eternal love

whitney and man’s wedding at st michael’s of rochester was a public exaltation of their love for each other, their reception at eagle vale golf course, a jubilant celebration with family and friends.

in the aftermath of that joyous day, in a quiet place, there lay a wife and a husband, in love, no longer to be alone in the darkness.

it was in that spirit we spent the following day with man and whitney in a place where in the aftermath of life, love remains.

we saw this place the day before, as we drove by it to do whitney and man’s bridal party portraits and were instantly intrigued. never before had any of us seen a cemetery so large. graveyards have always been a place of great sorrow to me, so it may sound odd that while walking amongst the nearly 400,000 dearly departed of mount hope i did not feel sadness, nor did i feel fear as the sun began to fade into darkness. i felt the overwhelming strength of love, and family.

as seen in the photo above, love is eternal, and death does not always “do us part.”

man and whitney, you guys are so hot that you burned my eyeball on this set. i had to shoot with my left eye the rest of the day.

a couple things to note about this next image. first, whitney looks absolutely amazing. second, the location where this was taken is down in a little sort of valley. there is a whole row of mausoleums there that face each other. if you look at the mausoleum behind whitney you’ll notice there is nothing on the steps. after taking this shot we walked about 20 yards further down the row and continued shooting for about 15-20 more minutes. we were within sight of this mausoleum the whole time and saw no other people anywhere near us. as it began to get dark we decided to head back to our cars. to get out of the little valley we had to walk back down the row of mausoleums and exit the same way we came in. as we did, we noticed a large candle, burning, on the top step of this mausoleum. i’m not saying this place is haunted, but our pace did pick up a little.

this one’s for man. it’s what happens when you go to mcdonalds and order a large pepperoni pizza.

just for fun i thought i would show everyone how kim, april, and i see things.

this next shot is by me…

next is kim’s shot…

and now we have april’s shot.

in the spirit of friendly family competition, who’s shot do you like the best? VOTE NOW!

these last 3 are my personal favorites of the day.

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Pictures are fantastic! To be honest I didn’t think they’d turn out this awesome! seriously cool! Congrats again Whitney and Man!

HOLY MOLY! Yes, I just said, HOLY MOLY! These are amazing. Whitey and Man know how to rock the camera! These really are out of this world!

These are just amazing!!! Wow, I would die to have pictures like these! I hope they love them, because I sure do ((=

And I didn’t think this couple could look more beautiful than on their wedding day! Oh my goodness, they are stunning. Beautifully done and I am loving all the Halloween themed sessions from you guys!

Wowza wowza wowaz! This couple is too hot for themselves! These are phenomenal!!!
Side note, your writing is phenomenal.

You guys always have a great story behind your ideas. I would never had thought a cemetery shoot would look so intriguing. Just love the wide shot where the couple is in the background and the statue and fallen head stone is in the foreground. I just keep staring at it. It’s like a scene in a movie.

Whoa! I would have never thought a location like this would be so great to shoot in! Love it!

you are too cool!

this is a stunning session! love your creativity! how awesome to work with couples like this!

holy crap! what an awesome shoot!!! way to rock it guys… brilliant work! :)

You’re all truly creative to be able to make a photo shoot at a cemetery beautiful. And really cool clients to do the same! For the sake of friendly family competition, my vote goes for April’s shot. But I love David’s and Kim’s, too! Thank you for sharing great photos! =)

OH MY GAAAAAAH!!!! I’m in love! Who shoots in a cemetery!?! Radness does! They look like models! These belong in a magazine.

I am jealous of your couples. How do you guys find couples that go along with all your sweet ideas!?! I cannot even choose a favorite, and believe me I tried! Seriously love them all.

Wow. These pictures are magnificent.

these are nuts!! you guys always nail it, like nail it in the coffin

[…] man trilogy are these images taken on the day after their wedding, just before we headed over to do their aftermath session in the cemetery. we love doing aftermath sessions, especially when we have awesome couples like whitney and man. […]

UnFlippin’ Real. How original, as always!

Killer use of light in these. Impressed.

I love #6 &#7 they’re absolutely gorgeous!!!

Stunning work. Love your creativity and fun.

Hello GORGEOUS! I’m in love with the 8th from the bottom. That photo is full of WOW!

Whoops how I get here :) My favorite here would be the b&w one at night with all the stars. That picture is freaking ridic!!!

SOOOOOO many amazingly cool pics!!!! How on earth are you supposd to pick a favorite?! What a great couple!

OHMYGOODNESS. Seriously. These are toooo amazing. I cant get over them. And this couple is so lucky to have SO MANY amazing wedding/day after pictures!!

woooooooooow! i can’t get over these!!! a graveyard shoot?! how great is this! i love all of these! especially that last shot!

soo HOT! Talk about a hot couple! I do like that cemetery!

Wow, these are unreal! Loving the one with the stars and the ones with the headstones. Just amazing Baxters!

You guys ROCKED this session!! Brilliant!

Wow. Wow. Wow. I love the b&w with the cross. The light through the leaves looks like stars. :) And the shots with the headstones with wife/husband are fantastic!

HOLY CRAP! unreal off the hook, REEEE-DEEEEK-U-LUUUUS!!


[…] whitney and man, how did you get to be so swell? we love you guys more than we can ever show or say! […]

O M G. are you flippin serious? This couple is amazing and ridiculously gorgeous! This looks like some kind of magazine shoot! You all KILLED it!

Wow this couple is amazing! Who would think that you could have pics this incredible from a cemetery!? Mind. Blown.

OMG! AMAZING!! I could go on and on but really…

Everything about this is Sensational!

holy ridiculous!?! these are simply stunning. so magazinesque! wow, just wow.

What an amazing looking couple! Your creativity and the fun nature of your couples makes for amazing life long memories set in stone. See what I did there lol, on a serious note, these are incredible!

Oh my goodness. I have no words.