walking down the boardwalk. My favorite is the last one.Too funny :D

Such and incredibly fun shoot. I smile dthe whole way through, especially the first shot.

Debbie looks so pretty.
i love the one of the girl and dad and the one of the 5 of the on a rectangle each and on the stairs, the girl is adorable.

i like the one No Skateboard post and the skateboard there, so ,Very very artistic, it can be a poster!, did you take it or your hubby?

Looks like such a fun family! Is that PB? Makes me miss SD so darn much! You guys have the best and most fun locations. It looks like they had a great time. Awesome job guys!

the back-flip shot is killer. How have you been… it has been a while since i blog stocked you (i have been out of commission because of movieng and europe)

what a beautiful session and a beautiful family! looks like it was a ton of fun!

Those family pics are so much FUN! LOVE the chihuauah in the bike basket (way more than the last guy trying to get in your shot hahaha).

Wow these shots totally ROCK! Love them and boy do I wish we weren’t getting snow right now because outside pics are the best.

saw some others at nely’s blog…they are all amazing! my favorite is the close up of alex in the sand….just beautiful!
looks like you guys had a blast…and captured just that! that’s what it’s all about…
and an amen to “going out in public”!

What a fun and cool looking family. I love the picture with the family sitting on the steps and everyone looking to the side except the youngest son looking straight ahead. Also love the use of the skateboards. Great location;great pixs!

how old is corey…he’s a cutie =D

I agree Corey is a hottie!

Holly goodness I thought the website impressed me, but the blog sent me over the edge!!!!! Lol! I especially love the shot of the N family where the guy rode his bike in front of the camera waving, lol! Hilarious!

Awesome session! The first shot is way cool. Love your captions and story telling, it’s always a treat to visit your bloggie.

Dude…freakin’ awesome!!! That first shot is money!

Good gracious….love the backflip.
All of the images have such a wonderful energy! Beautiful work!

No way…Mr. Random is AWESOME! There’s ALWAYS someone, isn’t there? Ha ha!
I love the one with the boys and their skateboards popped up…and Alex pouting in the sand. So cute!
I really need to move into the creative less traditional mindset. You guys definitely shoot outside the box…and I love it! Thanks for being an inspiration to me! =)

these are awesome!! I love the mermaid shot!!


how right you were about the shootshop, friends, how damn right you were – a-freaking-mazing. and, LOVE these shots, especially “little sad girl with sand” – if you ever sell that in a gallery, PLEASE name it that, just for us!!!!

First one is a fave. Some people without an artistic eye would have thrown it out (or would have tried to crop it so the family was centered). But you didn’t, and you’re a genious for it.

Awesome shots. You really captured the family’s personality:)

Thanks for your encouraging words on OSP, as well… it means a ton.

Nice work, man! And you even got a “perfecto” from Nate. Luuuucky!

Can I just WOW!!!!! These are so cool. Love the skateboards shot. And of course my favorite is the one of the little girl’s face in the sand. That is so a gallery wrap.

I did want to tell you that I love the family shot of the Nicholsons with the biker rider coming into the frame is great! If the one my friend took of our family at Disneyland with the man walking in front of us could have only been that great, we would have used it as a Christmas card. Your images are beautiful, fun, and inspiring.

They are exactly what I wanted! Gordie loved them!!!! I am just going to go home and beat Corey for not smiling just once, but his face looks great!!!!. I know Corey is going to be thrilled with the back flip and the jump over Tyler and Tyler is going to love that he was able to screw up the perfect picture….He makes me laugh so hard.

you guys rocked this session. how cool to be a kick butt skater at that age and to have someone capture it. that’s so cool. i must admit that flip is insane cool. my fav is the shots of the kids jumpin each other.

Wow, what a fun & great lookin family. I just gotta say I absolutely LOVE these. What a cool family shoot! Your stuff is always so different and unique to each family. I love how you can see each personality in them the angst, butterfly, comedian so much better than posed “cheese” eveyone lookin in the camera. LOVE IT! I so want you guys to take our pictures so day when we’re out your way.

The last picture! hehehe love it! Love this whole session!